Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Things I Do For Love~

Hurm, i have been talking about having a dog for ages, ages and ages!!! I mean, i want a dog, regardless of what people say about it; about ME!! Im a muslim, and why the HELL should i have a dog?? Its like im going against the Law right?

For me, i am not normal.. I am not a follower of rules ( well, certain rules.. ) I dont do the usual things that people ( muslim people ) do.. I touch dogs, i drink, i pierced my ears.. But tats all there is to it.. I clearly dont eat Mr. Piggy, i dont bow to another God ( although i think tat all religion is teh same.. they teach us to be good.. Like, in the end, we're about to find out that we are all ONE~ ) I dont wear a Cross earring or pendant.. I dont despise my religion, i dont do nothng bad!! Honest!!

Urm, i think i talked too much without touching the main issue.. Hhahaha.. Anyway, like i said, i WANT a dog!! I dont care what people say; cause i am just about to burst with excitement and longing for a dog that i can call mine!! Mine mine and mine!! Its not tat much to ask, right? Right?

So like, i have these hot friend, Trish ( a teenage woman.. ^^ ) who have a brother that sells dog!! Wow! Its like, sooo intoxicatingly intoxicated me with lots of ideas.. and yea, without wasting more time, i asked her to find me a dog, a Golden Retriever fr a good price.. ^^ and she did, for 1.4k, with cert.. That made me happy over the top.. I've been waiting soo long for this..

Likewise, i went to Sunway Pyramid ( the only decent shopping mall in a 30km radius of Cyberjaya ) I went with Ranty and Saras..wait wait.. i've got an idea.. ^^

- we used taxi to go there..
- we shop'd like crazy people..
- i bought a new pants for 79.90rm
- i bought a blue dog collar

- i bought a Golden Retriever handbook

- we ate at an EXPENSIVE japanese restaurant ( wic i regretted.. lol.. )

Sigh.. Soo much fr wanting to have dogs.. ^^

I decided to name him Pochi.. Just a name from an anime.. I think its cute.. tell me what u think k?

- roz -

3 Mini Croaks:

Sandal_Butut88 said...

I Want Pochi..!!
I Dont Care What people Say..

Welcome To D40B,Pochi...

Roz./Ed said...

kyknya Pochi makin jauh dech~

Sandal_Butut88 said...

dont say like that..
kita kan nda tau..
siapa tau beliau berubah pikiran..

Aku masih mao Pochi..!!
come here..!!


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