Sunday, October 3, 2010

My feelings..

Racism still sucks..

People have been angry, paranoid, misunderstood for such a long long time till they're blinded..

Yes.. They're all blind.. ( those racist people.. I hate them.. )

Lines have been blurred between reality and what used to be..

Now there's hatred everywhere..

Though there are some places that aren't.. ^^

Troubles everywhere..

That's sad..

Malaysians and Malaysians..

Malaysians and Indonesians..

Sheesh people.. Isn't there enough trouble to begin with?

Can't we just get along???

And I wonder.. When and why does this problem starts again in the first place?

I don't know.. I forgot.. It's been too long..

I can't remember...............................


Some fellow people called me a traitor, and with other "silly" stuff..

Because I spoke my mind..

I said I hated them for the way they think..

Close-minded and primitive..

And I got all these silly notes..

They called me a stupid kid..

They called me with some more other silly remarks..


How nice eh?

Who is primitive and idiot, actually?

Me or them??? ( I won't mention them, but I only say they starts with an M and ends with a Y.. )

Sucks to "them"..

But Bravo to those who managed to break free from the racism cage...

Who managed to live side by side with other people..

Then I began to doubt.. What if I was wrong? 0.O


3 Mini Croaks:

Prajakta Mali said...

racism shudnt be that way..we are humans..the supreme beings..and thats enough for our identity!!

keep writing :)

Ausdrucklos said...

When I read your post the first thing that came in my mind was the beginning of the movie "Departed".

A black man in the middle of a gang war in the suburbs of Boston was telling the reporter,"I don't know,they put hate in your heart".

You can never stop hatred but you can spread compassion,this world is big enough to fit in people irrespective of their color,caste,race and creed.

- AaRoz - said...

Thnks a lot fr reading, peeps.. =]

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