Thursday, October 23, 2008


Like fcuk man!!
Just when you thought that there would be no more new bitches in your life...
Then, just out of the blue, a new one came out of hiding from somewhere just next to you!!
I am soo pissed off!!
It's like, man..
What a turn-off..
Stop being a bitch!!
I have too many already at hand, and i do seriously do not need another one~
Well, at least all my current biches doesn't irritate me..
I luv all my current biches~
Unlike you, you starting to irritate me soo much!!
Stop messing with all my plans!
Just play along ok???
We've known for like, 1 and a half year already, and you surely would know my style by now..
* Provided that you are not blind, retard, etc etc la.. haiz.. *
I am a super happy-go-lucky person..
I made stupid BIG fun plans in a minute and expect them to work in my own little unique way!
I will try my best to make it happen!
I will never give up..
Even if you don't like it...
What do i have to care?
So just play along with it!
Stop giving comments!!
Stop!! Stop!!
Stop giving me the "eeeeeee"s and the "nooooooo" that you always give me~
Why do you act this way?
It's like, you're sooo narrow minded and almost boring, in a way..
I know i am a bit too childish..
At least i am having more fun than you are!
You little cooped up no-fun slowpoke!

( no pun what-so-ever intended in this post... If you are doubtful and have questions about it, please do ask me and i will answer them, with a very big smile on my face~ )

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