Sunday, October 3, 2010

My feelings..

Racism still sucks..

People have been angry, paranoid, misunderstood for such a long long time till they're blinded..

Yes.. They're all blind.. ( those racist people.. I hate them.. )

Lines have been blurred between reality and what used to be..

Now there's hatred everywhere..

Though there are some places that aren't.. ^^

Troubles everywhere..

That's sad..

Malaysians and Malaysians..

Malaysians and Indonesians..

Sheesh people.. Isn't there enough trouble to begin with?

Can't we just get along???

And I wonder.. When and why does this problem starts again in the first place?

I don't know.. I forgot.. It's been too long..

I can't remember...............................


Some fellow people called me a traitor, and with other "silly" stuff..

Because I spoke my mind..

I said I hated them for the way they think..

Close-minded and primitive..

And I got all these silly notes..

They called me a stupid kid..

They called me with some more other silly remarks..


How nice eh?

Who is primitive and idiot, actually?

Me or them??? ( I won't mention them, but I only say they starts with an M and ends with a Y.. )

Sucks to "them"..

But Bravo to those who managed to break free from the racism cage...

Who managed to live side by side with other people..

Then I began to doubt.. What if I was wrong? 0.O


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