Friday, June 29, 2012


Eish dad called me in the midst of the night.

Around 12am. Scared me to death. I thought its Satan calling.

Turns out its only Satan's helper... My dad...

 ( I wanted to put his picture, but I jst realized I have none. )


Oh yeah. No time to "hehe".. Angry mode now..

Dad scold me. Yes. HE SCOLD ME. AGAIN!

And this time, its because my bitch of a sister spent around RM400++ on her phone bills..

Like WHOOOAAA BITCH! Yu spent that much??? I don't even reach RM100! And I called a lot!

What did you do? Damn bitch..

Because of you, I got scolded..

* Slaps sister *

Baru puas hati aku! Hahaha..

Now I can't even sleep.. Ugh.. Pathetic..

Somebody save me la from this misery..

I want to go for a holiday.. Ahhh so sad..

so bored..

I'm dying..


Like butter...





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