Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yeah! I would like to start my post with that!


Why do I have to be soo unlucky??? I mean, its like I have been cursed or something.. God!

Why me?? Why me Lord??


Just now while fetching my sister, I suddenly fell very very particularly sleepy.. And I have no idea what caused this.. Like, seriously.. I am usually attentive while driving but I have no idea what happened today..

I can't really remember though, but I know I was slowing down.. And maybe I closed my eyes for just 1 tiny mili-centi-metre-miniscule second.. and BUMP!!


I hit the bumper of somebodys car!! A soft bump lah, but its still a bump!!

I was like, OMG OMG OMG!! How the hell this happened to me???

I am soo soo dead!!

Stupid guy trying to ruin my already bad day.. Screw his white ass!! :(


Eugh shit..

Luckily the owner of the car that I hit, didn't press charges against me.. Well, her Proton Iswara survived without a scratch while mine got this huge ugly dent in the front!

So embarrassing.. She even asked me to be more careful next time.. Hahaha..

Even shook her hand in the end, I guess its her way of saying she is not angry and that she forgave me.. Hehehe good lady.. :)

But the thing is,

I have no idea how to tell this to Dad..

He would skin me alive!!


Or I could just fix it with my salary, eh? :(

So stress!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Long Long..

Today is gonna be a very very long day...

Full of hard long and thick.. mmm.. day.. of work and procrastination..

Though i wouldn't mind whats served on the other end too.. LOL!

I am soo sleepy and thirsty..

This torture.. Man.. I'd take whipping and smacking anytime anyday, but this torture..

The one I'm having now, is just way too much..

Its blowing my mind.. Aaaaaa BLOW ME!!! (no pun intended, this time. )

What are you guys doing out there?

Feeling the Monday Blues as well?



Friday, August 19, 2011

Poker Face~

Hi, whats up everybody? Is everyone fine? Lol~ Don't mind me, I am just talking to anybody else.

Hahah.. So lame.. I know right?

Hrm.. It came to my attention today, that somebody said that I didn't care.. Or well, I showed no interest of the current biggest issue in my life.. Well not really mine alone, but involves 3 other people in my life..

It hurts.. And it stings..

Because I do care.. I just didn't showed my emotions and air my opinion about it..

Why? Why didn't I, you might ask?

Because that will be disastrous.. I am a walking time bomb full of emotions.. When I do show it, people might get swept away by it.. And everything goes boom.. Die..

Seriously I have my own thoughts and opinions, but in this matter, I really think its really up to the higher ups.. Its their choice.. Its their life.. Me? I will make the best out of it; I will find my own way.. Simple eh?

She asked me, who will I follow if the worse of the worse happens.. And I said, I will find my own way somewhere faraway.. I'll start my own life..

And I really think this is the best.. May be hard, and I know I will suffer.. No more shoppings.. Ahhh The horror!?!?!??!

But yeah, it'll do me good to stand on my own ground.. T_T"


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