Monday, July 28, 2008

It's a BAD BAD DAY!!!

Like i said above, its a bad BADD BAAAADDDDD DAY!!! Or rather, rip dat off!! Its a fcuking major majorly bad worst day in my whole life ( July 2008 )!! Dont ask me why yet cause i am SOOOOOOOO gonna tell u about it... Hehhehe~

Theres few things dat contributes to this disastrous day and some of it includes :-

- Some bitch dat work at Sushi King has been irately irritating me.. =(
- the "manager"s weird and strange and annoying and sometimes perky and sometimes nice is making me feel "sea-sick" and wanna puke all over the floor....... =(

- stresses ( lol.. with 'es okay.. =p ) working as the cashier.. $$$~ =(
- i'm broke.. i mean, im super broke!!!!
- i'm feeling itchy all over now... i have no idea why.. =(
- i tried to cook maggie just now but the bowl fell and down it went to the floor... spent at least 30minutes cleaning em up.. =(
- i made huge mistakes during my shift as the cashier... =(
- and some other stuff lar... haiz.... =(

Hurm.. well, just to cut thngs short, everythng went bad la today...... =( 

But i did tried to cheer myself up by buying cheese cake, strawberries, and whipped cream.. =) the thng is, Farhan is coming back tomorrow from Kota Kinabalu and i mighty hell wanna greet him wif somethng, like a welcome back cake.. Hehehe~

Look at the strawberries i bought... <3

And heres the pictures.. hehehe~

~~~The luvable whipped cream~~~

~~The cheesecake~~

The cutlery.. Muahahaha! Its like, preparing for a "war".. Hehehe~

Ooooo... Looks sooo nice and juicy... <3

And, the verdicts are~~ 


wEll, not tat tempting but its okay.. hahahha~ Men are not meant to be in the kitchen.. Muahahahha! We men lack womens' traits in the kitchen zone.. Wat traits tat im talking about, i have no idea.. U tell me.. Hhehehe~

Anyway, its time to sleep.. =) hahahah.. well its way past 3am now and hell, i have work tomorrow.. and i do really need to wake up early...... =(

So, good night... =)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Haiz... Sien sien. >.<

Hurm... Its really boring laaa... Wuuuuu... Tho as much as i want to blog, i lack ideas and topics to blog about; except about work.. Hahahah~

Okay, will update later..

Stay tuuuuneeee!!!

Muah muah!!

Say PEACE if u luv me, say "l Luv u" if u hate me!! =)

p/s : Im missing all my school frenz!!! * wink wink *

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Few hours before i start working and im at hum, waiting for Anne.. Hehehhe~ Shes goin to send me to work.. =)

But seriously, i cant just help but noticing tat theres a platoon of ants.. red ants.. AAAh seriously, not the big ants, just the tiny miny ittle ants.. =) Workers ants, as i call it.. i guess.. T.T Anyway, theres been quite a few numbers of em' now in the house... Im sssoooooo flustered!! Why are they here??? Where did they come from?? wat do they want??? Arrrggghhh!!!! Sooo annoying!!!!!!!

Hurm... I need some help!! HELP ME GET RID OF THESE ANTS!! ITS SOOO ANNOYING!!! AAArrrggghhh!! 

Ummm.. wat else?? Ooooo its hot today but the skys looking sooooooo gloomy... is it goin to rain?? When?? Wuuuuuuuuu~~

"Rain rain come now.
errrr... come now and splash some... water on the earth?"

Hahahahha~ Just joking, but i like it when it rains... Soooo cold... perfect for sleeping ( nap ) and hugging and hot choco and nice movies and and.....ummm.... wateveaaaaaaa... =)

Pooooo Pooo!! Bye!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Burfday Burfday Boy!

Thursday, 17th July..


Woke up early today and followed Anne to work, at around 8.30am.. Din wash my hair, and yikes! Dats so not me.. Hahahha~ Tell dat to Daniel of Teluk Intan, he'd be freaked out for sure.. =) [ heres wat I think he wud say~ ]


Daniel   : U din wash hair a?  Eeeeeeee~

Roz      : Yeah, terpaksa one.. Have to rush one ma~

Daniel   : Yeah but still.. wash ony ma, like me oso~

Roz      : Yeah la, like u mandi, take at least 1 hour..


Just to remind u guys how Danie looks like.. =) Hehehe~

Heheheh~ Sorry Dannie.. I just kinda miss u as my housemate, hahah~ The house sooo empty now, now dat Farhan also back to KK.. =) But I do make full use of ur room.. Lemme tell you this; hehehe~ * evil smile..* I had sex in your room, a nasty sex.. Ummmm… The wall of your room was splattered with.. umm… awwww.. I cant say la.. I dun wan make a bad impression on myself.. Hahahahha~


p/s : none of the above statement about me having sex is true~ =)


Heheh~ Anyway, today at work, was messing around with.. erm.. with.. something, I guess cause im sure theres something wrong that I’ve done today~ Heheheh~ Or maybe its just my imagination..>.< style="font-family:Wingdings;mso-ascii-font-family: "Times New Roman";mso-hansi-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-char-type:symbol; mso-symbol-font-family:Wingdings;">ß ( Diam-diam one lar, if kena tangkap, then sei lo~ )

Me waiter-ing Anne~ Hehehe~

my FREE black pepper udon.. yum yum!!! 

Ummm.. And Anne told me dat theres somebody having burfday today and she wanted to buy a cake for tat certain sumbody.. Of course I agreed.. Dhurrr~ Hahahah~ You know me ma, im a good good boy..!! Hhahahah!


Voice   : Yeah right u retard!! Ur sooo bad u make my dead ancestors cry~

Roz      : Oh yeah??? Your mother soooooo scary, people think her burfday is Doomsday!


Hhehhe~ Oh sorry sorry, no pun intended.. Hehheheh~


Ummm.. Okay, back to the “real” story.. Hahaha.. Turn out, its Kamarul’s the Abang-abang burfday.. Its his.. ummm… 23 or 24th burfday, im not dat sure.. hehe~ so I went and bought a cake, a BIG BIG CHOCO cake dat cost RMxx.xx.. Dat really burn a hole in my pockets, my shirts my heart my etc etc.. Haiz.. =) But its okay cause its for a gOOd cause, I guess.. =)


not much of a cake, but its a cake!! heyyyyyy~~~

Burfday boy trying to feed me wif cakey~~ =)

me and Anne eating strawberriesssss... =)

Anyway, so we held a small small mini mini party for him, inside the kitchen and sang to him ( please note tat theres customers in present while we’re doing this celebration.. ) Awwww.. it was kinda sweet when u think about it.. =) Celebrating colleagues burfday.. Its soooo sweeeeeet~~ sweeter than honey itself, or RumRaisin ice-cream from Haagen Dazs.. =)


Ummmm.. This is sooo unrelevant but i've been washing my work-clothes every night cause its dirty; stains from the wasabi, shoyu, nitsume, etc etc.. And to make it dry faster, i've been putting it in the Micro to make it hot and.. hehehe~ You do the math!!!!!! Luckily so far, no EXPLOSION is at hand yet.. Hahahahahha~ 

OOKKAAAYYY!! Enough about Sushi King, damn~ Its killing me.. Hahaha~ I know I told some people that I wanted to go and travel around Thailand.. Hahahah~ Fat chance for that.. >.<>.<


Sadly to say, I still own no passport of my own.. ( mum dun let me cause she thinks I’ll abuse it and ran off to some country and never come back.. ) hahah.. jokes.. yeah, but she do doesn’t let me have a passport yet and im sooo lazy to use my own money to apply for one.. Hheehhe~ I know I know.. Im soooo rotten… >.<


And theres more problem.. Jeng jeng jeng~~


-         Direction.. I don fancy getting lost there..

-         Food problems.. ummm.. u know I cannot eat Mr.Bestfriend right? Oink oink!!

-         Language.. I dunno how to converse in Thai, except sawadikap.. Hehehhe~


Hurm.. Okay lar.. time to sleep.. =) I promise I will blog more in the future.. hehehe.. its just now that I don have enough rest due to the overwhelming and tiring work from work.. >.<>.<>



okay to sign it all of, heres a pic of me in my work-clothes.. =) 

ps: im soo luving it.. hehehehehehe...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A New Journey…

I'd like to start this blog with this picture of Anne's working.. Hehehe~

“ I need money, I need money, I need money… I need lots and lots of money…for shopping “



Hehe~ Most of the people that knows me will alwayssssss hear me say dat, regardless of wat time.. >.< st="on">ur a shopaholic like me, where shopping is like a drug; or a haven for you, you wud most likely like to shop and spend some $$$!! I guess that as long as you have some cash available, you wont feel satisfied and content because theres something inside you that urge you to spend spend and spend some more till you get … literally speaking, fall~ Hahaha~


Well, I must admit, I’m cursed with this pleasing sin; the spending Bitch kind of sin.. Hahaha~ Hurm..


“ I always use bitch cause it sounded okay, I cant call myself bastard cause it soundd.. really really bad..  hahaha~ But dat doesn’t mean I’m a BITCH!! “



Okay, now dat I’m having my grandiosely grandiose long holiday, I decided to find a job.. and work lah~ I guess I dun need to tell you why right? Okay but lemme just tell you.. Hahahah!! DHURRR!!! To get more money for shopping!!! Can I dieeeee??? Hhahaah~ Heheheh~ And theres this one item I wud like sooo much.. But hey, scratch dat!! I already made a “rich-list” of items that I have in mind when I finally grab hold of a lot lot lot lot lot of MONEY!! $$$$ ~~


* CHING CHING CHING CHING * <- money sounds.. Hehehhe~


Roz’s Rich List~


-         a new camera

-         a new phone, perhaps?

-         2 new pillows!! Feather goose please.. =)

-         An I-pod for my sis ( for her birthday~ humph!! )

-         A tea table for my room~ =)

-         Renovate my room!!!! =D

-         And some new shoesssss~ ZzzzZzZzZZzZz~

-         And go for holidays~ more traveling.. yeaaaaa~~


Hahaha~ Dats my so-called rich-list..=P Neat huh? And do note that I just luv to fill myself with all these fantasies of having the World on my very hand~~ Aaaaahhhh, the pleasures!! I wud order all people around like they’re puppets and I wud this and that, etc etc..~



* slaps Roz * Get out of ur stupid fantasies Bastard and get to work!!


Ouccchh!! Reality hurts~ Hahaha~ The truth is, I’m actually blogging from workplace.. Hehehhe~ Its already been 3 days for me working in Sushi King.. =) Just today dat I went to work early wif Anne.. Oh did I mention? I work at the same place with her for convenience purpose.. Well, she have a car and we live in Cyberjaya, and we’re working in Seri Kembangan which only takes around 10minutes to reach by car and a whopping 2hours by public transport.. I know, not fair right? Hahahah~


Anyway, lets start with the sweet sweet details.. =) I’m working in Sushi King, Seri Kembangan as a service crew a.k.a. waiter.. <3>


Reasons why I choose Sushi King:-


-         Anne is working here too..

-         I just luv sushi!!



My job consist of serving the customer ( Dhurr~ ), and taking orders and cleaning and etc etc.. AND NOT TO MENTION, STANDING FOR THE WHOLE FCUKING DAY!! And we cant even sit..>.< style="mso-bidi-font-style:normal">le, so stupid.. My kaki sooo hurt.. =(  And I do seriously think that my legs will also grew more bulky!! Yikesss~ Okay im not trying to sound cocky and vain ( tho the fact that I am VAIN!! ) hehehe~ I want my kaki to be not too muscular..=) cause I do rather have a bigggg figure, and I don’t want to top it up with more bulky legs etc etc…  Hahahah~ hey wait, dats not even VAIN!! 10000 bonus points for me!! =)


Me emptying the Shoyu and Nitsume bottles.. >.< 

Well, so far soo good, dat I can tell you.. Theres nothing dat is soo hard about this job, and all the people here are really nice.. =) I have :


   Anne and Ram~


Kamarul the abang-abang,

Ram the shy from “Johor”,             

     Hari the uncle-uncle,

Nima the Chobbits – cause he looks like Mr.Chobbits.. =)

Syukri the lelaki.. =)

Fei Fei the Kaitan~


Well, only this few people that I know so far, tho I know theres more people working here.. =) Need more time to know em’ call~


Oh and my TWO managers! Hehehhe~ Kak Ina aka Zarina, and the spunky Azrul.. Hehehe~ Well, you can see a very clear and distinct difference between these two people.. =) Kak Ina is more to motherly type of manager, and is a half-half strict manager whereas Azrul is more to a your-next-door teenager, who acquired power at such a young age and bound to use it freely and abuse it!! Muahahahah!! Anyway, Azrul is more sporting lar~ =)


And not to mention theres still a plethora of other workers…erm.. staffs that I have yet to know.. soon soon..


Everybody : knod head in unison.. T . T


* gotta know em all, gotta know em all * Pokemon theme song.. =)


p/s : I still “HEART” Pokemon..


Hehe~ Okay dats all for now about my working experience.. =) Hope u enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.. Hhahaha~ [ Okay I know dis blog is lame, but just LIVE with it.. =) ]


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

cont'd.. Part 2~ =)

Hye again.. Hehe~ Okay, since its already late at night, and im sooooo tired, i'll just do a short entry.. hehe~

Okay, in continuation of the last blog.. Hurm...

So, its Day 2~ Hahahah!!


Woke up early, and went for breakfast at this Chinese restaurant, somewhere in Georgetown.. Hurm...

And, you do know PROBLEM and MISUNDERSTANdINGS is something that i cant really avoid, no matter how hard i try.. =)

And now, some of the problems and misunderstandings includes :

Language barrier
"people kept speaking Hokkien/Mandarin to me, thinking i was Chinese, and dis always leave me dumbstruck, and always, ALWAYS feeling very stupid for not learning the language.." >.<

My Chinese Inheritance
"people mistook me a lot, as Chinese... and some people mistook me as an INDONESIAN!! Golly!! Dats sooo.. umm.. well, its cool to be an Indon people too.. =) To tell u d truth, i dun really mind.. Wahahah!!"

Food!! FOOODDDD!!! * roaaarrrrrr *
"all those Chinese people there serves PORK!! PORK PORK PORK everywhere!!! Man!!!!! Cant they live without it?? Okay, i have to admit, i simply luv, ummm.. NO!! I CRAVE FOR CHINESE FOOD!!! Don u just agree, Chinese cooking are one of the best? Hehehhe~ And the fact that they serve pork, haizzzz.... Cant eat anything lo, just telan air liur one.. >.< "

* Lemme cool down from the bad memories.. Haiz.. Im soo sad, eating is one of my hobby...
( Somebody : Well, look at your size la!! )
( Roz : FCUK U!! AArrrrggghhhhh!! >.< ) ~~ Hahahahha~~ Well, after the fully dilemma-tic breakfast, went to visit the Chinese Temple.. ( Okay im nt trying to be racist here, but i cant help but rolling my eyes here.. hahah~ ) Had lots of fun, errr.. i guesss.. =) Actually,just had lots of fun taking picturessssss.. Heeeeeee~~ =) Its VAIN TIME!!!!

Cool huh? The mandala.. ~

Meditating~ Ummmmmm..~~

Big big KISS ofr big big Kitty~ Muaaahhh~

The air is sooo fresh, but its way too hot~ >.<
Wooaaa~ Big fan~ ( bought it cause its too hot.. need it to cool myself~ )

Me and Desmond.. =)

Big big Onion~ =D

Anyway, okaaaayyyy... Because of popular demand~ ( Cheewaaaahhh~ ! =D ) Im blogging about a restaurant.. ummm... SCRATCH DAT!! its a cafe but its ssooooooo cute!! Weeeheee!! U see why in just a moment..

" If u luv to eat in the loo, u'll like this cafe.. "

In just a moment.... =)

Tadaaaa!! Its the ToiletBowl Cafe!!

Cool eh? Theres sooo many choices of toilet bowls!! Muahahah!!

The table.. On top of a washing basin~ Hehehe~

Me~ Hahaha~

My sweet sweet treats~ for RM7.90.. Hurm.. Was it worth it? Well, for me, ok-ok lah~ U know we Malaysian mah, all oso ok lar~ hehe~ But hey, im sooo luving the strawberry sauce.. Hehehe~

( i guess the people working there r rookies after all, saw em' doing my ice cream while looking at the menu.. Hahaha~ )

Hehehe~ Okay... End of Part 2~

to be continued..... ( i need to sleep.. im working tomorrow~ )

Nite nite~

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Long and Much Waited... =D

p/s : i owe dis blog entry to Miss Lulu and Carrol for urging me to blog.. umm.. well dat doesnt sound right.. >.<

" I was lonely, and desperate; Desperate for companion, friends.. Well dhurrr, i was alone at the house at that time!! Arrgghhh !@#$%@!! I do crazy things when i'm lonely... "

Hehe.. ot of the usual lonesome craziness, i decided to :

[ ] traveling

[ ] Bitching

[ ] EATING!! ( my far fav' part )

[ ] sight-seeing

[ ] Bitching ( again.. T____T ' )

[ ] Meeting a fren.. =)

in PENANG!! The... errr.. Island.. ? i guess... >.<


Well, so i packed all my things; clothes, pants, brief.. ( Oooppsss!! ) and all stuff dat i know i might/might not use during my travel that i have yet to go.. =)

And so, i bought a ticket at the oh-so-smoky-it's-killing-me Puduraya, the "most" famous bus-station central that centralized in Pudu area which also centralized in Kuala Lumpur which also centralized in the Semenanjung Malaysia which is in Asia.. <3

Anyway, cut all the lame and long loooonnnggggg bus journey to Penang, ok? Its too long to write, i'll take a few hours just describing all the petty long tiring journey...
p/s : i got a nasty butt-ache for sitting too long.. Haiz...

" Artist's impression on butt-ache.. "

Well, i reached Georgetown, Penang at well past midnight.. >.<

Fie... Dats all.. Went to my fren house and sleeppppp..

...The next day...

Woke up around 2pm and had brunch.. Weeeeee!!! EAT!! My favourite!! Weeheee!!

I ate at this Chinese restaurant; erm.. more to a Hong Kong based style restaurant, but wats the difference?? Hong Kong = Chinese = Hing Kong = China = CHINESE?? lol... =D

Anyway, heres some few snaps of the restaurant.. and also the auntie working there.. Hehehhe~

AND ME AND MY FRIEND, of course..

I wudnt wanna waste any golden opportunity to show off right? I guess everybody know, i have a strong LUST towards camwhoring.. =D

( Lulu, dun say anything.. U oso wat??? Hhehehehe~~ )

( u know u can always click the picture to enlarge it.. =p )

Then after eating, ( and boy, i was soo full to the brim.. haha ) Managed to buy a new shirt from Padini, hehe~ Well, shopping is my privilige!! U cant seperate between me and my shopping craze!! Hehehhe~

Hurm.. Right after brunch and shopping, walked.. WALKED!! ( just saying it now reminds me of the tortured moments walking thru Penang..) Oh yeah, did i mention? Penang is sooooo hot!! I wish it snowed or something.. Hahahah!! >.<


Me at the Acheh Masjid thing-ama-jig..??

The busy roads at Georgetown..

Of modernity and tradition.. Suuueeeetttt!! <3

Georgetown's city model.. :p Its sooo small!! >.<

The preservation of old buildings in Georgetown..

Me and Desmond..

The beca; Oh i sooo wanna ride on one!!

The ancient ATM; and it worked!! I withdrew RM1000 from it.. =D

Me in front of the big oak-wood door of the "bank"..

Soo many monuments like this in Georgie-Town.. =)

At the playground!! Sooo much fun!!!

"Scrubs the floor, u scroogers!! Oye oye!! "
( please refer to the middle pic.. ;p )

Okaaaaaayyyyy!!! This is all, for now...

End of Part 1 ( It means Day 1 basically... ) be continued...

A Step Back to The Old School.. =D

Well, for my own life convenience, i'm reverting my blog-skin to the old EASY MEASY one.. hahaha~ Dats soo like me, always doing things the Roz-way; errr... Ummm.. Its more like, the EASY way.. hahahha~ Well, guess dats one new thing u knw about me.. Wahahahah!! =D

p/s : i luv my big eyes.. =

Everybody : T____________T ' ( Roz u sooo vain!! )

Wednesday, July 9, 2008



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