Friday, November 21, 2008

I am just so soo bored~


Name : Roz
Age : 19
Sex : Male
Hair Color : Black
Eye Color : DarkBrown
Race : Chinese-Malay a.k.a. Sino Kadazan.. weird huh?

Favorite. . .

Color(s) : Black, gray, blue?
Food : Sushi, Steamboats, spicy food, soups, SEAFOOD!! etc etc..
Drink : Milkshakes, iced tea, etc etc..
Television Show : Err, Amazing Race???
Movie : sumthng porno!! Lol!! No la, just joking ( so lame )..
Song : Soo many fav songs~
Artist : I just listen to their songs, dun hv any Fav' artists..
Place to be : Sumwer cold!! Like Canada...?
Pet : I used to hv lots of guppies and fightng fish, but they all died!! =(
Person : myself!! ( im vain, so.. )
Game :RPG!
Clothing brand/style : Errr, depends??

What do you want in the opposite sex?

Hair color : natural hair color.. =]
Eye color : any.. doesnt matter..
Tatoos : No way!
Peircings : as long as its acceptable.. =]
Body Type : Seriously?
Do they have to be rich? : depends.. =] haha!
Do they have to be popular? : dun care.. =]
Personality or Looks? : Personality rox!!

This or that?

Pepsi or Coke : Milkshake!!! wahahaha!
Vanilla or Chocolate : Vanilllaaaaeeeeee...
Black or White : Black...
Cats or Dogs : Both!!
Sink or Swim : BOTH!! Weeeee..
Lake or Ocean : Ocean.. ( if only ders no sun around.. hahah!! )
Night or Day : Night~
Half Full or Half Empty : Medium please..
Desktops or Laptops : Lappie..
Playstation or Xbox : Handphone.....?
Summer or Winter : WINTER!!!!!
Cold or Warm : COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ Im cold as an Ice-King ]
Cowboys or Indians : Cowboys! What'n tardation u doin der, slugger?
Lover or Fighter : Luver..
Car or Truck : Car..
Cup or Glass : Glass.. Cups is so last centuries!
Fork or Spoon : Spoon~
Walking or Running : Eh? depends?
The Fast or The Furious : Fas-ious...

What do you think of when I say. . .

Soup : Dumplings and wantans!
Heaven : Rose...
Hell : Red...
Cucumber : Burgers!
Salad : Cabbage!
Big Mac : Burgers!
Sexy : Sumthng.. =] hehehe~
Significant : [ = ]
Beautiful : smiles...
Rainbow : Meadow..
Cloud : Marshmellows!!

Do you or have you ever had. . .

A piercing : One on me ear..
A tattoo : Fake ones.. =]
A sibling : Yes, my bubbly sister..
Parents that are still together : Yeps yeps yeps!! =]
A husband/wife : Eh?
A child : no..
A really wild party while your parents were away? : no, ima a gud boy. Lolx!
An alcoholic beverage : yea!! take em regularly nw.. =]
A pet of your own : Yea, but they all dieeee...
A house of your own : a house where i live wif my homiesss.. =]
A car of your own : Nope..
An iPod : Grrrr...

Do you. . .

Smoke : no!!
Drink : yea..
Do drugs : NO WAY!!
Hug on the first date : Erm... Kinda??
Kiss on the first date : ------------ no comment.
'Do it' on the first date : ------------ no comment.
Shower Daily : Hell yeah!!!!
Brush your teeth daily : Yeah!
Keep your room clean : of cuz.. =]
Do all your homework : ------------ no comment.
Plan on going to college : Im in 1 nw.. =]

Do you believe in. . .

God/Heaven : YES
Satan/Hell : YES
Ghosts : YES
Aliens : ET~
Witches/wizards : YES
Magic : YES~
Big Foot/Sasquatch/Abominable Snowmen : Errr..?
The past life : kinda.. then explain de ja vu'..
Humanism : =]
Scienceology : =] ( i dun really get ths questions.. )
Hinduism : =]
Buddism : =]
Taoism : =]
Wiccaism : err, paganism? wat?? i dun get ths..


What's your middle name? : dun hv one.. =]
Have any Nicknames? : Roz-Zan
What is your favorite name? : Roz
What do you wish your name was? : Roz
What is your favorite season? : Winter
Do you drink alot of water? : I guess....?
Do you have a pet? : died..
Do you have a computer at your house? : Laptop...
Do you live in an apartment, house, trailor or other? : Condominium... =]
Favorite place to chill? : home..
Favorite place to visit? : Canada, wer its cold n stuff.. =] hehe~ or the Artic.. penguins and seels!
Ever have an imaginary friend? : no.. so childish..
If so, what was their name? : Mr. Ur not Real~
Ever eaten something really disgusting? : Yea... =]
Do you work out? : Errr.. stopped..
Have you ever gotten arrested? nope..
If so, for what? : nope..
Have you ever cheated on someone? : nope..
Has anyone ever cheated on you? : nope..
Have you ever kissed a stranger? : nope..
Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex? : yes..... ( long pause )
have you ever gotten drunk? : nope..
Could you ever be a vegitarian? : nope, but i luv vegan food.. =]
Can you sing? : fr meself..
Can you dance? : i guess..
Can you draw, paint, color well? : yeah. =] minus the colour part..
Do you have a job? : used too..
Do you like tape? : no, i prefer thumb tacx!
Do you like glue? : i live with Glue!!
Can you solve a Rubik's Cube? : nope..


Here's the deal: you can't answer any of these questions with words.
You can only use Smiley faces. Answer with an emotioncon you feel fits
as your answer. Make up your own smiley! :)

Hi, how is your day? =D
Do you like meeting new people? \(^~^)/
How do you feel about achohol? =l
Do you know how to drive? =)
How do you feel about roller coasters? \(^o^)/
Do you like little kids? =]
Did you sleep with a stuffed animal when you were littler? =______________="
Do you like school? '\(^___^)'>
How do you feel about plaid patterns? ( o.O )/'
Do you like Coca Cola? :S
Do you like scary movies? \(x___X)/'
How is your life as of right now? <'(^~')'\
Do you enjoy being alone? o_____________________________O"
Do you like the smell of hand sanitizer? >______^'
Do you believe in magic? -_____________________________X"
Do you like going to concerts? -____T"
Do you like cold weather?=D
What about warm weather? :(
Are you a crazy, outgoing person? =]
What does the future look like for you? '\(>__<)/'?
Do you like teamwork? =|
Are any parts of you sore right now? o.O
Do you like the color purple? : \
Do you like the summer? =(
Do you make wishes at 11:11? ('_~)'>
Do you like trying new things? (^~")
Do you like Mexican food? =\
How is your relationship between you and your family? :D
Do you like piercings? =)
What about tattoos? 0_0
Do you enjoy where you live? =)
Are you a little kid on the inside? : |
What about on the outside? ~_~
Do you like playing sports? =_T
Do you have a best friend? : )
How do you feel about our new president? LOL
Do you travel a lot? =[
Descirbe yourself in one emotioncon. ~!@#$%^&*()_+

so tired of all these questions!! i hv bettr thngs to do.. haiz...

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