Monday, March 30, 2009


im back!! well, got my laptop formatted just yesterday so im still nw on the process of restoring files, downloading etc etc~~ so much works, so little time.. sigh~~

Oh yea, fact of the day... hehhee~~

I love to talk bad about other people.. like, "OMG! U knw shes a bitch right?? " thngs like dat.. hahah~ does dat make me a bitch too..???

3 Mini Croaks:

Miss Mathew said...

Credit card by the age of 21???? NOT FAIR!!! p/s: ooo Far2! beli kat Bali ke tu?

Roz./Ed said...

more like 19.. hahahaha~ but seriously la, its no use oso.. cause all the thngs yg i buy kan, at shops yg doesnt use credit card.. so, in the end, cash saves all~~ hehehe~

( lagipun my mum luki dat... ^^
she sed dun buy without her approval.. hihih` )

Miss Mathew said...

LOL! Gila ko ni ;) ooo...ya2 19 bah..c Farhan tu yg 21..i mean 22 dah ths year :)Jaga! I tell ur mum :p

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