Sunday, October 19, 2008

I've Got the "EYE"!!

Like wat i said, i have got the "eye"....
This Halloween only!! Muahahahaha!!!
Live on C2-3A-2, Cyberia!! May the biggest spooks win!!

Hehe, a day after the goin-clubbing-kind-of-celebration thingy, everythng went slow.. I mean, reaaaaaaaalllllllll sllloooooowwwwwwwww.... Its like watching plants growing~ Real slowww~

Well, not that i care, if dats wat u think..

Hurm.. This morning when i woke up, i woke up with a BOMM!!

My "eye" hurts soo much and it itches!! Really not a gud thng to wake up with, when ur expecting to wake up with the SUNSHINE on ur face, and birds chirping, and clear blue sky, and even rainbow and marshmellow all around!!!

* Hahah, lemme me crap a bit cause thats wat i do best.. =) *

Well, getting to the main point, when i woke up, my left eye were sooo red, i looked like a ghost!! And i still am!! Dang!!

Here is some pictures to make it easy for you to understand just how SERIOUS my problem was..

When i woke up it was dis "RED"!!

Later this day~
( i look cute? hahaah!!!!! )

On the verge of scratching!!

Did i gross u? hehe~ well, bear with me.. i had a terribly uncomfortable day today thanks to the "eye"!!! But hey, it does made me feel "powerfull" and "weak" in a way~


1. I can kill people with it and make them frighten them with the "eye"~

2. I can participate in a Halloween-costume contest and maybe, WIN!! Nyahaha~

3. I can't really look at my housemates straight to their eyes...

4. Had to cover my eyes everytime talking to people~

5. I still get to look super cute OKAY with the "eye"!!

Hehehe~ Okay, i'm off to put somethng ( medicine? somethng like eye-drops ) that Farhan gave me.. hehe~

Tata for now~~

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