Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today.. Wat boredom~

So here i am, after National Service~ Sigh~ Been doing nothing [well, waiting for college application..] wont mention wat college tho' cuz still uncertain~ Hehe~ Anyway, let me tell about all d boring stuff i did everyday~ Since im stuck at hum, with nothing to do, i've been spending the wasted time by playing online game almost everyday~ Lets just say, d computer are never getting any rest when im at hum.. Hehe~ Aside frm just playing online game [and making my ass' bigger and flatter~ huhu~] i spent d day by goin shopping wif my closest palz~ Hehe~ Well, dats really one healthy exercise for me.. Hehe~ Tho i usually spent a lot more than wat i have bargained for.. Hehe~ Besides tat, went for a leisurely swimming at Sports Complex every now and then~ Hehe~ Kez~~

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