Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just a short update.. =]

I was singing along to my iTunes while doing my effin' drawings..

And the next thing I hear is...


Thunders crackling..

Not once..

But many many times!!

Oh God!!

Okay okay.. I won't sing again!

Please don't rain!! >_<

Not now at least..

Tomorrow please..

During the day! Heheheh!!

Thank you God!! :D

-i really wanna sleep tonight! -



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Racism? Fcuk off la!

Hi my name is Rozan.. Not exactly a Malay, but a Malaysian.. True to the heart, I love my country..

But sooooooooooooooo hating it too.. T_T"

Why you might ask? Why do I say something so provocative?

Them "gahmen" might take away my nationality and throw me somewhere far far away.. Maybe throw me to those hungry sharks or throw me into the volcano.. I know there's an association for this.. ISA or something right?

I don't care.. Let them do it! Not like they will succeed anyway.. Mums' gonna kill me before that anyway.. Hahaha..

Okay so heres why..

Racism.. T_T"

Oh the pain.. The agony of this word! Why does it even existed in the dictionary? :p

Still rife in Malaysia.
First survey in 50 years makes dismal reading. Baradan Kuppusamy. Asia Times.
Mar 26, 2006

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia's first serious survey of race relations, in 50 years, shows that behind the fa├žade of outward unity and peace, racism runs deep in this multi-ethnic 'melting pot'.

The telephone survey of about 1,200 Malaysians also found that the majority of the various races find comfort and security in their respective ethnicity and not in a common 'Malaysian' identity, as the travel and tourism brochures suggest.

"The findings are not at all surprising," said social scientist Chandra Muzaffar...........................

Full article here...

So sad eh? I don't understand why.. Why do we prioritize our self that much? Shouldn't we be selfless and help each other? Isn't that what we were taught when we're still in primary school?

What happened to all those good virtues, good bla bla that we were all told to do? Where have they gone? Have we forgotten all about it?

Eeeee!! So hate!

Why can't we all just get along well? Reminds me of this line from a song.. "Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends..."

Not sure what song but its really nice.. ^^

Why do we create that "special rights" anyway?

Threatened by those non-Malays?

Or just feel like it?

I really do say that people should be treated equal, no matter what race or religions they are. We shouldn't discriminate people like that..

It's not just bad, its revolting.. Its like spitting to the air; it'll end up falling back to your face.. Hahaha.. ( mind the direct translation.. )

I wanna see my country prosper, harmoniously.. Malays, Chinese, Indians and etc etc working together side-by-side peacefully..

Lets show to the rest of the world what a unified country we are.. We may be small but we are strong..

Don't be so selfish lah, we're all one anyway..

We're the same, no matter what..

Stop being so racist, stop being so prejudiced, stop being so stuck-up..

Get to know each other first, then you judge..

There's so much that we can learn..





Oh God, I'm so bored.. >_< ( .... and my stomach hurts! )

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