Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tired n sleepyyjnm,.....,.,.

Waaaaaaaa~~ I'm way too sleepy too blog.. sowwey sowey... T.T

Monday, August 18, 2008

This is sooooo GAY!!

His hair ROX!!

i dun mind having this kind of do'.. =)


gay-much.. -.-'

Hey, i've been searching about emo guys and i came across some cute pictures, but they sure arent decent at all.. Wuuu.. Why?? Why??? Emos arent gay, right?? Or they are emo gay and emo straight?? Hurm.. I really dun understand tho.. But Hey!! CHECK out their style, Its sooo cool!! Hhehehe~

Selfishness leads to..

"It leads to destruction... "

Well, dhur.. I mean, i've been super selfish nowadays.. Been working my ass out, just so i have "something" to do during my long looong holiday.. As i preeeeettty much get too well absorbed in my work as the cashier in Sushi King, i tend to forget all things around me.. Everything seems to be whirling around me into nothingness, just because i din take much attention to em', nor did i plan to give any of my unnerving attention..

Yes, i know im selfish, but.. Hey wait.. Scratch dat!!! Does this eve relate to selfishness????? Rooaaarrr!! Everythngs been sooo fcuked up.. and it hurts sooo much i just feel like ending it all.. Sigh... I dun even know wat i want now.. Everythng is soooo messed up and twirled into one single ray of problem tat threats to destroy me, inside out.. T.T Somebody please help me sort this out.. Wuuuuu~~

I'm sure everybody faced this kind of thing; at least once in their life.. where all ur mind are shrouded with petty problems and dilemmas, commitments, responsibilty, needs, etc etc and theres nothing in ur strongest self u can do about it.. Dats just sooo majorly fcuking bad... I need to speak myself out, without tiring myself out, of dat im sure, but to who?? And who wants a fcuking retard to go around and tell people about their problem, expecting sympathy??? FUCK NO!! Not me, nuh uh~~ U can leave my fcuking ass out of ur problems..! I have enough problems to cope on my own.. T.T

i chat wif two old frens tonight, and.. it made me feeling gloomy than ever.. Reminiscing about the old school days made me realised just how precious dat moments was, and how i wish to relive it back in any way or another.. About all the classes, all the mischivious acts.. wow.. dats sooo drama.. =) And chat wif Hilary.. haha~ he reminded me of soo many things why i din like goin back to KK.. Haiz.. sad..

Oh yea, Sorry Hilary.. Hehehe~ I mean, u did reminded me of all those thngs.. No hard feelings anyway.. Luv ya... =)

Right now, im sitting in my room, and trying to think.. think about all the chaotic problems and dilemmas dat im facing.. but i really cant make head or tail of anythng.. its sooo hard to just get a grasp on em'.. Is this similar to mental breakdown?? Is it?? Am i facing meltdown??? Breakdown??? Please.... NOOOO... Wuuuu....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Luv ur Genie... Hehehhe~

Just watch it.. Hahahha~ Shes soooooo funny.. =)


Hahahah.. I was searching the Net for Katy Perry's song, "I Kissed A Girl" today and found this... ummmm...... parody video and HELL!!!

IT ROX!!!!

Well, it does made me feel like puking at the sight of the baggy skin, the toothless grin, and the HAIR!!! I mean, is it ... ummm... wig??? Gosh!! This is goin to give me nitemares for couple of days now.. Hhhahhahahahha.....

So here it is, and i'm showing it to u guys and gals so tat u can enjoy it too... hahahah~ have fun GUYS and GALS... Now u really cant say, old ladies doesnt turn on some people.. Hehhehee~~

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I dun feel soo good......

Hurm.. Weeee!! Thank God the internet line are back.. i mean, its ben goin haywire these days, and its sooooooo DAMN hard to just browse any sites... =( and worst thing is, i don have anybody to blame but the stupid wires and the connection, and the clouds... =)

I mean, hey, the clouds blocked the internet connection from the Satellite to Earth, and dats why the connection lambat ma... Hahhaha.. Well, a least, dats wat i think.. heheheh~ T.T

anyway, im bac from work.. and way hell.. Theres lot of drama happened today.. Hehehhe~~ and some few thngs dat made me.. rather sad and down... Owwww.. Yea yea yea.. i know i know... I get sad and down easily... =( Thats sooo inconvenient... hurm... Hurm... Go figures...

Oh, somethng terrible happened at work today.. Like theres this regular customers, their orders are ALWAYS late, for a reason i have no idea on.. =( I mean, they looked sooo pissed.. They even talked rudely to me, ( i mean, i was the cashier on duty so they actually COMPLAINED to me~ ) Wowwww.. Now tat i know tat being a cashier is not exactly too easy.. =( Its soooooo stressful, alarming, scary.. Wuuwuwuwuwuwu~~

And anyway, when they were leaving, the guy stormed back to the restaurant and claimed tat he left his phone on the table, but it was nowhere to be seen as the table has already been cleared.. And there i was, "Oh my God... this isnt happening." i mean, if u even looked at their faces, GOSH.... They looked.. murderous.. =) So i did the frst thing tat crossed my mind, to ransacked back the garbage bin and the utility bin tat we used to clear any tables... ( Do note tat Kak Ina the manager was also wif me.. ) To our dismay, the handphone were no where to be found.. So Kak Ina instructed me to collect everyone's phone on a tray to show the "lost" customers as proof.. In this point, i was sooooo deeply embarrassed and hurt.. Who is dat fcuking fiend dirty little handphone grubbing of a bitch???????? This is sooooo.. Arrrrrrrr!!!

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