Saturday, November 15, 2008

Malacca, here I WE come... =D

I went to Malacca yesterday ( Friday.. ) with my friend, Jonathan Ong from Nilai University College..

And like, ye yeaaaaa.. Had fun.. and had bad moments too.. Lol.. I wont elaborate more on that.. Haiz.. Im getting soo lazy now.. Arrrgghhh!!! !@@##@$#%%&^*^%^$@!@!!

Im gettng soo fcuked up lazy dat i am even lazy tto upload pictures here.. haiz.. i wonder wats wrng wif me.. heres a link to my Facebook's picture album for the Malacca trip.. comment if u please, ders no harms.. Hheheh..

And to sign off tonight, heres just 1 pic of me.. lol.. i knw, im lazy but i still manage to act vain!! Dhur.. Curses..

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