Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween partay!!

I mentioned about having a Halloween partay some time ago, right? Anyway, i just got the pictures today from Farhan so, here i am... Blogging.. Hehehe~

Let's start this blog with a picture of a welcoming altar that i have made for all the guests.. Hehehe~

Note : this altar wasn't finished yet when i took this picture.. Heheh.. I even made a voodoo doll and added some more creepy and gruesome effects such as "the witches brew".. =)

Note : Daniel created this brew so all thnks to him!! =) Salute!

So, anyway, i woke up real late that day, around 5pm, and the party was at 8PM!! Major spoiler! And i'm cooking some more!! Wahlao eh! I had to rush and prepare all the ingredient ( luckily i prepared the garlic and onion last night )

I prepared fried noodles, and just some fried sausages.. Simple and normal aight? We're students, and we luv to eat it "simple"!! Hahaha~ Simple as it seems, i took around 2 and a half hour preparing it, and by the time i finished cooking, its already 7.30pm and i still haven't got ready for the party!! Lol.. Took a quick bath and argue with Daniel on what to dress up yet, as Daniel too, seems to be at loss.. Hurm..

Too lazy to describe everythng, let's just skip to the cam-whoring part afterwards.. Hahaha.. Here's some pictures fr u to look at and laugh at and to bitch at~ =)

There's more pictures in my Facebok album.. so, here's d link.. PictuRes!!

Let's just say, everything went okay at the party.. Everybody had fun ( i wish.. if ders anyone din enjoy, please do tell me.. ) We all sat in front of the tv and watch a Thai horror movie, "Alone" tho in the end, they shud have named the movie "Together" instead.. Haha.. Realy had fun cause the movie session includes screaming, eating, laughing, talking, and more SCREAMING! Hehehe~ So fun.. This is another sweet moments that i will treasure always!!

Costumes? Haha.. Everybody puts on costume, except two.. My sister Jenna and my dear good good fren YenLing.. They wanted to stay alive rather than join us, the Dead.. Hahaha~

Jenna and Momo!!

Went to Chris's house after that.. and dats another different story.. Heheheheeh~~

Thanks guys, for coming and for a cool evening.. =)

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