Wednesday, December 26, 2007

14th December 2007~

*Since i've been internet-less for the past few weeks staying at my unca's house, i can ony post all my blog nw~ hehehe~~

Okay.. Today is the 14th of December 2007, Friday.. Hurm… Since my aunt (Aunt Shab) got the day off work, she and my another aunt, and my grandma(mother side’~) along with the children decided to prowl* around KL today.. Hahhaha.. Naturally I wud join them but since I still have some “important” work to do, I stayed at hum… ALONE!! Hahaha… Soo nice to have my ultimate privacy all-alone-in-one-day again.. Hheheh.. Oh did I mention? My uncle went to work so the house is completely EMPTY, except for me and…. Errr…. I am alone, right? Or is there? Haahha~ never mind… no need to give that much thought~ hurm~

And, I was like, u know, asked my aunt to buy me a new set of ecco pigments pen set, the 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 set.. I even gave her the casing so she would be able to recognize the pen.. And after they “set sail” for Mid Valley (its around KL sumwhere.. dats all I knw.. haha~) I started to jump and smile broadly~ aaaahhhh… feeling soo uncontrollably content to myself.. mmmmmmmm… wat did I do.. I remembered doin some guy stuff and eat and watch some dramas and some homework and eat and… errr… so many la! Oh! And I save the laundry from being devastatingly wet due to heavy rain.. hahah~ I ran down the stair like hell just to save it in the nick of time. Hahah~ FYI, ITS BEEN RAINING LIKE HELL FOR THE PAST ONE WEEKS!! Its so hard just to dry ur clothes.. and the dobby is so far away so I dun really wanna trouble myself to walk there and send it myself. Damn~

But u knw the best part of staying at hum alone? The chance to sleep without disturbance.. u knw this house is full of pests! Pests as in little kids! I dun mind mikail, hes a baby, and of course, baby cries a lot. It’s the children I hate.. they made so much noise, it irritates me so much.. well, I can lose my temper here over some little kids, tat wud be unethical… and I do dun wanna loose my pride and face.. hahah~ and wat would my aunts think if I scold their children? I love children, no doubt about that, but, I love the one with class.. one that wudnt walk around and say rude things, one that wudnt walk around without clothes, one that wudnt eat on the floor and spill all their food everywhere, because I believe that is BARBARIC and they dun get much attention and soo poorly educated by their parents.. HUMPH!!!! I feel soo ever comfy with kids that behaves properly, or simply said, a well educated kids…heheh~ im soo picky~ so vain~ hahah~ well, gud if u know now~

And to prove just strong is the relationship between uneducated children with their parents, this is how.. remember I mentioned above that I asked my aunt to buy me the Ecco Pigment pen, well, she cant find it.. u know why?? Her answer really amuses me, soo much that I think she din even use quarter of her brains!! U know wat? I wanna ask this.. where would u buy a pen??? Even a kindergartener can answer this.. Tell u this, I u can anwer this question, I’ll give u ten bucks.. ahaha~ okay.. jeng jeng jeng~ this is her reason why she din buy me the pen… She said, “we cant find the pen.. even the worker there dono where its up for sale…” and u know where she looked for it?? In TOYS’R’US STORE!!! Practically a store specializing in gifts and toys!! How amazingly….. Grrrrrr!! Sorry I have to refrain myself from using the ‘S’ word.. Damn!! Who ever would buy pen in a toy shop??? My god!!! I feel like laughing but, I feel like shouting too! Gosh.. I guess this explains why her children looks sooo amazingly bizarre and barbaric!! Hehehe~ I hope none of my family member reads dis.. I be dead… super dead.. haha~ but, hey, Im just telling the truth.. hehehe~ this people… I mean.. this kind of people.. dang~ and u know, my aunt, she speaks soo much, u know, like the auntie auntie type who just dunno when to keep their mouth shut! She ould talk about everything, I men almost everything, even tho u din reply her.. its amazing how funny and hilarious stories she told me just bore me even more.. she shud be put to personality school or something, so she can be better.. hahah~ gosh… dat was harsh, I think. Hehehe~

Hurm… as much as I am disturbed by the thoughts of goin back for semester 2 in LimKokWing, I do look forward to it.. hurm…. And u knw wat, I discovered so much there; discovered things about myself, the people around me, my abilities, capabilities etc etc.. hurm… and u knw wat, I miss my frenz… Daniel, chris, foong, anne, Catherine, carrol, jenna, kim!!!!!!! And boqiang, I guess… hurm~ well, I dunno now.. shud I continue my “affair” with tat person? Hahaha~~ or shud I not? Well, we haven’t really speak about it.. hurm…. Hahaha!!! And wat chris told me bugs me, once in a while.. he said, “I dun wanna hide anymore,,,” wow! That’s very strong words… it struck me sooo deep into my head like a sudden lightning bolt, striking me and blast me into smithereens! Hahah~ sorry, im nt making sense here.. heeh~ ooooo… I miss chris~ sarguil, and yoda n krish~ wonder hw r they nw~ wonder if they feed yoda. Ahahha~ stupid housemates… hehhe~ but they’re the besh!!!! Hehhe~ I love them, eventho I rarely speaks to em’.. heheh~ dats just being typical me.. hahah~ hurm.. I wonder how is it feel living with Daniel, chris n boqiang under one roof? Heheh~ well, sorry! Im taking the master bed!!! Alone!! I wont share!! No way!! Ehehhe~ I have plans already on how to decorate my room! And for tat, I would need to make frequent trips to Ikea and some local furniture shops.. hehhe~ hurm.. shud I get a queen size bed of just a single bed? Hurm~~ and where d hell can I buy “tatami”? hurm……. So many questions oo… and I cant wait to get back to KK.. just a few days now.. hehhe~~ finally, I can meet and hug my long lost cat, chubby! And ben!! Yayyy!! Hurm…. So happy~ heheh~

I guess going back means new things too… I guess there wud be some new things awaiting for me.. heheh~ such as, new haircut and hair colour; which I might dose up a bit with some hi-lites.. heheh~ and new phone!! Yesss!!! And some new discoveries… heheh~ well, with a bit of luck tho. Hehhe~ and meeting frenz~~ Mr. Lim aka Hilary, Oliver, John and Alvin.. heheh~ meeting all ppl~ hehe~soo happy.. cant wait.. heheh~ oh oh oh!!! My driving license!! Damn~ soo scared… can I really pass the test? Hehehe~ I need more practice o~~ wuuuuuuuu~~~~

Ok la… so shit here no internet o~ cant online~ wuuuuuuuu~~~ no phone summore.. damn!!! Wuuuuu~~ I feel like living in Azkaban or something.. excluded from the outside world, just waiting in this damnation…. Wuuuuuu~~ but nevermind, only few days more till I go back KK.. hehehe~

Im out!!!!!

Hurray!!! Im out of Desaria’s clutches!! Hahahah~ NO MORE! Goodbye!! Sayoonara!! Asta La Vista!!! No more Desaria!!

Hahah.. I feel happy and content today.. Well, I checked out of Desaria Villa Condo!! Yayyyyyy!!! Now all I can say is, no more bad service, no more bad boring food, no more this, no more that, and no more blab bla… Hahhaah… But, good things always come with bad…bad things…. Goodbye to all my friends… Kim, Jenna, Carrol, Foong, Rameera, Ash, Nina, Chris, Krish, Sarguil, Stanley, Alex and Jerry, andYoda!! Everybody!!!! Im gonna miss u all!!!!!!! Wuuuuuuuuuu~~ *sniff..snifff…..*

Oooooo… That made me sad la…. Wuuuuuuu….. No good la like this, so sad.. Have to leave all my friends behind.. wor…… but, oh well… have to move on right? Dats just the way life is.. U just gotta keep movin on no matter how hard and painful it is.. Damn.. Why does doin the right thing is always the hardest??? Wuuuuu!!!

Oh well, when I was checking out.. Oh yeah, did I mention I only started packing all my things today??? As in TODAY!!! ALL MY STUFF?? Get it? Hhahaha.. And needless to say, I have a lot of stuff… Even when the warden came to my room to check if there are.. Well… kerosakan or wats d word?? Wuuuuuuu!!! Kill me!!!!! Well, hahah. Enough about that.. It only reminds me of my soooo poorly english language… wuuuu!!! So sad even more!! Okay, the warden exclaimed okay??? “Wahhh!! This all ur stuff ar?? Soo many! How u wan carry back o?” Hhahhaha.. I just sniggered cause me myself, I dun even have any answer for his question.. hahahha… I can only bring some back cause my uncle’s car is.. errr.. Rather small and there’s many passengers.. hahah~ so some of my… well, a lot of my stuff got left behind due to the limited space in the car’s bunker.. hurmmmm….. hope its ok la… even my toothbrush and shampoo got left behind!! Waaaa!!!! Sooo sad!!! Hate!!!

Oh okay.. Now im at my uncle house.. hurm. Well, meaning to say, for the next one.. or two weeks, I’d be living in a super malay lifestyle… well, fine by me.. No harms done right? Hehehehhe…. Yeah.. I guess so… tell me about it.. It’s a lifestyle I wish to avoid.. Why? Im trying my hard to live my Chinese side as much as I can, u know… where we eat early, meals with soup, and not only non-gravy meals and all.. Sigh… wat can I do? And I do miss all my stuff!!! Hope the other doesn’t disturb it, much! Hahahah~

Oh and damn!!! I eat so much today!! Sorry no pic… my witch of a mum still haven’t give me money yet for me to buy new phone.. I get the feeling that she wont ever give me money at all… really got the feeling that she will only buy me a new phone when I reach KK later.. Damn….like I said, I ate so much today. All my time today is filled with eating and eating and EATING!!!!! Damn!!! How d helL am I goin to get in shape nw?? Just in time for xmas!!!!! Damn!!!! No!!!!! NoOoOOoOOooOOoOOooooOO!!!! Noo! I wanna get thin!!! Hurm!!! How? Please help me!! Haha. Chewah!! No need la.. I can handle it A-Okay la! Hahaha…

Gosh!! I miss all my frenz!!! Chris! Daniel!!! Anne!!! Fong!! Catherine!! Kim!! Jenna!! RAMEERA!!! Wuuuuuuuuuu~~~ I miss u guys sooo much!!!! Where are u guys now? Enjoying ur holidays???? Wuuuu… hopefully can se u guys next sem la, if all of us can make it.. hehehe~ and I pray to God that I can make it, at least..hehehe~

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Okay.. Here i am(singing.. hehehe) Really la.. Today i did nothing at all.. Sienz.... Wat da hell? i really have no life! Cant wait to get back hometown la!!! i wanna see all my friends!!! Oh yeah, note to self...

Be more kurus la to impress ur friends!! hehehhe~

Right.. will do it willingly.. hehehhe~ need to kurus la... shit theres no scale here!!! can really measure.. hurm... hurm.... so boring~

oh and talked to mum, thru MSN!!! Wahhhh!! well, after i forced her la... never know she could be sooo saucy!! she sed something i never know she wud say.. hahahah!!! its as if, shes acting like a teenager, all of a sudden!! hahaha~ and most of the conversation involved about wats happening in the house and all... all sorts of stuff... But... But... she never loose her mother instinct.. kept advising me and all.. Oh God.. Miss Juwida is going to shred me into tiny little Rozan pieces! NEVER START A THESIS STATEMENT WITH A "BUT"!! Oh my god.. im soo sorry.. i forgot!!

Heheheh. about my phone (which was a kick in the ass).. She said this, "when u come back kk then will buy u a new phone"... Okayy!!! i mean, im coming back 17December and now is... errr... 4th of December.. Does she really know how much suffering and pain and tears is it not having a phone???????? And she even suggest i shud get a new number!!! My gosh!!!! Wat happen???? Wuuuuu... Dat made me so sad la~~~ why the hell i wanna change number? hehhe~ im sticking to my original number!!! 016-8352574!!!Remember it! heheh~

and dat night, chat with H Lim.. heheh... awwwwwwwwwwwww.... soo sweet.... he oso gt problems pulak, hahah... i tot hes, u knw.... strong, inside and outside, but hes... apparently a bit delicate oso la.. hehe~ awwwwwwwwwww......... ke ai'~~~ hahaah~

not until it was my turn.. hahah~ i saw his ( i hope u knw hu u are!!!) FS profile... and really, ma de.... gt really angry, i dunno because of wat... damn~~i feel wanting to smash something, u know...

"Ur being ur usual drama-queen again!!!"

"fuck u!! wat u know about me???? shut up!!!"

i gt soo angry and pissed off.. hahaha~sorry.. i tend to speak to myself.. hehehe~ and, just to calm myself, i let myself to be guided by H's advice... i thoroughly pour all my heart to him... telling all my problems and all.. hahaha~i think, something we shared.... the need to talk about our probs with other ppl.. heheh~ watever... i dun care... hurm..........

and, well, i do feel gud.. a bit.. heheh~so boring nw.. hehehe.. then i got this idea from H.. Hehehe.. maybe i shud get even with dat person!! Show him how much fun it is i have without him around!! wahlao!!! so cool!!! just ignore him and just have fun!!!! hahahah!!! i like tat idea already!! hehehe!!!!!!

yes!!! yes!!!!! dats wat im gonna do!! hahahah!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Not so much of a fiasco after all!!! Hahahah~

Hahahah.. Second attempt of cooking~

Venue : Foong's house
Time : somewhere before midnight; not too early, not too late
Food : last night leftovers; the Fiasco'.. hahaha~

Okay... im not giving up!!! im not a bad cook!! never!!!!! not in a million years!!!!! hahah.. so i was like, okay, i can do this! it just need some spices and salt and some of that and some of this, and it'll be edible!! pretty much edible, of course.. hahaha~

so, after countless try-outs and tasting and advice from Daniel, hey!! it turn out good, but.. still the overwhelming taste of tomato... ouch~~ and again, taken few snapshots.. hahah~ damn.. i dun have handphone now... dmn!!! cant take pictures!!!

Big happy smile now!!! hehehe~~~

taste gud, a bit.. hahaha~ better than last night tho'... hehehe€~~

but.. im still soooo bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jack a.k.a. Dinesh chat wif me... hey~~~ and chat wif Daniel!! knw wat? its his fcuking 18SX BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Wahlao!!! Happy Bday Daniel!!!!!!! heheheheh~~~ we party next sem ok?????? now enjoy ur holiday~ hahaah~~

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cooking Fiasco'~

Hahahah.. lemme start with this sentence...

Today was soo boring!!! Sooo boring even i cant find a word for it!! I did absolutely nothing!! Nothing at all~ Hahahah~ So i end up at Foong's house and watch all the movies cd that i have... Damn... I have no life... With very limited cash.. Dang~ That just add to my suffering here.. Hahahha..

So late at night, i start to feel hungry again, though against my will, but powered by my eagerness to try and cook; i finally managed to pull myself up and prepare a meal....





Which, like i say.. Is a complete fiasco.. Hahhaha~ (wish foong is here to help me cook, because i cant cook at all.. hehe) well, i intend to cook macaroni with the usual tomato sauce but... it became tomato soup instead!! Fcurk!!!! Wat the fcuk?? This wasnt supposed to happen!! i saw how foong cook it before this, and it was piece of cake!! What "secret ingredient" did she put inside??? Maybe this is a secret for women because they always do seem to be able to cook very nicely... Hurm... Could cooking really a womans' job?

Well, this is a few snapshots of my meal that.. this night, which i have n intention to eat at all!! its goin to the dumpster as soon as i finish this blog!! hahaha!!!

Macaroni and tomato sauce, with tomato dice and shreds of chicken fillet... yuck!!! wth!?!

Jut eating it makes me feel bad.. hehehe~

no!!! enough!!! after a few bite, i really cant take it anymore... damn. am i really a bad cook or what?? i need a maid!!!!!

heheheh~~ u wanna taste it?? hahah~

So, after that, i think i wont be cooking again for a while.. damn..... now, what shud i do huh?? so boring la.. and theres soo many fricking mosquitoes everywhere, keep scratching.. cant stop!! soo itchy!!! blast u mosquito!!! i think i just play pokemon la~ hehehe~~ see you all~~

miss all my fren!!! i miss u all!!! muah muah!! sleep tight tight ok???? muah muah!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hehe.. At Desaria's end..

Hurm.. Woke up quite late today, around 12.. hurm.. woke up with a start and start to surf d net then realized one thing..


So, the first thing i did (after bath n all), is holler Daniel and bugged him to join me to Cyberia and start looking for a house... Hurm... Well, then saw Bobo with all his things packed, ready to go back Batu Pahat.. Acting nonplusssed about it, im still pissed.. so, still din talk or look at him.. hurm...

then came dis moment, he asked me to help him to deliver his stuff to his frends house.. was a bit hesitated, well, dhur!!! in my mind was, "why do u talk to me?? im still angry with u!" but, in d end i helped him wit a very sour-looking face.. hurm... din even talk evenwhen we're in d lift.. shortly after coming out of d lift, straight away dart out living him.. hurm.. sorry, im still soo pissed.... hurm.... yea right...

so, like din even say gudbye to him.. hurm.. so wat? .............but do feel regret.. hurm... cant really explain why.......





after that, went to cyberia with daniel.. hurm... ate breaklunch at street mall!! was sooo gud!!!!hurm.. im moving to cyberia!!!!!!!!!!!


when reach cyberia hor, so nice le the environment... its like a park.... heheh~ fell in luv with it o... and d pool, so nice la..... but dun think its deep.. like very shallow one.. hurm~~~

but, nevermind its ok.. hheheheh...

and i dunno why, after dat me n daniel ended up in ioi, watching Hitman.. woaaaaa... so syok man!!! full of action, but then.. so predictable... its like, every movie nw uses d almost same idea.. hurm.. cant wait to watch Enchanted n Golden Compass tho.. hehhee~

Wonder if its any gud.. heheh~ den went back to desaria n wash clothes!!! Yayayyaya!!!! hehee~~

well, one thng for sure..

Its really gonna be he end for Desaria!!! Im moving to Cyberia!!! yayyyyyyyyy!!!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

hu r u?

i dun even know hu u are now... hu r u???

please dun make me hate u...

hu r u?

i dun even know hu u are now... hu r u???

please dun make me hate u...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hey.. Hurm.. Okay.. Hhaahha.. Nothing much to say... Its almost the end of semester.. Wow... How time flies.... Soo fast tat it seems just like yesterday tat i'm enrolled to this university college.. Hahahah.. Hurm.. Wat have i done, did all this time? Its soo blur.. Cant even think... Dun wanna reminisce about the past, it hurts so much.. feel like crying.. much have happened... i feel so sad n happy at the same time.. dun know how to express it... happy n sad n quirky things happened at the same time.. how.. why? i wonder if theres a significance between it.. just found out some disturbing facts.. dang~ why?? shud tat even happen~ hurm... figures... maybe i shudnt take myself for granted anymore.. gotta look myself from a different angle now.. hahah~ wow! dats something new.. huhuh~ hurm......... wondering~~ shud i attend de rikl facilitator meeting? well, its an easy way of getting money though, which i really need at the moment!!! dang!!!!!!!~~ hehehe~ hurm.. if dats d case, need to buy some new clothes... a formal clothes... hehehhe~~~ hurm!!! so shit!!! y shud i buy clothes dat i knw myself wont even use sooo frequently!!!! and shud i move away from desaria?? from dis fcuking limkokwing hostel????? arrrggghhhh!! too much thought running thru my mind like A to Z.... stop it!! i'll get old for sure!! arrrgghhh!! i wan my face to be wrinkle-free!! chewah~ if dats even possible~ hahahha~~~ k la... i wan mandi now.,.. see ya~~~ till then... muah muah~~~


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Best Buddy? or Best Foe? Heheheh~

Hurm.. Wat do u tink? Hahhaahh~

Tat was taken from Kenny Rogers at IOI, Puchong...

Too gud to be true eh? Hahaha~

Here's more~

And this was at Johnnys' at Alamanda, during buka puasa..


Soo fun le~

Was having so much fun blowing the steamboat.. hahah~

Ate so much... Soo full... Hurm..

Haiz.. Cost us RM150.19..


Nice eh??

Hehehe.. Site visit at Muzium Islam..

Officially Lim Kok Wing students' ony!!


Nice ka?

Oh ignore d two ppl at d background..

They serve ony as the background, no more!!

Tho they're also LKW student..




My first kiss`~

Okay~ My first kiss.. Deets'.. heheh~

- Desaria Villa Condo, Cyberjaya~
- at night...
- is an incidentally first kiss...
- was on da bed... hehe~
- was a French kiss!!! Dang!!!!
- At Tower C!!! (Oh my god! its gettng hot!!!)
- Made out after tat!! (dats so fcuking hot!!!)
- ~is a secret! hehehe~ (awww!! den why tell, u stupid loner mathafcuking brat????)

Dats all~ Nitez~

Fcuk!! I hate dis day!!!!

Okay was it me or is it tat everythng tat happnd today is soooo uncool n seems soo disastrously disaster????????? Man! It was chaos i tell u, chaos!! well, in a way it IS chaos! I fought wit my man, err... meaning to say, my best buddy (its nt wat u think it is, so shut ur mouth!) and d internet connection is way slow! hurm... dang!! hate dis so much!!! need i say tat the reason i fought wit him is because of a stupid simple stuff????? Dang!!! fcurk!!

well, ok.. i'll be starting using dis blog agen frm nw on, since d class blog is.. well... is soo yesterday! heeheh~

hurm.. dang~~~ i need u~~ (whoever u are, i hope u knw im talkin bout u~) i luv u so much~ just like i luv all d others too!!! i need u~~ please...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I hate nights~

Woah~ Night agen.. An endless cycle of darkness.. Dang.. I hate it.. I know some peeps like it and all, well i do like it too, in some way.. First, its very quiet and tranquil... Hehe~ Very relaxing... Away from the hustle and bustle of d day.. Sigh~ And its not soo hot.. Dang.. Hehe~ But i hate it cuz.. Errr... Topic sentence... Never start with a "but".. Heheheh~ The reason i kinda hating d nite iz.... Hrm... Its...hurm.... never mind...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

14th August '07

Okay.. so its now d 14th and yeah, I pretty much forgot about yesterday.. hehe.. to it and well, lots had happened ok? And, too much memory usage wud result in my brains’ dysfunctional and damage!! U wouldn’t want dat to happen to me, dun ya??? *winks winks*

Hehe~ todae I went back to Desaria quite late.. errr… near 6 something.. had work to do at d library.. setting d blog and d accounts everything for our English class.. huhuh~ erm…. Ok la.. made few changes and added in some html files and etc etc.. hehehe.. typical internet stuff… hurm.. nw dat I tink of it, I might even create a class forum.. huhuh~ xingshi wasn’t it? Hurm…… refer to darling then…. Huhuh~

Okay.. when I reach Desaria, I was beyond hungry, I was on d verge of pure peckishness!!! Hehe~ I tink “peckishness” iz a word Tho I dun knw wat it means.. I just assume it’s a state when somebody iz feeling very hungry to d max!! hahahahah!! Well, bought food from d Indian cafĂ© at d plaza and headed straight to my room…. Well, made a detour to d office and ask about d internet service and got a stupid meaningless lecture and explanation out of it from one of d staff der.. sigh~~~

Hurm…. Well, ate inside d room and took a bath after a short break.. hahah..~~ then wat happened.. hurm….. dang I miss my frenz…… wonder wat are they doing nw? are they still doing d same stupid things tat we always do together….. hurm…. Hahah~ dem soo much.. miss my cats a.k.a. lil’ bro, my sis, parents, and MY ROOM!!! I miss my pillow!!! Hahahaha~~ well, had an anime marathon in d nite ….. watch Mahoraba, an anime tat one of my many bestie gave me.. heheh~ well, I was on d last few episodes and its just kept going better and better!! Dang I luv dis anime *shed tear* hahahha~~ well, of cuz ders a sad part and ahhh, I get soo touchy-touchy feeling bout it! Derkkkkk!!!! Jokez!! Hahaahha~ well, enough with dat~ hurm… well, it’s a pretty good anime anyway… hahah~ (dang~ I keep repeating d word “well” as if theres no other word dat have d same meaning as dat.. hahhaha~)

Herm… and dat night theres another’ commotion but din quite bothered about it since im too engrossed in my anime.. hahaha~ and yeah, along d way, its becoming less bumpy and quite smooth.. hahaha~~wait.. wat am I talking about? Dang~ I guess im losing it… waaaaaaaaaa!! I dun even have d slightest clue anymore!!! Dang crap crap clap clap!! Hehehhe~ well, hahahaha~ and.. ad… and…….. and…………….. and…… arrrggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Arrgggghhhhhhh!!! I forgot!!!!!!!!! Dang I only remembered going to sleep at 2 something like dat after a conversation wif Aboudi~ hurm…….

Yeah~ dats all.. ahhahaha~~~~~

13th August '07

Hye~~ Okay on to todaes’ blog~ heheh~ well, todae right~to be specified, 13th august 2007.. hehe~ its very very fcukingly fcuking nasty, hideous, boring, pissing!! I’ve been cheeked at today by a so-called professional educator!! Okay!! Shit!! Dat really mad me angry and not in d mood for everyhting!! Humph~ well, just imagine la, I was just asking always the so-called professional educator for the power point presentation for extra reference, one dat I can refer anytime!! And guess wat she said??

Me : Hell. Excuse me, can I have d presentation just nw? (very politely, for those who knows
me shud be aware of my attitude and everything~~~)

Educator : No.. Why? Din u take d notes just nw?

Me : Yeah.. I did, but not entirely.. Can I have it as a reference then?

Educator : No.. Then if u din take d notes and just ask for d presentation, wats d use of u
going to lecture then?

Me : But…..

Educator : No..

That’s how it went, slightly tho’ most of the words the educator said to me iz all there~ I mean, ugh~ iz diz wat d kind of professionalism level the educator show us? Wats all d bullshit and crap dat they put on d brochures then? A promising good educator tat will help d student etc.. fcuk off lar!!!! Fcuk.. was soo damn pissed.. even my high school teacher never show dat kind of attitude… shit.. soo rude and.. ugh~~ beyond words of abuse!! Well let me tell u, u good for nothing, makan gaji only!! I always get wat I want, and when u dun give me wat I wants, hehe.. sorry to say.. ur engaging a war against me.. fine, u can just chuck me out of dis college, write a letter to my parents, write or complain me to d board, just do it!! I don care!!!!!!!! And to think tat I even wanna come here in d first place! My first choice was Taylors College!! I repeat, TAYLORS COLLEGE!!!!!!! Hehe~ right~ *sigh of relief* im all out.. dang, dat felt gud..

Ehem ehem… errr…. To all dat read dis blog up, sorry if u fell offended.. well, dis iz me.. I get mighty pissed and cranky if I dun get wat I want.. might even throw a fit or tantrum.. hehe.. sorry sowwy sowey~~~~ really, all I sed and mention above iz just wat i feel and wat Im trying to express.. huhu~ well, peeps do have d tendency to let everything slip over when their cranky side takes over.. huhuhuh~ just like me, theres no exception, tho my cranky side really do take over when I get pissed off.. hehehe~

For instance, when I fought with my bestie, I din talk to him ever since.. heheh~ quite typical drama-guy like.. huuhuh~ well, dats all for me getting angry todae.. for d time being, tho theres still a lot more to come.. bhahaha~~~

Durrrr… I’ll update later since nw I still dun have internet and all.. dang dis place…

Friday, August 10, 2007

Yes!!!! Yess!!

Hey~ Guess wat? agen~ hahaha~ im having a lappie soon~ i guess.. hehehe~~ dhurrr... i know, kinda boring blog entry and all.. hahahaah~~~ dats all~

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wat Can I Say More? Hehe~

Hye!! Hehehe!! Guess wat? am using my frenz lappie now cuz apparently i still don have my own lappie.. hahah~ wat a drag~ huhu~ errr.. wat else? Oh yeah, life soo far at LUCT iz quite gud.. made frenz with peeps from around d world!! Well, come on! Making frenz iz such a gud thing ok???? Oh and for those clueless peeps tat say, "what??' when i mention LUCT.. Hehe~ LUCT stands for LimKokWing University of Creative Tech'.. went der to further my studies in architectural.. hehehe.. and wat are d biggest shock tat i get todae? Heheh~ tat im nt d only La Sallian of my age here.. haha…. Met Melvindeer todae at d campus's plaza.. well, am I shocked-much?!? Hahahha~ apparently hes taking animation.. huhu~ well, dat a gud discoveries.. at least im not goin solo around here~ hehe~okay dats all for d gud part of d day~ hahahah!! Wei, don fret lah!! Theres more gud part~ and some bad parts la.. heehe~~right~

so last Monday nite, me, Abudi a.k.a. Abdullah and Emmad from Saudi Arab, and a guy, Ershad from Zambia went to Sunway Pyramid.. Well, Ershads d one who invited us.. hahh.. well, was quite ok tho dun feel too content about it.. well, I barely have time to buy anything!! They were walking too fast!! And only stop at certain store for less than a couple of minutes!!! I mean, hell! Iz dat enuf time to browse and buy anything? Dang these guys.. hahah~my type of strotting at a mall iz like to browse for every store and buy anything tat I want!! (well, s'long as I can afford it lah and hv considerable amount of cash during d tym.. hehe)well, above all, we had quite a gud time too.. ate kebab at one of d food booth around there.. ehehe.. Ershad treated us eventho' we refused over and over.. Mind u, d cashier was looking perplexed and confused and smiling at d same time.. dang.. dats a lot of expression.. hahaha~~ well, ended d night by a trip to Baskin n Robbins and bought ice cream.. well, buy ourselves la… aiyahhh.. u tink we all kena treat one arr? U go away la! Chewah!! Hehehe..took a picture… heheh.. Emmads, Ershad and dats me, wif d red shirt.. huhu~ (ps: I bought a double scoop ice crea while d others only single one.. ehehe.. im greedy! Way greedy! Heeheh~ well, d ice cream looks soooo sweet and nice and fluffy (?!?) sooo cute and sooo yummy!!! Hehehe~~ gotta have a double scoop or more but.. ehem ehem…….. if I eat too much, I'll be mega XXXL by d end of dis month.. hahahahha!! hehehe~

hey u know wat? (agen.. hhehe.. sowey.. I like dese phrase; agen.. heheh.. bear wif me.. huhu) my English class..(foundation English..) was.. err… iz very good!! Heheh.. realy really enjoyed it very much~ our lecturer, Hey-Yoh Mrs/Miss Juwidah iz very cool~ hahaha~ (ps: if anyone read dis and gets all quirky and stuff, hey, relax.. im just expressing my thoughts.. hahha.. no harm rite? Hehe.. OH AND IM NOT SUCKING UP TO HER!! Its just dat I enjoyed her class… hehe)heheh~ well, english class has been d only class tat i tink i can shine out one.. hihihuihihhhihihi~~ pity me for being dat way~ haahah~ hurm.. well, guess theres nothing much to say tho' but herll!! i do need a lappie on my own~ we have a project coming up and yeah, it needs a lappie to get it down.. and i havent check my friendster for a while!! oooo sooo sad!!!! like when im still at d mercy of my parents, chewah!! i used to log on to d internet for hours and hours and not even feeling tired, hungry, etc etc or having backache~ haahah~~ i need internet to survive~ huhu~

hey last night, erm.. was a wednesday night, 8th of august.. something weird happened. d whole desaria condo was in an absolute uproar.. in d midst of the black dark chilly scary night~ heheh~ i dunno wat happened tho'.. was watching anime "Mahoraba" tat imy fren gave me beforo coming to LUCT.. Yay!! few episodes left and its finish! heheheh~~ well, thisz wat happened.. while i was happily watching d anime, heard peeps screaming, shouting, barking, shrieking, etc etc from outside.. when i opened d window, woaaaaa~~~~~ saw peeps from all Tower A,B and C was outside on their balcony and shouting~ well, to be short, making noise.. hell, how do i knw wats happening... went out to ask my housemate about it, but hes having no clue as well. dang`~~~ and dats wat happened.. peeps started to cheer and throwing stuff to d pool and all.. wow.. iz diz college life? i mean, its kinda wild and all but its fun along d way.. hahaha~ never experience dis kind of things before.. hahaha~ was a brand new xciting exp for me.. hehehe~~ and some peeps start burning something (like a flamethrower that~ dunno how dey do tat~ hahaha) some peeps threw water and all... shit~ i got hit by d falling water.. curses!!!! the water better be clean or im lodging a report!!!!! hehehehe~~

k.. dats all... dang~~ really really really wish can blog quite often.. ehehheh~~ and its hard not to have my own lappie~~ wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~

Thursday, August 2, 2007


oh my god!!!! crap crap!!!! crap!!! i hate dis school!!! errr... well, i like it but!! arrrgghhhhh!! i hate d library computers!!! d connection soo slow one!! like want to die only!! and i cant even access friendster coz its being blocked!!! shit!!!! i need a laptop!!!!!!!! laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!! laptop!!!!!!!!! Crap!!! and guess wat? i made new frenz.. my roommate dat turns out to be a guyy from Saudi Arabia.. Hehe~ hes ok, very nice.. offered me his extra bed sheet.. heheh~ funny guy tho'.. cant really speak english dat well but he's trying.. hehe~ he took english course here, at LUCT.. hehe~ he even told me tat its way lot cheaper here than his place.. owh~ figures.. hahaha`.. he introduced me to his arabian frenz last nite.. hurm.. they're ok tho a bit scruffy looking.. heheh~ sowey~~~ im not complaining.. much.. heheh~ and today iz d first class i had.. well, had a placement test instead.. urrr... quite flushed by it.. hopefully i can lulus la and get gud marks.. heheheheheh~~

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hey! Its soo much fun!!

Hey~ Today was quite exciting~ hahahha~~ well, nothing much~ just it’s a shopping spree day; agen~ heheh~ but today, in addition, my cousin, Eileen and my sis, along wif her friend a.k.a. classmate, Najiha, come along too.. Hurm.. as always, I bought a lot~ way lot of stuff.. hehe~

I bought a new belt from B.U.M. Equipment which I dearly ask my lil’ cousin to pick for me..

Me : Edgar, which u tink iz nice?

My cuz : I dunno.. I tink dis one (point to a sand coloured belt with matching buckle)

Me : (Shit! Tat was my first choice too!) Ok.. I oso like o.. Haha~

So I bought it without much question for RM25.90.. Hehe~ Lucky to get soo cheap one.. haha~ Then I treat my cuz some waffles from Daily Fresh.. ooo I forgot to mention, my aunt and her son, Edgar joint us for first few hours of the day and left after lunch..

Then, me and my cuz, Eileen went to KK Plaza to meet her friend, Elise while my sis and her friend “stray away” on their own.. Hehe~ Had lunch wif Eileen and Elise; whom later gave me a present for furthering my studies.. Oaawwwww… Soo nice.. Hehe~ And we dun even knw each other well.. Hehe~ Thanks Elise!! (if ur reading dis, Elise, thnks agen! ) hehe~

Then, after lunch, Elise went back hum while me and Eileen walked; rather fastly to Warisan Square back to search for my “lost sister”.. Hehe~ While waiting for them to come to us instead [after I shouted-calling her] went inside Warisan Square and started browsing every store in the vicinity.. Hehe~ Was soo fun tat I even forgot about my foot-ache~ hehe~ [iz der even such words? Hehe]

When finally teamed up with my sis, after a lot of cajoling and tears, chewah!! Went to Extreme Shop.. err… Billabong shop.. saw dis really kewl bag!! OoOoOooO~~ Im aching to buy it~ Hehe!~ But gotta buy new calculator cuz my sis unintentionally lost it at her school~

Me : Liza, wheres my calc? Really need to use..

Sis : Still wif frenz ar.. She sick, don come to school.. Dono when she go back school

Me : So troublesome ur frenz.. Give me her phone number.. I ask her myself..

Sis : No need lar! She give back oso dat!!

*after few days; my aunt called me*

Auntie : Roz, why Liza wan me buy her new calc? She sed to ganti urs one..

Me : What? I dono owh~ y? mine lost ka? She sed her frenz borrow~

Auntie : she told me she lost it at school~ maybe she scared bad at!

Me : WATTTT???? And I trusted her!! Dat girl ah, mau minta slap one!! Ah.. never mind
la.. sister oso..

Auntie : Don first.. I talk to her la..

Me : Ok la..

*when sis came back frm school*

Me : Liza, iz it true ah my calc hilang?

Sis : (rather timidly) yes.. I dono who took it.. I left in my class and disappear like tat!

Me : (sighed) never mind la.. u ganti balik dat..

Sis : ok..

Hehe.. Okay.. so all went well, we din even fought and I din have to give her my sis) my ultimate slap.. haha~ okay, so she replaced my calc.. tho I still have to add in some of my money so she wudnt be spending all her money for it.. hehe~

Calc 991Fx Casio = RM52

Sis money RM50 + My money RM2 = RM52 = Brand new calc!!

Hehe~~ And I even ask her to buy me a b’dae present frm Converse (since I bought her 3 b’dae present for her b’dae last 31st May).. she bought me a pencil,case, which I tink really nice one (can use while im at Lim Kok Wing) .. hehe~ Agen have to add my own money agen.. Sigh~~

Converse Pencil Case = RM26.90

Sis money RM20 + My money RM6.90 = RM26.90 = Brand new pencil case!!

Hahhaha!! I luv dis bro-sis business… Heheheheh~~ then, my cuz bought a pair of matching (matched valentines shirt) for RM23.90 at the Extreme Shop a.k.a. Billabong becoz theres a sale on it~ 70% wor!! The shirt was supposed to be RM75 but less 70% become RM23.90 (or somethng2.. im nt sure.. )heheh~~ and the shirt soo nice one..

Then I noticed, a guy tat looked kinda familiar smiled at me.. Trying to act cool, I smiled back without even knowing hu dat person iz!! Fyi, he came in with his gf~~ in case some of u had other idea.. heheh~ hurm.. why am I sooo short-term memory one oo? I tink hes frm La Salle,or iz he? Hehehe~~ sowey mysterious guy~

After tat, me, sis, sis frenz and cousin went to Daily Fresh Cp branch to claim my RM60 they still owed me.. To my dismay, its still nt ready yet, I mean d money.. Wat a drag!! Its been weeks!!!!! Hurm.. Met Evie, my frenz whom worked at Secret Recipe.. Hehe~ Had a wacky conversation and she joked around wif sis, sis frenz and cousin; becoz she, being a talkative person, likes to do.. hahah~~ ok la.. hurm..

Then went to B.U.M. Equipment and bought a set of new undies.. Heheheh~ Wei!! Hu in da world doesn’t need undies? U must be sooo crazy walking around without wearing one~ Huhuhu~~ Erm… Then, went to Wiser.. blab bla… Mum called.. Go back she say~ Me and dad waiting in front of Times Bookstore..

After sighing numerously, me and sis, bid goodbye to cousin Eileen (ooo! At this point, Najiha, sis frenz went back ody(tink it was before we go B.U.M. Equipment)) heheh~~ Cousin stays longer coz waiting for her bf to pick her up and send her back to college.. heheh~ Those love birds… They give me goosebumps! Aching!!!! Hehhehe~~

In d meantime, me and sis rushing to Times Bookstore… Brrooommmmmm~~~~ Walk past very intriguing and cool shops without even a single glance.. heheh~ well, time of being the essence.. heheh~

Went to dinner, went back hum.. and dats all der iz to it.. huhu~~

Sigh~ im beat~~~ sleep!!!!!!

p/s : need to buy billabong bag~~~~ wuuuuuuuu~~ sponsor me!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Guess wat? I went to IEC [somethng bout study study consultancy] and~~~~~~ after much talking with Jasmine [the peeps yg jaga der], my mum and dad, agreed to send me to Lim Kok Wing!! THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!! OMG~~ It was like, soo sudden.. Haha~ Neway, im late for it neway.. Class started on d 23rd o July and nw its d 27th~ Soo totally late~ Ewww~ Not to mention, embarrising.. Imagine i just pop up in d class, feeling very alien without a clue~ Hahah~ Gosh!! Gosh!!!!!!!!! I don knw wat to say! And i dun tink i have enuf time for proper goodbye to my frenz!!!!!! Wuuuuuuuu~~

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today.. Wat boredom~

So here i am, after National Service~ Sigh~ Been doing nothing [well, waiting for college application..] wont mention wat college tho' cuz still uncertain~ Hehe~ Anyway, let me tell about all d boring stuff i did everyday~ Since im stuck at hum, with nothing to do, i've been spending the wasted time by playing online game almost everyday~ Lets just say, d computer are never getting any rest when im at hum.. Hehe~ Aside frm just playing online game [and making my ass' bigger and flatter~ huhu~] i spent d day by goin shopping wif my closest palz~ Hehe~ Well, dats really one healthy exercise for me.. Hehe~ Tho i usually spent a lot more than wat i have bargained for.. Hehe~ Besides tat, went for a leisurely swimming at Sports Complex every now and then~ Hehe~ Kez~~

New Bloggie!!

Hey~~ Its a new bloggie for me~ Hahah! D old ones are missing in action~ Huhu~
*define MIA?*

Errr.... I lost d password and i forgot wat email i'd used~ Hehe~~ Does tat explain it all?? Ehem ehem.. Lemme say somethng.. A bloggie.. Its like an online diary [for some peeps like me who dont have a real diary cuz its really turning me off~ Haha~ and becoz my handwritings iz such a major catastrophe nowadays] hehe~ errr... wat else ar? i tink dats it for nw~

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