Friday, October 31, 2008

Ooooh oooohh oooohhh Baby!

"i was humming Britney's new song while i'm writing this blog.. "

La la la ~ Oooh ooohh Baby~

To begin with, i am sincerely in a very very good mood!! Why??? tHeres a lot of reasons anyway, so i'll just list em up. hehe~

1. Ida and Tania got third place in the Amazing Race!! Way ta go gals!!

2. Tomorrow is Halloween's Day!! Yayyyy!! * Bitch, ur supposed to sambut Raya, nt Halloween!*

3. I've finished baking the muffins!! * does it taste good? *

4. I'm almost done with the deco!! * you sure? looks.. soo.. undone.. *

5. I started cooking again!! * yeah, and Farhan and Daniel gt stomachache after that! *

p/s : ignore the jealous person thats been commenting me back! He's a bastard!!

Anyway, i'm pretty psyched up for tomorrow cause its gonna be the first time i'll be officially celebrating Halloweens Day!! ANd on top of that, i planned and execute the party on my own!! With some help from my Daniel and Farhan!! Hehehhe~

So, anyway, the party tomorrow gonna be at 8pm on the 31st October 2008.. At my house at C2-4-2, Cyberia Condo, Cyberjaya!! Hehehe~

And remembr, those without costume will not be allowed to enter at any cost!! Humph!! Muahahahahah!!! Muaaaaaaahaaaahaaaa!! * cough.. uhuk uhuk!! oh xcuse me! *

Although all this stuff excites me, theres still fear in my heart.. Gosh!! What happens if these things doesnt work out?? What happens if it is a dope??? Waaaaa!!!!!!!

Well, we'll just see la.. heheh~ ( I'm out of idea on what to say.. gosh.. i'm a bad blogger.. )

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who doesn't Luv em'?

Yeah, i am talking about luv!!

I am talking about pets luv!!

I was surfing the net today when i stumbled upon this very very very cute video of a cat~ I mean, wow!! I'd kill to have this kind of cat!! It's sooo fricking cute with its huge eyes and sooo cotton-candy fluffy type.. Hehe~ So, i'll be placing the video here and of some other pets as a start of this post before going on to the real thing.. hehe~

And some cute Corgi.. hehe~

Like, how can you not love these animals?? Soo cute~ Which reminds me of my own pet.. =) Hold on, heres some few snapshots of all 3 of my pets.. hehe~

Sam the Siamese bitch.. ( Sam is a he, but he act like a stuck-up bitch~ )

Ben the Bitch!! ( Ben is also a he, but he's a SUPER scaredy-cat! )

Chubby the Rug! ( His fur is like a rug, so thick and so black.. haha~ )

Now, when i think about it back, these pets of mine are really special in their own way.. As they grow up with my family, they also became my family... Sam, Ben and Chubby became my little brother which we always took care of and luv em.. Well, they reward us back by scratching the sofa, breaking something while they're playing catch, brought back sumthng like birds or mouses tat they caught, and well, some other "cats" stuff.. haha~

Owww.. Miss them soo much.. Muah muah!! Luvs and hugs!! Heehe~

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bored bored bored!!

Nothing to do le~
* i wish i can be like this cat oo, just smile all day~ *

While working in Sushi King~ Hehe~

A Good Cry~

"I haven't had a good cry for such a long time already..."

I cried this morning while watching a Japanese movie...
It has been a while since i cried while watching something...
And mind you,
that always happened while i'm watching sad movies...
The movie was soo beautiful,
it made me cry a bucketful...
* lots and lots of laughing *
* p/s : and needless to say, crying feels good *
Love is such a wonderful thing,
But reality tends to steal everything from you!!!
Sad isn't it?
I guess that's why they say,
reality bites...

Author's note :

Okay i am not trying to act like a drama queen,
but i was always the boy that never have been afraid to show my emotions..
Weird, ain't it?
I would always think soo much and reminisce about everything~
And without fail,
still be sad and happy about it...
The things that happened in the past,
Would be brought back to live,
To be remembered,
Like it happened just the day before...

I watched Koizora; Love in the Sky...
While watching it,
I was deeply touched,
inside and out...
i wondered,
Does love like that exist somewhere in this world?
Can we lead a beautiful love life like that?
As innocent as theirs?
I sincerely hope soo.. :3

off with the touchy-touchy feelings!
While i was watching the movie,
and wiping my big fat tears off my cheek,
Daniel didn't even talked to me,
even though he saw me getting all emo and stuff..
Yikes, i feel so pathetic then..
Thanks, i guess...
For the respect of me own privacy...

Now back to reality,
More important things to awaits,
I am done for today...
So damn sleepy...
Need to zzzz~
Dream about something scary...
i guess this is it..
Good night!!


Thursday, October 23, 2008


Like fcuk man!!
Just when you thought that there would be no more new bitches in your life...
Then, just out of the blue, a new one came out of hiding from somewhere just next to you!!
I am soo pissed off!!
It's like, man..
What a turn-off..
Stop being a bitch!!
I have too many already at hand, and i do seriously do not need another one~
Well, at least all my current biches doesn't irritate me..
I luv all my current biches~
Unlike you, you starting to irritate me soo much!!
Stop messing with all my plans!
Just play along ok???
We've known for like, 1 and a half year already, and you surely would know my style by now..
* Provided that you are not blind, retard, etc etc la.. haiz.. *
I am a super happy-go-lucky person..
I made stupid BIG fun plans in a minute and expect them to work in my own little unique way!
I will try my best to make it happen!
I will never give up..
Even if you don't like it...
What do i have to care?
So just play along with it!
Stop giving comments!!
Stop!! Stop!!
Stop giving me the "eeeeeee"s and the "nooooooo" that you always give me~
Why do you act this way?
It's like, you're sooo narrow minded and almost boring, in a way..
I know i am a bit too childish..
At least i am having more fun than you are!
You little cooped up no-fun slowpoke!

( no pun what-so-ever intended in this post... If you are doubtful and have questions about it, please do ask me and i will answer them, with a very big smile on my face~ )

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with my N73 Nokia XpressMusic

Nokia? PARTAY???

Sounds like a good combination eh? You tell me, cause to me, it sounded scrumptiously delicious!!
I just got back from my "own" Halloween Party shopping at Alamanda, Putrajaya when i got this email from Nuffnang telling me about this Silent Halloween Partay at Borneo Baruk Club, KL~

My first impression was, WOW!! 2 PARTAY IN TWO DAYS!! Awesome!!!!
( Tough luck dude!! If only ur invited~ )

Which also means, twice as much as efforts~ Haiz.. I need two costumes then~ I planned to be a ( secret, to surprise my friends at my party~ ) so it won't fit to the Nuffnang's party but hey, i guess i could work it out, somehow.. I just have to fork out some cash from my almost-dry savings~

Haha~ Anyway, moving on to the "real thing", the Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween~ It's gonna be silent, and its gonna be Nokia XpressMusic all the way~ Its perfect to have it here, in this so-called "silent partay~ Why? Oh lemme tell you why???

Easy does it now~~ See wat i an? Its simply, soo easy to listen to ur music on-the-go!!

And now,

Roz's Sweet Guide to Nokia XPress Music

Step 1 : Press the little Music Button on ur Mobile
( Remember to press lightly, or it won't work~ Gottta show some luv to ur phone~ )

Step 2 : Choose ur songs from the lot and press play!! There you go!! Booogeeyy!!

Step 3 : Cam-whoring is a MUST!!

There's more but i seriously dun wan to let me readers puke and get sick~ No no!!

It's not Halloween yet.. >_^'

Till then~ Bye bye~~


It's 5.21am in the morning...
Feeling a bit sleepy already...
Well, i shud be in bed ages ago...
something occurred to me when i was surfing the Net...
Halloween is drawing near~
31st October and lemme tell you,
i am a fan of all these stuff...
Magic, witchcraft, cauldron, Harry Potter...
Name it,
u got it...
Which makes me thinking...
I want to host a Halloween Party too!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I've Got the "EYE"!!

Like wat i said, i have got the "eye"....
This Halloween only!! Muahahahaha!!!
Live on C2-3A-2, Cyberia!! May the biggest spooks win!!

Hehe, a day after the goin-clubbing-kind-of-celebration thingy, everythng went slow.. I mean, reaaaaaaaalllllllll sllloooooowwwwwwwww.... Its like watching plants growing~ Real slowww~

Well, not that i care, if dats wat u think..

Hurm.. This morning when i woke up, i woke up with a BOMM!!

My "eye" hurts soo much and it itches!! Really not a gud thng to wake up with, when ur expecting to wake up with the SUNSHINE on ur face, and birds chirping, and clear blue sky, and even rainbow and marshmellow all around!!!

* Hahah, lemme me crap a bit cause thats wat i do best.. =) *

Well, getting to the main point, when i woke up, my left eye were sooo red, i looked like a ghost!! And i still am!! Dang!!

Here is some pictures to make it easy for you to understand just how SERIOUS my problem was..

When i woke up it was dis "RED"!!

Later this day~
( i look cute? hahaah!!!!! )

On the verge of scratching!!

Did i gross u? hehe~ well, bear with me.. i had a terribly uncomfortable day today thanks to the "eye"!!! But hey, it does made me feel "powerfull" and "weak" in a way~


1. I can kill people with it and make them frighten them with the "eye"~

2. I can participate in a Halloween-costume contest and maybe, WIN!! Nyahaha~

3. I can't really look at my housemates straight to their eyes...

4. Had to cover my eyes everytime talking to people~

5. I still get to look super cute OKAY with the "eye"!!

Hehehe~ Okay, i'm off to put somethng ( medicine? somethng like eye-drops ) that Farhan gave me.. hehe~

Tata for now~~

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sweet Sin...

Sweet sin, or just plain sweet pleasure? U be the judge.. Hehe~

Went clubbing last night with some friends...

  • Me, of course!!!
  • Daniel,
  • Catherine,
  • Trisha,
  • Foong,
  • Nicholas...
At Bar Celona, Sunway Pyramid to just relax and let some steam off after a long day of doing assignments and some other stuff... Well, i am for one, not included in the doing assignment category because i was damn lazy and i practically have none!! =)

* Hoooraaaayyyy me!! *

Anyway, it was FAB!! Well, my first impression of Bar Celona is that it's sooo smoky! I mean, its soo smoky, its HOT!! And the music, woww.. It's way loud!!

Hey wait just a minute!! Why am i describing it like it was such a bad thing??? Awww...

Anyway, it was kinda okay la.. hehe~ no pun intended, okay?

I hardly dance ( if u can call shaking hips as dancing, then its okay.. )
Take note : Shakira~ Heheh~

Gosh, i'm soo embarrased! Heheh~

And we drank a lot, a lottttt!! And i din get drunk ( but i get kinda tipsy upon reaching home )

And on top of that, i got these huge icky sickening rashes all over my body the next day.. Huh, so predictable eh? Yea yea, i got these allergies towards liquor but that doesn't stop me from taking it.. Bad ol' me, i guess??

Anyway, i'm clueless to what i shud say but here's some few snapshots of me and my pals.. =)

Group Photo!

Trisha, me and Daniel~ ( cam-whoring~ )

More cam-whoring! haha~

Well, it was fun, in a nut shell.. =3

i get to know new friends and discover some new parts and sides of my friends.. hehe~ some people really let their hair down tonight and it was definitely a.. err.. let us shall not talk more on that.. hehe~

Back at hum, i was soo sleepy.. Slept the moment i placed my heavy head on the pillow~ huhu~

p/s : i got nasty rashes the next morning i woke up!! DAMN!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

~ Overslept ~

Overslept, again...

Never able to get rid of this sweet sin..

Or at least, in my point of view, it's a sin~~

A deadly sweet sin...

Please don't wake me up when i'm sleeping...

I'm only sleeping, nothing else...

People say i'm lazy and that i am crazy,

but i think it's them that are crazy!!!

Please don't spoil my day because i am miles away,

in my sweet dream...

But please do wake me up if i'm in a nightmare!!


Resource :

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Sad Touching Movie..~


so i was surfing the net for some pornographic "educational biology-related stuff",

i stumbled upon this video featuring cute Singaporean students acted out a short movie

in remembrance towards this guy; which i have clearly no idea on.. T_____________T

Anyway, the movie is about how ppl can't accept.. or was it because that guy was being too much

of a drama queen and everybody started rejecting him???


Well, you ppl shud watch it when u hv the time cause it was worth it...

Secretly, i fell for him... ( there's no hidden pun on this one, okay??? )

p/s : if ur nt used to watching bitchy god-damn drama queen show, then refrain urself from watching this movie.. =)

U have been warned.. There is no turning back k???

Hope u enjoyed it as much as i did..

~~~~ roz ~~~

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am soo wasted!!

Dang.. I am sooo wasted...

-end of blog-

Oh yeah, Selamat Hari Raya to all peeps out der.. Maaf Zahir dan Batin k?? =)

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