Sunday, November 16, 2008

Heavily Explicit Gay Content!

Sometimes, i really do wonder, who reads my blog? It's such a drag, not able to know who exactly ventures into your blog and not knowing who's your readers are.. * laugh *

So this time, i'm gonna post some things that is out of the ordinary ( for my case le.. ) and see what reaction i'll get.. Hurm.. Sounds weird? Well, let me tell you, i am weird.. =]

And, i also kinda thought of doing this kind-of-weird-post after visiting some blog ( i added his blog to my blogroll list liao.. ) So, here goes.. Hehehe~

Some pictures of hot boys and gals i found.. huhuh~ ( dun ask me wer i found em, its just nt ethical.. )

Okay, i knw this is.. sooo shocking.. im about to make a very sudden move and.. like.. gasp!!

Dun say i din warn you...

You really wanna look at it?? Pics of hot boys n gals???

Really???? Im nt about to take responsibility, ok???

Seriously?? U might break ur neck and get nose bleed!!! Noooo stoppp!!!!

Okay, so i guess, u really wanna see it.. Hhahah` ( nt like u have a choice anyway.. Lol )

Here you are!!

Okay, the pic is frm Manjam, and hes hot anyway, so.. might as well just publish him here.. Hurm.. Is this against the law??

Jessica Alba fr being one hot woman! =D

And now, i'd like to knw ur opinions.. Hehehhe~ I post a poll at the side of my blog.. Would really luv if u all wud answer it so i knw wat u all thnk of my blog.. Hehhehe~ I mean, i need to knw right? Knowing the truth is better than nt knowing at all..~

Till then,

-roz -

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