Monday, November 24, 2008

What a WASTE!?!

Today i was sooo fcuking pissseeeddd!! Arrggghhh!! Like, i woke up really late and cranky!! And my body was all aching and all!! Sigh.. Does it really have to end this way??? So like, anyway i went to Alamanda to look for a convertor for my keyboard's plug or cord or watever u call it in scientific term..

( Needless to remind, the weathers was being a bitch.. Soo hot!! )

And when i reached Alamanda, i was blessed by the breeze of an air-conditioned environment, which i thank God.. Sigh.. What a day, what a day.. ( till now.. hehe ) So lke anyway, i went and have brunch at The Chicken Rice Shop, the so called healthy food for the family.. Yea, Healthy my ass!!

When i entered the restaurant, it was quite busy, and its a mess.. So yea, i anticipated that i might nt be gettng the service and treatment like a King but yeah.. I was hungry and this just have to do.. Upon placing my big fat ass on the chair, i had to wait for like 5minutes before a waitress came hurriedly to my table and politely asked fr my orders..

After ordering, a Hong Kong Beef Noodle, bean curd Ipoh style and Soya Bean i continued and watched all the peoples in the restaurant eating like there's no tomorrow.. Hahaha.. Funny tho.. I mean, they din look side to side while eating; they're just concentrated on eatng and finishng the food.. Hahaha.. Funny.. Which made me think as well, did i do d same too?? Gosh.. I looked like barbaric then.. Sigh..

When my food arrived, yea, i ate slowly and trying as hard as i can not to loose my cool!! Hahaha.. I guess this is like, wat most LimKokWing people would do; u knw.. Being branded as rich kids and all.. Hahaha.. Rich kids my arse!!!! In the end, we be eating maggie mee too!! Lol..

So fast forward to the part where i paid my bill..


When i reached the counter, theres this one FAT BALD cashier.. He din say anythng to me and din even smiled at me.. So, i got pissed and did d same, nt smiling at him.. I handed him my order chit and he quickly punched the stuff in the register machine and then, out came the bill.. RM19.15.. I nearly screamed out loud, cause its quite expensive.. I mean, for that lowly kind of food to cost so much?? I was T_____T"-ing there.. And dat BALD FAT RUDE GUY still din smile at me! So i just chucked out a 5Onotes and just hand it to him harshly.. Errrrrrr, I was soo pissed!! And they even charge for their service tax!! WTF??? Wat service did they do??? Just sending my ffod to my table??? Fck!!! If dats d case, i might juts as well do it myself!!! Seriously, i prefer eating at Sushi King because there, you can see wat ur paying for!! Their service is waaay better than this stupid cock-restaturant!!! Grrrr... And before leaving, i feel inclined on filling their customers feedback and tell the managemnt of my unhappy dining experience in the restaurant.. Grrrrr!!!!!

So like, after that went ot the computer shop and ask em bout the convertor.. Which they replied tat theres nothng tat can be done.. Its either i come back to the shop to change my keyboard to a new one or just buy a new one!! Oh My God!! I feel like burstng now and then!! Soo furious!! Its like, aaaaa.. I feel like throwing my best bitch-attitude there and shout like one!! Sigh~~

In the end, i agreed to exchanging my keyboard, which means i have to come back anothr day and waste yet more valuable time.. Sigh!! Fuckotash!! <---Word learnt frm Farhan.. =D

Wandered around Alamanda, just to clear off my mind and guess who i stumbled upon?? Nancy!! Hahahhah~ Wat a coincidence.. And she told me she was hungry and went to Sushi King fr lunch.. Wow.. Lucky gal.. =] she even intro'd me to her cousin, which looks.. different than her.. I mean, the cousin looks more Chinese tho.. Sorry Nan.. =]

Went back and had a bitchy session wit Daniel.. Oh i miss u Bitch!! =]

Miss tat sumone too.. Hahahha.. =]

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NduTy_88 said...

ketemu nancy dan disuruh makan sushi king lagi yah..?
so you join them laah yaa..?

Makan ajaaah..!
but its oke lah,roz..
sehat kan yaaah..?!

Yap,cousin nancy memang look more chinese dari nancy..
dan aku akui ituh..
baiknya juga baikan nancy lho..!
It's TRUE..!

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