Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back.. ^^

Hvnt been updating fr ages nw, say fr like, 1month or mebe more eh? sory fr dat, din even crossed my mind ta blog.. nt even once.. sad eh? and i did promised myself to blog at least once a week.. geez, but ah well.. promises are made only to be broken aights? Only "good-looking" promises are to be kept, no matter hw hard or mar fan they are.. ^^

Hurm, so far ive been stucked in my humtown, Kota Kinabalu fr almost 2weeks nw.. been here since 2nd July and up till dat day till now, i hvnt done anythng but staying at hum doin nuthn and eating and surfing the net.. i knw, lucky ders internet eh? if nt, id be dead here.. T_T

been forcing me mum to rent me a car since both parents ( mum n dad.._ are using their cars and pretty much busy with their works and stuff, they hv no time to send me here and there and pick-me up and all..but she refused, saying its mar fan la, this la, that la.. cheh.. ketara wan kurung me at hum s i wont spend so much money.. heheh.. typical.. >_< haiz.. and OHHH!! i am so pissed off!! dad bought a new car!! and its nt fr me!! i mean like, wtf!?! ( fyi, he bought the new car fr his bizness partner to use in another place.. ) BULL!! Wat about me??? haiz.. so unfair.. Okay heres the thing, dad beens soo rich these few months, but hes soo stingy!! he doesnt even give me money!! ( ok, i lied, he did gave me like, 1k per month when im in KL fr my expenditure, and the rest frm me mum.. ) STINGY OLD MAN!! I can finish 1k in a few hours!! T_T

hurm, it seems dat my blog serves no other purposes but a place fr my rantings eh? hahah.. hurm, shud change my banner d.. >_< 上周我买ipod shuffle.. 哪个是很便宜了!三百三十九.. cheap or nt? hehe..  

can say tat this is my frst Ipod la, since i never invest money in this kind of thing b4.. and after purchasing em' i feel regret.. T_T i mean, i rely too much on my laptop more than anythng.. i realised dat ipod doesnt help much.. but anyway, its a good accessory la.. ^^ mine one is the silver 1, since the black doesnt really catch my eye.. or maybe because the guy tat attend to me dat day was wearing white therefore his apperance might hv clouded my judgemnt.. ^^

i wonder wat to do nw? i am sooo bored, stucked at hum with only the internet at my disposal.. T_T somebody come pick me up!!! haiz... >_______< hurry hurry b4 i die of boredom here!! and i hvnt been eating breakfast/lunch since like, forever!! haiz.. the maid doesnt cook me anythng!! T_T so grrrrr...!!! feel like shouting at her, but,. geez.. swt..

i cant wait to go bek KL.. Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!

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