Tuesday, July 15, 2008

cont'd.. Part 2~ =)

Hye again.. Hehe~ Okay, since its already late at night, and im sooooo tired, i'll just do a short entry.. hehe~

Okay, in continuation of the last blog.. Hurm...

So, its Day 2~ Hahahah!!


Woke up early, and went for breakfast at this Chinese restaurant, somewhere in Georgetown.. Hurm...

And, you do know PROBLEM and MISUNDERSTANdINGS is something that i cant really avoid, no matter how hard i try.. =)

And now, some of the problems and misunderstandings includes :

Language barrier
"people kept speaking Hokkien/Mandarin to me, thinking i was Chinese, and dis always leave me dumbstruck, and always, ALWAYS feeling very stupid for not learning the language.." >.<

My Chinese Inheritance
"people mistook me a lot, as Chinese... and some people mistook me as an INDONESIAN!! Golly!! Dats sooo.. umm.. well, its cool to be an Indon people too.. =) To tell u d truth, i dun really mind.. Wahahah!!"

Food!! FOOODDDD!!! * roaaarrrrrr *
"all those Chinese people there serves PORK!! PORK PORK PORK everywhere!!! Man!!!!! Cant they live without it?? Okay, i have to admit, i simply luv, ummm.. NO!! I CRAVE FOR CHINESE FOOD!!! Don u just agree, Chinese cooking are one of the best? Hehehhe~ And the fact that they serve pork, haizzzz.... Cant eat anything lo, just telan air liur one.. >.< "

* Lemme cool down from the bad memories.. Haiz.. Im soo sad, eating is one of my hobby...
( Somebody : Well, look at your size la!! )
( Roz : FCUK U!! AArrrrggghhhhh!! >.< ) ~~ Hahahahha~~ Well, after the fully dilemma-tic breakfast, went to visit the Chinese Temple.. ( Okay im nt trying to be racist here, but i cant help but rolling my eyes here.. hahah~ ) Had lots of fun, errr.. i guesss.. =) Actually,just had lots of fun taking picturessssss.. Heeeeeee~~ =) Its VAIN TIME!!!!

Cool huh? The mandala.. ~

Meditating~ Ummmmmm..~~

Big big KISS ofr big big Kitty~ Muaaahhh~

The air is sooo fresh, but its way too hot~ >.<
Wooaaa~ Big fan~ ( bought it cause its too hot.. need it to cool myself~ )

Me and Desmond.. =)

Big big Onion~ =D

Anyway, okaaaayyyy... Because of popular demand~ ( Cheewaaaahhh~ ! =D ) Im blogging about a restaurant.. ummm... SCRATCH DAT!! its a cafe but its ssooooooo cute!! Weeeheee!! U see why in just a moment..

" If u luv to eat in the loo, u'll like this cafe.. "

In just a moment.... =)

Tadaaaa!! Its the ToiletBowl Cafe!!

Cool eh? Theres sooo many choices of toilet bowls!! Muahahah!!

The table.. On top of a washing basin~ Hehehe~

Me~ Hahaha~

My sweet sweet treats~ for RM7.90.. Hurm.. Was it worth it? Well, for me, ok-ok lah~ U know we Malaysian mah, all oso ok lar~ hehe~ But hey, im sooo luving the strawberry sauce.. Hehehe~

( i guess the people working there r rookies after all, saw em' doing my ice cream while looking at the menu.. Hahaha~ )

Hehehe~ Okay... End of Part 2~

to be continued..... ( i need to sleep.. im working tomorrow~ )

Nite nite~

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