Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Few hours before i start working and im at hum, waiting for Anne.. Hehehhe~ Shes goin to send me to work.. =)

But seriously, i cant just help but noticing tat theres a platoon of ants.. red ants.. AAAh seriously, not the big ants, just the tiny miny ittle ants.. =) Workers ants, as i call it.. i guess.. T.T Anyway, theres been quite a few numbers of em' now in the house... Im sssoooooo flustered!! Why are they here??? Where did they come from?? wat do they want??? Arrrggghhh!!!! Sooo annoying!!!!!!!

Hurm... I need some help!! HELP ME GET RID OF THESE ANTS!! ITS SOOO ANNOYING!!! AAArrrggghhh!! 

Ummm.. wat else?? Ooooo its hot today but the skys looking sooooooo gloomy... is it goin to rain?? When?? Wuuuuuuuuu~~

"Rain rain come now.
errrr... come now and splash some... water on the earth?"

Hahahahha~ Just joking, but i like it when it rains... Soooo cold... perfect for sleeping ( nap ) and hugging and hot choco and nice movies and and.....ummm.... wateveaaaaaaa... =)

Pooooo Pooo!! Bye!!

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