Monday, August 2, 2010

Ooooo Soo HOT!!

During the 1month of a holiday in KK, my body have been attuned to the low heat weather of KK..

Now, I am back in Cyberjaya.. ( Oh bless the place, please.. )

I am sweating furiously!! Its wayyy too hot!!

Today marks my first day of class.. So I woke up, get ready and all and walked to the bus stop.. I knew this was going to happen, but fuck it.. I don't wanna travel around with an umbrella.. So uncool.. Hahaha.. Upon reaching the god-forsaken too-far of a bus stop-from my house, I was already sweating.. A lot..

Eeeeee!!!! All those happy moods about first day of class just swept away by my torrents of sweat.. Haha.. ( It wasnt that much actually, Im just being dramatic.. )

And the queue was long.. And it was freaking hot.. :(

Not so much of my idea of an ideal condition to attend class to.. Sigh..

I guess it'll take some tilme before I will get used to all these heat and sweat.. Bummer..

I wish I have a car.. T_T"

Right right?? Please wish it with me.. hahaha..

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