Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hi, My Name is Rozan..

Woaah, it's been a while since I last blogged.. Not that it matters anyway.. * smirks *

Oh and let me stressed out here, I have not forgotten about the joy of writing.. It's just that i forgot to find time to write instead.. Or in a more simplified terms, I was lazy.. Damn lazy to write.. Makes sense huh? Makes a very great, understandable, easy and straight-forward sense.. ^^

Okay, a re-cap of what has been happening in my life for the past.. erm.. since my last post..

- I've got a new phone; my LG Crystal... ( I love it soo soo much.. It's soo stylish.. haha.. )

- I bought many architecture books.. ( Those thick, heavy, lethal expensive books.. )

- I finally got my CK Boxers that I have been wanting so much.. ( They're hot.. )

- I'm going to Singapore; finally, somewhere in March..

- I gotten fatter.. All those eating and shopping and sleeping is no good.. Seriously.. T_T"

- I met new friends, lost friends, re-constituted old friendships.. Hurm..

- Still a single.. Yayyy!! ( Dating sucks.. Don't! )

- I.. erm.. Well there's nothing much to tell.. Sigh..

So, that's all about it. I guess I went through quite a slow life here, back in
KK aka Kota Kinabalu.. Oh and there was this one time when Jason and his sister came to visit KK and I brought them around.. Hehehe.. It was fun.. Great adventure.. Too bad Jenna and David wasn't around to join in the fun..

We went to the islands, Kudat.. and Tg. Aru beach.. It was great fun.. A change in my forevermore slow daily life in KK schedule..

Oh, went for a ghost-hunt with Fadzyinie and the gang.. Went to venture this abandoned hotel
( I think it was abandoned for like, 20 years or more already.. ) Scary.. Nobody really dared to enter the hotel since it was so dark, and scary.. ^^ You'll get goosebumps just looking at it.. It was located at this beach, but Nature has claimed this building.. Enveloping it with wilderness.. So, twas' the scary effect.. Eeeh.. I still get goosebumps.. >_<

And what else? Hurm~ Oh, I guess I am back in my clubbing mode.. It's kinda fun when you're dancing with somebody you're close with.. In my case, I danced with Ah Yen.. Since we know each other, I had no difficulty in shaking my ass on the dance floor.. Besides, the musics' great! I wonder if I'll ever find the time to club in KL?

Oh, I am going back to KL this 27th Feb.. Gee.. I wished I went back earlier since my registration is on the 25th Feb.. But mum insisted that I go back a little bit later.. Reason? She said I would spend a lot of money if I go back earlier.. It's like, a giant bee just stung me on the knee at that moment.. Honest!!

Help help!!

I guess I should blog more.. It's really fun and stress-relieving.. Hahaha.. I practically smile while re-reading what I'd wrote.. Duh.. So lame.. T_T"

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