Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hehe.. At Desaria's end..

Hurm.. Woke up quite late today, around 12.. hurm.. woke up with a start and start to surf d net then realized one thing..


So, the first thing i did (after bath n all), is holler Daniel and bugged him to join me to Cyberia and start looking for a house... Hurm... Well, then saw Bobo with all his things packed, ready to go back Batu Pahat.. Acting nonplusssed about it, im still pissed.. so, still din talk or look at him.. hurm...

then came dis moment, he asked me to help him to deliver his stuff to his frends house.. was a bit hesitated, well, dhur!!! in my mind was, "why do u talk to me?? im still angry with u!" but, in d end i helped him wit a very sour-looking face.. hurm... din even talk evenwhen we're in d lift.. shortly after coming out of d lift, straight away dart out living him.. hurm.. sorry, im still soo pissed.... hurm.... yea right...

so, like din even say gudbye to him.. hurm.. so wat? .............but do feel regret.. hurm... cant really explain why.......





after that, went to cyberia with daniel.. hurm... ate breaklunch at street mall!! was sooo gud!!!!hurm.. im moving to cyberia!!!!!!!!!!!


when reach cyberia hor, so nice le the environment... its like a park.... heheh~ fell in luv with it o... and d pool, so nice la..... but dun think its deep.. like very shallow one.. hurm~~~

but, nevermind its ok.. hheheheh...

and i dunno why, after dat me n daniel ended up in ioi, watching Hitman.. woaaaaa... so syok man!!! full of action, but then.. so predictable... its like, every movie nw uses d almost same idea.. hurm.. cant wait to watch Enchanted n Golden Compass tho.. hehhee~

Wonder if its any gud.. heheh~ den went back to desaria n wash clothes!!! Yayayyaya!!!! hehee~~

well, one thng for sure..

Its really gonna be he end for Desaria!!! Im moving to Cyberia!!! yayyyyyyyyy!!!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

hu r u?

i dun even know hu u are now... hu r u???

please dun make me hate u...

hu r u?

i dun even know hu u are now... hu r u???

please dun make me hate u...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hey.. Hurm.. Okay.. Hhaahha.. Nothing much to say... Its almost the end of semester.. Wow... How time flies.... Soo fast tat it seems just like yesterday tat i'm enrolled to this university college.. Hahahah.. Hurm.. Wat have i done, did all this time? Its soo blur.. Cant even think... Dun wanna reminisce about the past, it hurts so much.. feel like crying.. much have happened... i feel so sad n happy at the same time.. dun know how to express it... happy n sad n quirky things happened at the same time.. how.. why? i wonder if theres a significance between it.. just found out some disturbing facts.. dang~ why?? shud tat even happen~ hurm... figures... maybe i shudnt take myself for granted anymore.. gotta look myself from a different angle now.. hahah~ wow! dats something new.. huhuh~ hurm......... wondering~~ shud i attend de rikl facilitator meeting? well, its an easy way of getting money though, which i really need at the moment!!! dang!!!!!!!~~ hehehe~ hurm.. if dats d case, need to buy some new clothes... a formal clothes... hehehhe~~~ hurm!!! so shit!!! y shud i buy clothes dat i knw myself wont even use sooo frequently!!!! and shud i move away from desaria?? from dis fcuking limkokwing hostel????? arrrggghhhh!! too much thought running thru my mind like A to Z.... stop it!! i'll get old for sure!! arrrgghhh!! i wan my face to be wrinkle-free!! chewah~ if dats even possible~ hahahha~~~ k la... i wan mandi now.,.. see ya~~~ till then... muah muah~~~


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Best Buddy? or Best Foe? Heheheh~

Hurm.. Wat do u tink? Hahhaahh~

Tat was taken from Kenny Rogers at IOI, Puchong...

Too gud to be true eh? Hahaha~

Here's more~

And this was at Johnnys' at Alamanda, during buka puasa..


Soo fun le~

Was having so much fun blowing the steamboat.. hahah~

Ate so much... Soo full... Hurm..

Haiz.. Cost us RM150.19..


Nice eh??

Hehehe.. Site visit at Muzium Islam..

Officially Lim Kok Wing students' ony!!


Nice ka?

Oh ignore d two ppl at d background..

They serve ony as the background, no more!!

Tho they're also LKW student..




My first kiss`~

Okay~ My first kiss.. Deets'.. heheh~

- Desaria Villa Condo, Cyberjaya~
- at night...
- is an incidentally first kiss...
- was on da bed... hehe~
- was a French kiss!!! Dang!!!!
- At Tower C!!! (Oh my god! its gettng hot!!!)
- Made out after tat!! (dats so fcuking hot!!!)
- ~is a secret! hehehe~ (awww!! den why tell, u stupid loner mathafcuking brat????)

Dats all~ Nitez~

Fcuk!! I hate dis day!!!!

Okay was it me or is it tat everythng tat happnd today is soooo uncool n seems soo disastrously disaster????????? Man! It was chaos i tell u, chaos!! well, in a way it IS chaos! I fought wit my man, err... meaning to say, my best buddy (its nt wat u think it is, so shut ur mouth!) and d internet connection is way slow! hurm... dang!! hate dis so much!!! need i say tat the reason i fought wit him is because of a stupid simple stuff????? Dang!!! fcurk!!

well, ok.. i'll be starting using dis blog agen frm nw on, since d class blog is.. well... is soo yesterday! heeheh~

hurm.. dang~~~ i need u~~ (whoever u are, i hope u knw im talkin bout u~) i luv u so much~ just like i luv all d others too!!! i need u~~ please...

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