Monday, November 10, 2008

It's gonna be a scary night!

Lol!! Just as the name implies, tonight is going to be one loooooooonnnnggggggg scary night!!

* gasp!! *

Why? Why? * i bet someone is gettng excited; if i'm nt mistaken, his name is.. roz.. Lol!! *

I'm spending the night at friend's house, and.. heehhe~~ Well, don start presuming things yet.. hehehe~ cause, yeah things might just get nasty.. cause, when i grow up, i wanna be DIRTY~~ Lol.. and i wanna be bad, cause i feel good when i'm bad!! Lol!! Does tat sounds weird? I bet it does.. Lol.. BUt, hey, it does made me feel good!! Lol!!

Anyway, without further ado, lemme tell you why tonight is gonna be scary and loooonnnnngggg!! Lol!! Frst, hehehe!! sleeping in one room, with two guys that.. err, well, comes frm different walks of life.. Lol.. One from Limkokwing University ( dats me, sincerely urs.. ), one dude from Taylor's College ( Nigel..? ) and one dude frm Nilai College ( dats Jonathan Ong! ) And, well, the thing is, as a guest, i just cant help but feel sympathy and feeling ahigh level of awkwardness!!!!!!! * ROAARRRRR * Why? Well, im sleeping on the bed whereas Jonathan and Nigel are sleeping on the floor; with no pading than just a single tiny miny quilt.. I mean, yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Dats so.. lol.. im just sooo.. hurm.. well, ders soo many words to describe it.. If i would've known it wud be like this, i wudnt have come at the frst place!! ( did i mention'd i forgt to bring my toothbrush along???? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Major corruption!! ) Okay, so dats about to sum up about the frst reason, lol.. tho it went as far as the.. like, 3rd reason ad? Lol!!

So, now d officially second reason!! Jeng jeng jeng!! C***s, dun be jealous!! Im gonna sleep in a room filled with hot guys and ders nothng u can do about it!! Lol!! So, stop pouting and just enjoy d show.. * i'll upload pictures later of my steamy experiences, so u better watch out!! * Lol!! dats a hint, i guess... with a very big hidden pun!! T____________________X"

And lastly, * oooo pls let it be last!! * i dun thnk im gonna sleep at all.. or maybe i'll sleep.. But at the chair maybe? I dunno why, but i still dun feel comfy sleeping on the bed while those two huge pricks are sleeping on the floor.. ( cause i really think this will make their butt smaller and more flat!! Lol.. see, i can be a good person la.. =] )

First prick : Nigel

Second prick : he moved after a while, smart bitch.. hehe~

AND DON GO AROUND SAYING THINGS LIKE; "Roz, u stupid ass!! Why din suggest puttng d mattress on the floor and share it with the other!!"

Well, i did, u nimcompoop!! <-- ( new word i learnt while reading some xxx magz.. lol!! just joking.. ) But Jonathan refused.. hurm.......... Arrrggghhh!! Major retardness!! Do u seriously wanna torture me like this??? I cant go on like this.. >_____X"

After much hustle and arguments, with loads of "awwwww", "nooooooo", "eeeeeeeeeee" and some of "ahhhhhhhhhh", and "ooooooooooooo".. * dats a lot of sound.. hehe.. * I ended sleeping on the bed whereas Jonathan and Nigel slept on the floor.. Ouchhh..

Hurm.. Then, dats wat i thought.. Its gona be a looong loong night.. Well, you see, i cant sleep dis way.. This thing is making me nervous and awkward and uncomfy.. Hurm.. >______<"

Can't wait for tomorrow.. I bet Nigel and Jonathan will have a very bad back-ache.. Haiz...

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