Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh Mighty Gods..

Should be sleeping by now, but instead..

I am searching fr Ancient Greece politics, socials and songs.. Gaaahhhh!!!

How would the gods communicate with the people? Or is there really Zeus, Hera, Persephone and such? I would want to meet them..

Oh Hera, you're so beautiful here.. I know its computer generated, but.. A man can dream right? Hahah..

Hermes??? Athena???? Nike??? Poseidon??? and a few thousands more..

I wanna visit their temple.. See their glorious day..

The Greeks.. Such interesting civilization..

Such wonders..

Does it really matters? Hehehe~

Aaaaa im tired..

Im ranting and complaining like crazy..


-off facing my assignments again.. no sleep today, i guess..-

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