Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh Mighty Gods..

Should be sleeping by now, but instead..

I am searching fr Ancient Greece politics, socials and songs.. Gaaahhhh!!!

How would the gods communicate with the people? Or is there really Zeus, Hera, Persephone and such? I would want to meet them..

Oh Hera, you're so beautiful here.. I know its computer generated, but.. A man can dream right? Hahah..

Hermes??? Athena???? Nike??? Poseidon??? and a few thousands more..

I wanna visit their temple.. See their glorious day..

The Greeks.. Such interesting civilization..

Such wonders..

Does it really matters? Hehehe~

Aaaaa im tired..

Im ranting and complaining like crazy..


-off facing my assignments again.. no sleep today, i guess..-

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What a Pleasant tHought..

As I was sitting alone in the balcony of my room; enjoying the cold night air, something came to my ever-so-changing mind..

What would be the best thing to have now, in this time, this instant???

And my mind straight-away zoomed in on this one single thing..

Pretty eh??? I think I'm gonna save up and buy me a piece of this baby, like the one Sammy bought from Dubai.. ^^

Oh and for the record, Yes.. I do shisha.. hahahaha!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I don't have a Twitter account.. ( used very loosely...... )

I used to have it, but I kinda forgotten alllllll about it.. Hahaha.. I forgot about the password, and even the username.. And even the email that I've registered it with.. Hahaha..

Whats so fun about Twitter anyway? A lot of people are using it; which makes me wonder.. What good is Twitter than any other normal sites??

People often Tweet about their daily unimportant, redundant, and sometimes rather annoying stuff; saying things like "Oooo I wanna eat that ice cream", "Wow that girl is HOT!", and some other stuff that we don't really cared..

Is that a way to be known??? You just tell the whole world what an attention-seeker you are by telling them what you do, EVERY 5 SECONDS???

Daym, Get a life..

I respect those who updates when needed, and those who Tweet for business ( I never do know how this works.. ) but not those who Tweet every single steps that they made.. Annoying~~~~ Twitter should charge you 10cents every time you Tweet.. They'll be richer than richer and richerest and richeresst and richeressttsttt in just a couple of months..

Or NOT!!

Because people like free stuff.. They'll love it soo much and if Twitter starts charging, they'll leave and look for other free stuff..

Correct boh???? :D

I know cause I am one too.. ^^ )/*cheersss*

Hahahahaha!! Daym why am I talking about Twitter... I was supposed to talk about my class today.. Sangat jauh dari topik perbualan.. So far from the intended talk.. :p

Till then la.. We'll talk about boring classes later on.. ^^

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ooooo Soo HOT!!

During the 1month of a holiday in KK, my body have been attuned to the low heat weather of KK..

Now, I am back in Cyberjaya.. ( Oh bless the place, please.. )

I am sweating furiously!! Its wayyy too hot!!

Today marks my first day of class.. So I woke up, get ready and all and walked to the bus stop.. I knew this was going to happen, but fuck it.. I don't wanna travel around with an umbrella.. So uncool.. Hahaha.. Upon reaching the god-forsaken too-far of a bus stop-from my house, I was already sweating.. A lot..

Eeeeee!!!! All those happy moods about first day of class just swept away by my torrents of sweat.. Haha.. ( It wasnt that much actually, Im just being dramatic.. )

And the queue was long.. And it was freaking hot.. :(

Not so much of my idea of an ideal condition to attend class to.. Sigh..

I guess it'll take some tilme before I will get used to all these heat and sweat.. Bummer..

I wish I have a car.. T_T"

Right right?? Please wish it with me.. hahaha..

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