Monday, March 30, 2009


im back!! well, got my laptop formatted just yesterday so im still nw on the process of restoring files, downloading etc etc~~ so much works, so little time.. sigh~~

Oh yea, fact of the day... hehhee~~

I love to talk bad about other people.. like, "OMG! U knw shes a bitch right?? " thngs like dat.. hahah~ does dat make me a bitch too..???

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sweaty but Clean~

Hahaha~ I Simply LUVVVVV cleaning and getting sweaty so i can have a very very refreshing bath after that!!!!!!

A nice long long refreshing bath!! Weeee!!

Drooling nw at that idea..

Hurm, i didnt do anythng today..

Just lazing around and watch TV..





Thursday, March 5, 2009

Such A Bitch!

Like, WOW!~! I havnt blog fr soo long nw i almost forgot hw to spell "spell".. Geez!! Thnks to u, Mrs.Menopausal Internet!! U cause all these!! Grrrrr!!!

Anyway, i promised myself i my next blog post would have the title as above " such a bitch ".. I saw Chris's recent blog post was " such a rush " and the "such a bitch " quickly popped in my head~ I mean, it was almost natural-like fr me to think dat anyway.. Hehehe~

Anyway, to relate this blog post and the title, i've dig out a story, a very very juicylicious and sweetest sweet gossip dat will make a diabetic person die instantly of an overly over sugar-rush attack!!! Ooooo!!!

* cheers from the background *

It seems that we have a friend dat is far tooo miserable, toooo scrooge-like, toooo stingy, too.. sigh.. theres no word fr it.. Its shameless!! Bloody ass!! Bloody fingers!! Bloody eyes!!
Everythng bloody!!

Grrr!! It seems dat this friend is stealing!!! OMG!! Who could ever do this?? STealing?? Why??? OMG!!

And to make thngs worse, this friend is nt stealing money or anythng!! Ooooo the horror!! But instead, the friend is stealing chili sauce and cheese shakers from restaurants!!!! OMG!!!! Ooooo the shame, the shame~ * moga2 anak besok nga kyk gini, nyolong sana sini.. Amin.. / i pray my child will not be like this in the future... *

Seriously, i wish im der when the friend is doing his shameless deeds, and give him a BIG round of applause and a HUGE REALITY CHECK!! Like, HELLO!!!!

If u dun hv money, i buy fr u la!!! Sheessshhh!! Chili sauce oso cannt afford ah??? walaw!!

Disclaimers note :

Yea i knw i talk soo badly, but hey!!! I dont care! This is my blog, my diary, my journal, my memo, my fcuking life.. I write wat i want.. and the fren hurt me before too.. So, its payyy back time!! Muahahha!! Nt soo saint nw, aint u???

And i have to admit, im a bitch too, starting frm yesterday.. Hehehhe~ Well, one of my homie were shopping online, u know.. Like those Koreans or Japanese clothes that they sell oh-so-chea in the Net? Yea, dats the one.. Shes been buying a lot and screaming everytime her packages arrived~ Teehee~ Such joy for her it made me SUPER JEALOUS!! Take note : Im a jealous type!! Never ever EVER challenge my jealousy.. U might just end up miserable.. hehe~

Anyway, since i told her im jealous, Saras went on a search fr MEN-CLOTHING websites fr me so dat i can shop like her too!! Oooo bless her!!! Muah muah muah muah Muah muah muah muahMuah muah muah muahMuah muah muah muahMuah muah muah muah!!! Bless her!!

P/s : Luv u Saras!!!

So, till today!!! I cant get my head out of these websites!! I mean, one webbie leads to another webbies, and so on!! And ders sooo muc cool shirts, pants, vests dat i want!!! AAAAAaaaaaa~~ My "January-2009-died" shopping-bitch-self is emerging again!! Ooooo!!! OMG!! I cant fight him this time!! Hes sooo strong and soo forceful!! * i just have to give in to him, rigt? resistance is futile anyway~ *

So, JENG JENG JENG!! Guess wat? i already placed an order fr a pair of shoe, a shirt and a pant!!!! Oooooooo!!!!! Sooo fun fun fun!! I cant wait!! Muahahaha!!!





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