Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who doesn't Luv em'?

Yeah, i am talking about luv!!

I am talking about pets luv!!

I was surfing the net today when i stumbled upon this very very very cute video of a cat~ I mean, wow!! I'd kill to have this kind of cat!! It's sooo fricking cute with its huge eyes and sooo cotton-candy fluffy type.. Hehe~ So, i'll be placing the video here and of some other pets as a start of this post before going on to the real thing.. hehe~

And some cute Corgi.. hehe~

Like, how can you not love these animals?? Soo cute~ Which reminds me of my own pet.. =) Hold on, heres some few snapshots of all 3 of my pets.. hehe~

Sam the Siamese bitch.. ( Sam is a he, but he act like a stuck-up bitch~ )

Ben the Bitch!! ( Ben is also a he, but he's a SUPER scaredy-cat! )

Chubby the Rug! ( His fur is like a rug, so thick and so black.. haha~ )

Now, when i think about it back, these pets of mine are really special in their own way.. As they grow up with my family, they also became my family... Sam, Ben and Chubby became my little brother which we always took care of and luv em.. Well, they reward us back by scratching the sofa, breaking something while they're playing catch, brought back sumthng like birds or mouses tat they caught, and well, some other "cats" stuff.. haha~

Owww.. Miss them soo much.. Muah muah!! Luvs and hugs!! Heehe~

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