Friday, October 31, 2008

Ooooh oooohh oooohhh Baby!

"i was humming Britney's new song while i'm writing this blog.. "

La la la ~ Oooh ooohh Baby~

To begin with, i am sincerely in a very very good mood!! Why??? tHeres a lot of reasons anyway, so i'll just list em up. hehe~

1. Ida and Tania got third place in the Amazing Race!! Way ta go gals!!

2. Tomorrow is Halloween's Day!! Yayyyy!! * Bitch, ur supposed to sambut Raya, nt Halloween!*

3. I've finished baking the muffins!! * does it taste good? *

4. I'm almost done with the deco!! * you sure? looks.. soo.. undone.. *

5. I started cooking again!! * yeah, and Farhan and Daniel gt stomachache after that! *

p/s : ignore the jealous person thats been commenting me back! He's a bastard!!

Anyway, i'm pretty psyched up for tomorrow cause its gonna be the first time i'll be officially celebrating Halloweens Day!! ANd on top of that, i planned and execute the party on my own!! With some help from my Daniel and Farhan!! Hehehhe~

So, anyway, the party tomorrow gonna be at 8pm on the 31st October 2008.. At my house at C2-4-2, Cyberia Condo, Cyberjaya!! Hehehe~

And remembr, those without costume will not be allowed to enter at any cost!! Humph!! Muahahahahah!!! Muaaaaaaahaaaahaaaa!! * cough.. uhuk uhuk!! oh xcuse me! *

Although all this stuff excites me, theres still fear in my heart.. Gosh!! What happens if these things doesnt work out?? What happens if it is a dope??? Waaaaa!!!!!!!

Well, we'll just see la.. heheh~ ( I'm out of idea on what to say.. gosh.. i'm a bad blogger.. )

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