Friday, April 3, 2009

Fuck You!

What can i say? I'm in my PMS-Moment again.. Grrrr... Sooo cranky like a cat now..

I knw, i knw.. I have lots of these man-PMS period.. At least, once per week.. But cant help it right? Its better than gurls.. Theirs lasts fr days or weeks ( esp those super barbaric one, like this woman.. hehe )

" seriously, u dun wan mess with her.. She break ur dick into two ooo!! careful ooo~ "

Anyway, currently im doing my assignmnts.. Ooooo wic assignmnt? How kind of u to ask.. hehe~ Im fcuking doing my DESIGN ( 2 projects at a time ) while trying to do my DRAWING 2 and while searching info for my HISTORY&CULTURE 101 while thinking of a topic for my CP111..

Now, can anyone tell me why am i cranky o not!?!

Sigh.. Luckily, Mr.Coffee is with me, comforting me.. and making sure i dont drop down dead zzzzz-ing.. hurm..

But when u look at it back, it all come down back to me.. Hehehhe~ Im suggesting the dangerous word, "procrastinating".. HUhuh~~ But wei!! I.. i did my work la.. Just i did it bits by bits, cause theres sooo much fun thngs out there than my assignmnt!! Muahahahha!!

U can name a lot right? "fun" things? somethng fun, and will make u sweaty, and HOT!! O.o

Hehehe~ Shopping.. fr me la, dunno u all.. ( sigh, i dunno but i feel like talking to myself.. sigh.. )

Does dat make me look stupid? looked foolishly foolish innocent..?

Or just a bratty loner..?


Oh and i wanna say thnks to Farhan fr giving me a DICK!!! LOL!! And i meant tat literally!!! Muahahahha!! Thnks Far!! Well, i wont deny dat it was awkward at first, but nw i think it ROX!!!! Muahahah! Im bringing it to campus!! HEehehhe~

" LOL!! SMALLLLL!!!!!! "


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