Friday, January 14, 2011

Super Bang-Cock Trip... =]

Before anything, I'll do some dusting in here.. * dust dust dust *

Pheeewww.. Haven't blog for quite some time now..

( Please do not remind me just how often I start all my blog post with that same phrase.. )

p/s : its embarrassing..


So like, me being one spontaneous git.. well, it wasn't really spontaneous actually, me and my pals have been talking about this for months.. ( its just we take no action about it till the very last minute.. clever eh..? )

The trip started with me rushing back from work on one cold night to pick Jon at the airport ( i missed him; his sister Bridget got to him first.. Oh drat!! ) And the night ended with nothing much except for supper at some Arab Restaurant and gushes of sisha..

The next day is a brand new day.. Waking up late is such a happy feeling.. Don't you think so? Hahaha!

Me and Jon spent the day shopping and pampering our hair in Bukit Bintang before heading to LCCT around 8pm to pick Denni up.. ( who's arriving from Jakarta.. )

The night ended swiftly after that, with me running around in circles, packing all my stuff for the REAL trip the next day... =]

( which will be continued on the next post.. cheerss!!! )

Hahhah! Lame right?

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