Friday, July 27, 2007


Guess wat? I went to IEC [somethng bout study study consultancy] and~~~~~~ after much talking with Jasmine [the peeps yg jaga der], my mum and dad, agreed to send me to Lim Kok Wing!! THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!! OMG~~ It was like, soo sudden.. Haha~ Neway, im late for it neway.. Class started on d 23rd o July and nw its d 27th~ Soo totally late~ Ewww~ Not to mention, embarrising.. Imagine i just pop up in d class, feeling very alien without a clue~ Hahah~ Gosh!! Gosh!!!!!!!!! I don knw wat to say! And i dun tink i have enuf time for proper goodbye to my frenz!!!!!! Wuuuuuuuu~~

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