Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh Don't Touch Me!!!

I am a dirty, filthy contagious disease!!

Don't come close to me, Don't talk to me, Don't EVEN TOUCH me or you'll risk getting it too!!

Talk about me in hushed voices, and change all those frown to a big fake smile when I come to and talk to you; wishing I will fell for the fake-ness..

Trust me, I will pretend to fall for it.. Just for your sake..

Friends.. What are friends for, right???

Especially those snakes, sneaky fickle ones?

I have no need for those.. No thank you.. =]

Gosh.. Its been ages since I blogged ( this has becoming a popular sentence in my writing.. haha.. ) And to think I will start again in an angry state.. Oh God.. You don't really love me right now, eh? Hahahaha...

Well, just trying to say that I am quite busy now.. Well.. Thanks to all the procrastination and all.. Yeah, I owe myself for this big, big mistakes.. ^^

Hurm.. What else? Oh yeah... And I discovered new things as well..

They're called fakers.. :D

Oh come on.. Show yourself now... Don't be shy.. I won't bite, much..

Just say what you feel to me, and I will respond in a civilized way, more than you can ever imagine...


Let's end this, once and for all.. Whats with you guys leaving and all.. I wish you the best of luck in the Future..

But lets end this now....



- the end -

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Its about time to change the banner!! :D

That's all..

Im soo lame.. ^^

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