Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Chilling in Paparich now, sipping on my [ insert drink name ] - seriously i dunnoe wats the name of the drink.. But i knw theres jelly-jelly inside it.. Hahahah!!

Okay.. So theres no internet in my house! Damnation!!

I know right??

I've been complaining countless of time about being internet-less, its sooo fucking fantastic! T_T"

So I escaped to Paparich instead, just to be able to use the free wifi...

1 drink will last for 1hour as oppose to the normal event; 1drink lasted for 10minutes.. or less..


Lets just say the drinks' are my tickets to sitting here longer.. and hence, internet-able fr as long as the drinks lasted..

Ewwww... My language sucks!! God! T_T" I need to go to an English class..

Oh ohhh ohhh!!

Guess what?

I'm going to Singapore this Thursday!!!

Yayyyy finally!!!!!

I am so gonna shop.. erm... sketch like crazy!! :D

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