Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oooooo wantan Ho~

I've been wanting to eat a nice, homemade wantan ho for ages now.. I dunno why, i guess these cravings just come and go as they please, making me suffer in agony and longing.. >_< And now, i want wantan ho!! And i want it asap!! So, i invited Daniel and Chris in a search for wantan ho around Cyberjaya with very little hope.. Hurm.. Theres this new restaurant in Satyam area, which seems to be a rather grand lavish restaurant for students like us to enter, mind you.. So, we went there despite knowing at least rm50m wud be spent at least.. But hey, so what?

Anyway the restaurants name is, something Kitchen Village or sumthng.. Kinda normal name, if u ask me.. Can find anywhere one laaa.. But lo and behold! The restaurants interior rock big time!!

So nice one geh.. Looks like Madam Kwan's, but better. I like the ambience here.. Its the kind of restaurant that makes u wanna hang out, relax, chill, forget the time and just enjoy the good food here..

The food? hahah~ We're just geting there right? The food is awesome man!!! Its the type of food that reminds me bek home, Kota KInabalu.. ^^ Well, u can find them anywhere la, but fr me, it reminds me of home.. ^^ "Tun kai" or herbal chicken with chinese dates, fried aromatic duck, claypot, tofu.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! I wanna go bek KK now!!!

p/s : the price is kinda reasonable i guess.. Its really those Madam Kwan's type of price laa..

And without further ado, me and Chris ordered wantan ho, and Daniel's seafood fried rice.. And ive been arguing with myself whether i should or not order the tunkai" since dats one of the top listed food in my "to-eat menu".. hehe.. But in the end, naaahhh... Next time la.. Bo lui.. >____<"

Oh heres the wantan ho.. Hhhahaha~ Cost me RM13.90.. Okaaayyyy laaa.. tho bek in KK i can get the same one fr RM5.00 and with the freshest prawn ever!! >_< Haiz.. But yea, i'll definitely come here again.. No doubt in that.. Maybe fr my bday, i'll treat my homies here eh? ^^ p/s : mum, i use the credit card a? hehehe~

p/s : gotta cam-whore.. T_T some things dat i cant get rid of.. ( i used my phone's cam since i din bring my camera.. )

yum yum~ hehehe~ finish asap.. ^^

Well, after paying etc, we went to this restaurant beside Kitchen Village fr sweet treats.. Tong Shui or sumthng.,. Now, this one was design in a way that it is open-air instead of using airconds and stuff.. And because of this, theres ppl smoking and all.. Eugh.. I cant stand smokers.. I hope they all go smoke and die somewhere far far away from me.. >_<>_< So just proceed to ordering using the order chit used in soo many restaurants nowadays.. ^^ remind me of Old Town oooo..

And guess wat? i got a very nice number oo!! it reminds me of all the fun and naughtiness of these numbers.. hahahha!! 69.. hahahh~ Also reminds me of the zodiac cancer.. >_< But the 69-69 is a better thought tho.. ^^ i wonder who 69 here? LOL~~

my Green Tea with red bean slushieess.. ^^ ( RM4.70 )

Chris's mango slushies.. ^^ ( RM4.70 )

Daniel's longan and lotus seed.. Healthy!! ^^ ( RM4.00 )

The slushies were awesome!! Its not as sweeet as i thought it wud be, which is good..!! Hhahaha~ And its sooo soft.. It looks soo solid but as soon as it touches ur tongues a.k.a. in ur mouth, it melts straight away.. Oooo~

Well.. i malas wan elaborate more la.. So hideous laaa my blog and language.. hehehe~ And geeshh.. boy do i need to save fr my Miri / Brunei trip? >_<

And guess wat? Ive been saving ooo!! Hhahaha~ Ive been keeping money insde my tabung.. err, tin can which i bought frm Daiso, IOI Mall, Puchong.. ^^

So cute right? hahahah~ Well, heres all.. i malas wan type so long laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... feel like crying nw.. my back hurts soo much of facing my laptop fr many hours nw.. >_<

and i still hv my journals to work on.. haiz!!!

k la, signing out.. ^^


Saturday, June 6, 2009


I'm so busy and im broke.. danggggg... i only hv 1 50 notes left in my wallet!!


pls pls help!! >_<

( will nt update anytime soon.. busy.. T_T _

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