Sunday, October 3, 2010

My feelings..

Racism still sucks..

People have been angry, paranoid, misunderstood for such a long long time till they're blinded..

Yes.. They're all blind.. ( those racist people.. I hate them.. )

Lines have been blurred between reality and what used to be..

Now there's hatred everywhere..

Though there are some places that aren't.. ^^

Troubles everywhere..

That's sad..

Malaysians and Malaysians..

Malaysians and Indonesians..

Sheesh people.. Isn't there enough trouble to begin with?

Can't we just get along???

And I wonder.. When and why does this problem starts again in the first place?

I don't know.. I forgot.. It's been too long..

I can't remember...............................


Some fellow people called me a traitor, and with other "silly" stuff..

Because I spoke my mind..

I said I hated them for the way they think..

Close-minded and primitive..

And I got all these silly notes..

They called me a stupid kid..

They called me with some more other silly remarks..


How nice eh?

Who is primitive and idiot, actually?

Me or them??? ( I won't mention them, but I only say they starts with an M and ends with a Y.. )

Sucks to "them"..

But Bravo to those who managed to break free from the racism cage...

Who managed to live side by side with other people..

Then I began to doubt.. What if I was wrong? 0.O


Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh Mighty Gods..

Should be sleeping by now, but instead..

I am searching fr Ancient Greece politics, socials and songs.. Gaaahhhh!!!

How would the gods communicate with the people? Or is there really Zeus, Hera, Persephone and such? I would want to meet them..

Oh Hera, you're so beautiful here.. I know its computer generated, but.. A man can dream right? Hahah..

Hermes??? Athena???? Nike??? Poseidon??? and a few thousands more..

I wanna visit their temple.. See their glorious day..

The Greeks.. Such interesting civilization..

Such wonders..

Does it really matters? Hehehe~

Aaaaa im tired..

Im ranting and complaining like crazy..


-off facing my assignments again.. no sleep today, i guess..-

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What a Pleasant tHought..

As I was sitting alone in the balcony of my room; enjoying the cold night air, something came to my ever-so-changing mind..

What would be the best thing to have now, in this time, this instant???

And my mind straight-away zoomed in on this one single thing..

Pretty eh??? I think I'm gonna save up and buy me a piece of this baby, like the one Sammy bought from Dubai.. ^^

Oh and for the record, Yes.. I do shisha.. hahahaha!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I don't have a Twitter account.. ( used very loosely...... )

I used to have it, but I kinda forgotten alllllll about it.. Hahaha.. I forgot about the password, and even the username.. And even the email that I've registered it with.. Hahaha..

Whats so fun about Twitter anyway? A lot of people are using it; which makes me wonder.. What good is Twitter than any other normal sites??

People often Tweet about their daily unimportant, redundant, and sometimes rather annoying stuff; saying things like "Oooo I wanna eat that ice cream", "Wow that girl is HOT!", and some other stuff that we don't really cared..

Is that a way to be known??? You just tell the whole world what an attention-seeker you are by telling them what you do, EVERY 5 SECONDS???

Daym, Get a life..

I respect those who updates when needed, and those who Tweet for business ( I never do know how this works.. ) but not those who Tweet every single steps that they made.. Annoying~~~~ Twitter should charge you 10cents every time you Tweet.. They'll be richer than richer and richerest and richeresst and richeressttsttt in just a couple of months..

Or NOT!!

Because people like free stuff.. They'll love it soo much and if Twitter starts charging, they'll leave and look for other free stuff..

Correct boh???? :D

I know cause I am one too.. ^^ )/*cheersss*

Hahahahaha!! Daym why am I talking about Twitter... I was supposed to talk about my class today.. Sangat jauh dari topik perbualan.. So far from the intended talk.. :p

Till then la.. We'll talk about boring classes later on.. ^^

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ooooo Soo HOT!!

During the 1month of a holiday in KK, my body have been attuned to the low heat weather of KK..

Now, I am back in Cyberjaya.. ( Oh bless the place, please.. )

I am sweating furiously!! Its wayyy too hot!!

Today marks my first day of class.. So I woke up, get ready and all and walked to the bus stop.. I knew this was going to happen, but fuck it.. I don't wanna travel around with an umbrella.. So uncool.. Hahaha.. Upon reaching the god-forsaken too-far of a bus stop-from my house, I was already sweating.. A lot..

Eeeeee!!!! All those happy moods about first day of class just swept away by my torrents of sweat.. Haha.. ( It wasnt that much actually, Im just being dramatic.. )

And the queue was long.. And it was freaking hot.. :(

Not so much of my idea of an ideal condition to attend class to.. Sigh..

I guess it'll take some tilme before I will get used to all these heat and sweat.. Bummer..

I wish I have a car.. T_T"

Right right?? Please wish it with me.. hahaha..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh Don't Touch Me!!!

I am a dirty, filthy contagious disease!!

Don't come close to me, Don't talk to me, Don't EVEN TOUCH me or you'll risk getting it too!!

Talk about me in hushed voices, and change all those frown to a big fake smile when I come to and talk to you; wishing I will fell for the fake-ness..

Trust me, I will pretend to fall for it.. Just for your sake..

Friends.. What are friends for, right???

Especially those snakes, sneaky fickle ones?

I have no need for those.. No thank you.. =]

Gosh.. Its been ages since I blogged ( this has becoming a popular sentence in my writing.. haha.. ) And to think I will start again in an angry state.. Oh God.. You don't really love me right now, eh? Hahahaha...

Well, just trying to say that I am quite busy now.. Well.. Thanks to all the procrastination and all.. Yeah, I owe myself for this big, big mistakes.. ^^

Hurm.. What else? Oh yeah... And I discovered new things as well..

They're called fakers.. :D

Oh come on.. Show yourself now... Don't be shy.. I won't bite, much..

Just say what you feel to me, and I will respond in a civilized way, more than you can ever imagine...


Let's end this, once and for all.. Whats with you guys leaving and all.. I wish you the best of luck in the Future..

But lets end this now....



- the end -

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Its about time to change the banner!! :D

That's all..

Im soo lame.. ^^

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Chilling in Paparich now, sipping on my [ insert drink name ] - seriously i dunnoe wats the name of the drink.. But i knw theres jelly-jelly inside it.. Hahahah!!

Okay.. So theres no internet in my house! Damnation!!

I know right??

I've been complaining countless of time about being internet-less, its sooo fucking fantastic! T_T"

So I escaped to Paparich instead, just to be able to use the free wifi...

1 drink will last for 1hour as oppose to the normal event; 1drink lasted for 10minutes.. or less..


Lets just say the drinks' are my tickets to sitting here longer.. and hence, internet-able fr as long as the drinks lasted..

Ewwww... My language sucks!! God! T_T" I need to go to an English class..

Oh ohhh ohhh!!

Guess what?

I'm going to Singapore this Thursday!!!

Yayyyy finally!!!!!

I am so gonna shop.. erm... sketch like crazy!! :D

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just a short update.. =]

I was singing along to my iTunes while doing my effin' drawings..

And the next thing I hear is...


Thunders crackling..

Not once..

But many many times!!

Oh God!!

Okay okay.. I won't sing again!

Please don't rain!! >_<

Not now at least..

Tomorrow please..

During the day! Heheheh!!

Thank you God!! :D

-i really wanna sleep tonight! -



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Racism? Fcuk off la!

Hi my name is Rozan.. Not exactly a Malay, but a Malaysian.. True to the heart, I love my country..

But sooooooooooooooo hating it too.. T_T"

Why you might ask? Why do I say something so provocative?

Them "gahmen" might take away my nationality and throw me somewhere far far away.. Maybe throw me to those hungry sharks or throw me into the volcano.. I know there's an association for this.. ISA or something right?

I don't care.. Let them do it! Not like they will succeed anyway.. Mums' gonna kill me before that anyway.. Hahaha..

Okay so heres why..

Racism.. T_T"

Oh the pain.. The agony of this word! Why does it even existed in the dictionary? :p

Still rife in Malaysia.
First survey in 50 years makes dismal reading. Baradan Kuppusamy. Asia Times.
Mar 26, 2006

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia's first serious survey of race relations, in 50 years, shows that behind the fa├žade of outward unity and peace, racism runs deep in this multi-ethnic 'melting pot'.

The telephone survey of about 1,200 Malaysians also found that the majority of the various races find comfort and security in their respective ethnicity and not in a common 'Malaysian' identity, as the travel and tourism brochures suggest.

"The findings are not at all surprising," said social scientist Chandra Muzaffar...........................

Full article here...

So sad eh? I don't understand why.. Why do we prioritize our self that much? Shouldn't we be selfless and help each other? Isn't that what we were taught when we're still in primary school?

What happened to all those good virtues, good bla bla that we were all told to do? Where have they gone? Have we forgotten all about it?

Eeeee!! So hate!

Why can't we all just get along well? Reminds me of this line from a song.. "Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends..."

Not sure what song but its really nice.. ^^

Why do we create that "special rights" anyway?

Threatened by those non-Malays?

Or just feel like it?

I really do say that people should be treated equal, no matter what race or religions they are. We shouldn't discriminate people like that..

It's not just bad, its revolting.. Its like spitting to the air; it'll end up falling back to your face.. Hahaha.. ( mind the direct translation.. )

I wanna see my country prosper, harmoniously.. Malays, Chinese, Indians and etc etc working together side-by-side peacefully..

Lets show to the rest of the world what a unified country we are.. We may be small but we are strong..

Don't be so selfish lah, we're all one anyway..

We're the same, no matter what..

Stop being so racist, stop being so prejudiced, stop being so stuck-up..

Get to know each other first, then you judge..

There's so much that we can learn..





Oh God, I'm so bored.. >_< ( .... and my stomach hurts! )

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Aaaaa.. I'm going back to KL soon..

Sooooo effin' irritating!!!

Where's the holidays???

I haven't done anything fun yet!!!



I guess it's time to go back to my uni..

And start suffering all over again.. ^^
( not that I've suffered.. hehe.. )

Oh Pochi..

Should I or should I not???

I think I will do it!!!

Loo can do it, why can't I????

YEAAA!!! That's it!! I'm gonna get cha Pochi!!


Just please don't chew any of my stuff.. hehe..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Asians are so hot.. T_T"




Blessed be.. We Asians are so damn beautiful.. Well, not all.. Right? For those lucky ones, dayum.. I hate you all!! T_T"

For those unlucky ones, trust me.. I know how you feel..

Now, what distinguished Asian and the rest of the world?

In my own opinion, its their -

-slit eyed or slanted eyes-
( click pic for bigger image )

She's soo pretty! And those eyes! Oooo I just wanna stare into them everyday!

And seriously, if you ask me, I would want those kind of eyes.. Slit-eyed, or commonly and affectionately referred as Chinese Eyes.. Cute eh? I wish I were born with these kind of eyes.. I guess because of this, I am head-over-heels for Asians.. ^^

What about this guy? If he wants to date you, would you object??? If you'd object, I think you're just blind or stupid.. There's no other words for it.. >__<"

-nice asses-

Get it? ^^ And they're bearing the number 4.. My fav number!! Hahaha!

Oh I can't find pictures of guys with nice asses.. I guess I have to enter gay sites to look for them.. In a way.. T_T"

Anonymous Quote : Asians are a perfect bottom since they have perfect smooth round ass..


- majestic food -

koh chung.. i think so la.. I'm not sure about the real name..

dim sum!! weee!!

Yummm!! I like Chinese Food.. ^^


It's not like I am racist or anything, but I do really like Asians.. I wouldn't date someone that is not Asian, because I'm an Asian myself.. Hehehe..


-daithe end-

My Maid is a Very Annoying Monster!

Yeah seriously.. T_T"

Ask all of my family members, they'll say the same.. Or rather, at least, I'd be saying that.. Hehehe..

What's with the nickname? Okay here's why..

- she eats a lot! Oh damn.. She ate my Big Apple doughnut ( and I haven't had the chance to eat them! ) You big silly bitch!

- She eats a lot! She never prepares breakfast and lunch for me! I cook for myself!! Or in a lucky situation, my mum brings food to me.. ^^

- She reserves food for herself.. Every morning, she would eat all those leftovers food, leaving none for me.. >_< I just had to everything myself, is it??? - She talks loudly on the phone like the world is hers and nobody else.. It's like, HEY!!! I'm trying to watch the TV here, not listening to you babble on the phone, talking in some language I don't know.. T_T"

- She made this icky noise when she's chewing/eating.. It's like.. Chomping.. Noises that makes you wanna vomit.. Creepy chomping slurping noise.. Eugh~ Imagine that happens everytime you eat while she's seating next to you..

- She arranges all my stuff into places that I don't even know existed in my home.. She once "hid" my technical pencil away, and didn't tell me about it.. When I finally' ( used very loosely.. ) needed it, I was searching everywhere for the pen.. I even thought they were gone forever.. FML! The next day I asked her about it, she'd just pointed out that it's in one of my drawer ( the drawer I kept my hanky in.. ) T_T"


So there you have it.. A low-down about my maid.. ^^ I wonder if there's anymore like this.. Eugh.. I guess this post made me look like an evil bastard that have no respect to others.. Maybe so.. Why bother respecting others when they don't respect you.. * humph *

I'm still a stuck-up person like that, no matter what.. ^^


Hi, My Name is Rozan..

Woaah, it's been a while since I last blogged.. Not that it matters anyway.. * smirks *

Oh and let me stressed out here, I have not forgotten about the joy of writing.. It's just that i forgot to find time to write instead.. Or in a more simplified terms, I was lazy.. Damn lazy to write.. Makes sense huh? Makes a very great, understandable, easy and straight-forward sense.. ^^

Okay, a re-cap of what has been happening in my life for the past.. erm.. since my last post..

- I've got a new phone; my LG Crystal... ( I love it soo soo much.. It's soo stylish.. haha.. )

- I bought many architecture books.. ( Those thick, heavy, lethal expensive books.. )

- I finally got my CK Boxers that I have been wanting so much.. ( They're hot.. )

- I'm going to Singapore; finally, somewhere in March..

- I gotten fatter.. All those eating and shopping and sleeping is no good.. Seriously.. T_T"

- I met new friends, lost friends, re-constituted old friendships.. Hurm..

- Still a single.. Yayyy!! ( Dating sucks.. Don't! )

- I.. erm.. Well there's nothing much to tell.. Sigh..

So, that's all about it. I guess I went through quite a slow life here, back in
KK aka Kota Kinabalu.. Oh and there was this one time when Jason and his sister came to visit KK and I brought them around.. Hehehe.. It was fun.. Great adventure.. Too bad Jenna and David wasn't around to join in the fun..

We went to the islands, Kudat.. and Tg. Aru beach.. It was great fun.. A change in my forevermore slow daily life in KK schedule..

Oh, went for a ghost-hunt with Fadzyinie and the gang.. Went to venture this abandoned hotel
( I think it was abandoned for like, 20 years or more already.. ) Scary.. Nobody really dared to enter the hotel since it was so dark, and scary.. ^^ You'll get goosebumps just looking at it.. It was located at this beach, but Nature has claimed this building.. Enveloping it with wilderness.. So, twas' the scary effect.. Eeeh.. I still get goosebumps.. >_<

And what else? Hurm~ Oh, I guess I am back in my clubbing mode.. It's kinda fun when you're dancing with somebody you're close with.. In my case, I danced with Ah Yen.. Since we know each other, I had no difficulty in shaking my ass on the dance floor.. Besides, the musics' great! I wonder if I'll ever find the time to club in KL?

Oh, I am going back to KL this 27th Feb.. Gee.. I wished I went back earlier since my registration is on the 25th Feb.. But mum insisted that I go back a little bit later.. Reason? She said I would spend a lot of money if I go back earlier.. It's like, a giant bee just stung me on the knee at that moment.. Honest!!

Help help!!

I guess I should blog more.. It's really fun and stress-relieving.. Hahaha.. I practically smile while re-reading what I'd wrote.. Duh.. So lame.. T_T"

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just a thought..

I was on my way to the bathroom to take a short hot relaxing bath when I just feel like having a drink..

So I went to the fridge and took a can of Coke and started walking back to my room ( since I have my own bathroom in my bedroom ) while thinking just how good that particular can of Coke would taste..

Heavenly, don't you think?

As I started to open the lid, I was attacked by this sudden thought of Coke's amount of sugar, the agony it would take for me to burn all those fats... Eugh... It was soo gruesomely scary that I quickly went out of my room and put the Coke back in the fridge..

Instead, I had myself a very cool refreshing glass of water instead of the sugar-attack fatty acidic scary gruesome Coke.. ^^

Healthy!!! Woot woot!!

Ain't I a good kid..? Hahaha!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Yayyyy.. It's 2010, and blogging just seem so..... sexy.. ^^

I guess it has been a while ( like 10 years ) since I last blogged ( not that you'd care, right? ) and I am in a desperation to update.. So here goes..

My New Year celebration has been FABULOUS! I've spent it with some very very GOOD FRIENDS of mine.. Jonathan Ong, Yen Bridget, Stewart, Sheena, Pey Pey and Kew.. ^^

Things were very fun, and mind boggling, if u ask me.. Add in a game of dice-drinking, we found ourselves shouting and screaming and begging for mercy and sighing in despair!! hahaha!!

But thats not the main point of this post, i guess.. Not very long ago, i was thinking of my wants and needs and i must say, I am truly confounded.. Theres just too many!!! OMFG!! And i havent even thought of my resolution for 2010!! Gosh.. Let me list em' all up, k? ^^

Wants and Needs :

- A dog ( will get soon.. Golden Retriever.. )
- A psp..?
- A SLR?
- A new laptop.. Mac preferred.. ( Why MAC? idk, i jst like it cause it looks nice.. :p )
- New shoes!
- etc..

all of a sudden, i dont feeli like blogging any more... ok then. bye bye!! :p

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