Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Thought I've Had it Now.. but.

Aaahhh finally, weekends!! I can be no happier than this!! No class!! A chance for me to rest these tired body of mine.. Or so i thinK.. Dang!! I still have tons of assignmnts on my hand to finish!! Waaaaa!! Seriously, I should not have procrastinate.. ( Oh okay, who doesn'T when you've been shoved with lots of wonders of life, Money for instance.. heheh )

Okay okay.. I know that if my mum were reading this, she'd be pretty pissed off, and prolly even cut off my weekly allowance ( GASP!! No no no no!! ) For some of you that wonders why "weekly allowance", here's why.. The thing is, Ive been raised up in a way that I'll always get what i want
( brat-much huh?) and Yea, i do tend to spend a lot.. I can never save ( all these time about me wanting to start saving is all plain bullshits! Dont believe me when i say i wanna save' cause i be plain lying ) So tats why my mum gave me weekly allowance because she know if she were to give me monthly allowance, i'd finished it in less than a week.. ^^

Err, let's stop talking about money.. ( I've jus finished this week allowance in like, less than 3days.. Called my mum last night for more $$$, and she were.. hehe.. not shocked, she's used to it.. Just the tone, like, "OMG, why do i have these kind of monster as my child?" ) Lol~

Hurm, todays intended activities.. Go to Alamanda and eat Steamboat with Nancy, Daniel and Ranty.. ^^ And after that, hurm,, Wat else? Maybe i should go to the shoes department and get myself a new shoes? I've been wearing my N-Balance shoes forever now, like everyday!! I need a new one!! ( bought last December ' 08 )

Well, i guess tats it fr nw..

- roz -

p/s : Chris, when wanna go the lake agen? o.O
wake me up if u do..

Friday, April 24, 2009



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One dOwn, 3 to Go...

So, he talked to me at last.. Was soo glad.. all these times, i've been waiting for a sign.. Cause if it's not him, who else? I never did have these kind of thing with other people other than him.. And for that, I thank you for talking to me first.. I know things are still a bit cold, and awkward, but we'll fix that.. I don't know how, but i know we'll get to there eventually.. We always do.. ^^

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

I have no idea what is going on in your head, so I can only guess.. This is the first time these "difficulty" happened between us and I have no idea on how to handle it.. I guess all I can say is I am sincerely sorry.. I was also waiting for you that night to call me down from my room and work on that tower.. Did it occured to you how dejected and low I felt when you said your accursed words??? I know it's my fault, but please refrain yourself from saying that again.. Maybe you're super angry and pissed off at me that time, and you loose your control.. I do not know, but i haven't heard anything from you since then.. Sad eh? Were you avoiding me then?

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

I seriously what you think of me.. Seriously, I don't.. I can never understand you.. You act soo differently every time I see you.. Why? Please stop making me confused and scared.. I maybe a little bit too emotional, I know.. But you are emotionally unbalanced!! That part really scares me.. You're like a walking bomb.. Every actions may trigger the explosion.. And can you please stop, stop talking behind my back? Can you just talk to me face-to-face like a girl you are? Let's just work things out, okay?

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

* click to enlarge, you know that, do you? *

Lately I find myself to be addicted to a certain game in Facebook ( again, argh.. This sucks! ) It's called Restaurant City.. It's a game that makes you run around in Facebook and adding people like crazy.. The thing is, whenever you add a person, you'll get an item or ingredient needed to cook your recipes.. Unfortunately, you can only and ONLY get one item from a person.. Therefore, to get more ingredient, you have to add lots and lots of people, or just simply start trading.. But eventually, you will just have to start adding for the sake of getting new ingredients.. ( made a terrible mess of my friend list, seriously.. )

I hope I'll be able to overcome this addiction asap, cause "Hell's Week" is coming.. By means of that, I meant "submission week".. It's something I learn from a lecturer of mine today, in History&Culture class.. Her name is Suzy Sulaiman.. A very able lecturer, if you ask me.. She knows a lot.. ^^

Hurm.. What else..? Oh yeah.. Pochi.. Iunno.. Maybe he have to wait a little bit more, eh?

Figures.. Shiet! This is making me sad just thinking of it.. >__<"

- roz -
~ assignments mode - [O][N] ~

Saturday, April 18, 2009


First and foremost, i am sorry.. To all those people that I've hurt before, and to those I hurt now.. I am sorry.. There are things that we cannot control, and shit just happen, you know.. Therefore, I am sorry.. ( again.. )

Here I am, in my room, with the door locked and my headset tucked steadfastly to my ears with the music roaring loudly ( through the headset.. i don't know how they work, but, Oh well.. ) I kind of enjoyed this feeling.. I am here alone, in my own private space, doing my own things, undisturbed by others.. This is my sanctuary, though things have not been smooth lately.. I don't know why.. Things I've done these few days, they invite only hatred and irritation towards others.. Frankly i have no idea why or what I've done.. But things just seems to be that way.. Nothing seems to be all goody-goody now.. Now it seems that two of my friends are super pissed off with me.. I mean, wow.. And this is all because.. Ouch.. I don't think I'll share it here.. I am such a coward.. ^^ The truth hurts, as well as the excuses made to conceal the truth.. Everything hurts to an extend that you don't even know what to do anymore..

To those two, I am sorry.. I really am.. I know nothing will fix that now.. And no excuses will help anything now, and yeah, no point making excuses because apparently a certain girl is soo tired of me making excuses.. Hurm.. The more I think of it, the more dejected and sad I am.. Okay, I know that I make a lot of excuses but have you look in the mirror yourself? When you get pissed or angry, you affect everybody near you with your super-emotional reaction! I am soo angry with this, but I have not the power to talk about it in front of your face just yet.. Soon, when I can take it no longer....

Sometimes, I wish i can just turn back time and do something to avoid all of this.. Sometimes, I just wish that I am alone.. It's easier.. Don't you think? You don't have to give a shit towards others and all you need to think is yourself and only yourself.. It saves up all the trouble.. Aaaarrgghh!! Life is soo unfair..

Shit.. I guess i just entered my post-traumatic and sulky mode this instant.. It'll be quiet these few days, i guess.. Hurm.. Figures..


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Things I Do For Love~

Hurm, i have been talking about having a dog for ages, ages and ages!!! I mean, i want a dog, regardless of what people say about it; about ME!! Im a muslim, and why the HELL should i have a dog?? Its like im going against the Law right?

For me, i am not normal.. I am not a follower of rules ( well, certain rules.. ) I dont do the usual things that people ( muslim people ) do.. I touch dogs, i drink, i pierced my ears.. But tats all there is to it.. I clearly dont eat Mr. Piggy, i dont bow to another God ( although i think tat all religion is teh same.. they teach us to be good.. Like, in the end, we're about to find out that we are all ONE~ ) I dont wear a Cross earring or pendant.. I dont despise my religion, i dont do nothng bad!! Honest!!

Urm, i think i talked too much without touching the main issue.. Hhahaha.. Anyway, like i said, i WANT a dog!! I dont care what people say; cause i am just about to burst with excitement and longing for a dog that i can call mine!! Mine mine and mine!! Its not tat much to ask, right? Right?

So like, i have these hot friend, Trish ( a teenage woman.. ^^ ) who have a brother that sells dog!! Wow! Its like, sooo intoxicatingly intoxicated me with lots of ideas.. and yea, without wasting more time, i asked her to find me a dog, a Golden Retriever fr a good price.. ^^ and she did, for 1.4k, with cert.. That made me happy over the top.. I've been waiting soo long for this..

Likewise, i went to Sunway Pyramid ( the only decent shopping mall in a 30km radius of Cyberjaya ) I went with Ranty and Saras..wait wait.. i've got an idea.. ^^

- we used taxi to go there..
- we shop'd like crazy people..
- i bought a new pants for 79.90rm
- i bought a blue dog collar

- i bought a Golden Retriever handbook

- we ate at an EXPENSIVE japanese restaurant ( wic i regretted.. lol.. )

Sigh.. Soo much fr wanting to have dogs.. ^^

I decided to name him Pochi.. Just a name from an anime.. I think its cute.. tell me what u think k?

- roz -

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Baby~

What more can i say eh? Its my new baby!! Luv her soooo much!! Hahahha~~ She's a life-saver!! And thnks mummy for bestowing it to me~ Hehehehe~




- roz -




THANKS SOOO MUCH BELLE!! I x sangka pun ble buat camtu.. heheh~~ tah2 u da amik number kad i buat shopping... hehehe~

Fuck You!

What can i say? I'm in my PMS-Moment again.. Grrrr... Sooo cranky like a cat now..

I knw, i knw.. I have lots of these man-PMS period.. At least, once per week.. But cant help it right? Its better than gurls.. Theirs lasts fr days or weeks ( esp those super barbaric one, like this woman.. hehe )

" seriously, u dun wan mess with her.. She break ur dick into two ooo!! careful ooo~ "

Anyway, currently im doing my assignmnts.. Ooooo wic assignmnt? How kind of u to ask.. hehe~ Im fcuking doing my DESIGN ( 2 projects at a time ) while trying to do my DRAWING 2 and while searching info for my HISTORY&CULTURE 101 while thinking of a topic for my CP111..

Now, can anyone tell me why am i cranky o not!?!

Sigh.. Luckily, Mr.Coffee is with me, comforting me.. and making sure i dont drop down dead zzzzz-ing.. hurm..

But when u look at it back, it all come down back to me.. Hehehhe~ Im suggesting the dangerous word, "procrastinating".. HUhuh~~ But wei!! I.. i did my work la.. Just i did it bits by bits, cause theres sooo much fun thngs out there than my assignmnt!! Muahahahha!!

U can name a lot right? "fun" things? somethng fun, and will make u sweaty, and HOT!! O.o

Hehehe~ Shopping.. fr me la, dunno u all.. ( sigh, i dunno but i feel like talking to myself.. sigh.. )

Does dat make me look stupid? looked foolishly foolish innocent..?

Or just a bratty loner..?


Oh and i wanna say thnks to Farhan fr giving me a DICK!!! LOL!! And i meant tat literally!!! Muahahahha!! Thnks Far!! Well, i wont deny dat it was awkward at first, but nw i think it ROX!!!! Muahahah! Im bringing it to campus!! HEehehhe~

" LOL!! SMALLLLL!!!!!! "


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