Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fcuking long survey!!!

1.Full name:Rozan Bin Mohd Eddy!
2.Birthday:4th July 1989~ My mum b'day is 4th July 1965~
3.School:LimKokWing University of Creative Design...
4.Residency:Cyberia, Cyberjaya, Selangor
5.Family:Dad, mum, lil' sis and Ben and Panda~
6.Physical appearances:Very big eyes, luscious lips, big ear lobe, kinda' fat, fairly fair skin, etc etc..
7.Personality:Vain, conceited, Bitchy, Stuck-up, Evil, Thick-skinned, Arrogant, Stubborn, Childish, Unreasonable, Bad~
(well, at least i think i am.. tee hee~ )
8.Good personalities:Childish.. :3
9.Bad qualities: -same as my personality.. hahah -
10.Hobbies:Chatting, Facebook-ing, day-dreaming, sleeping, lazing, teasing, flirting, reading magz and comics, laughing, smiling, and making plans~
13.Weight:Go figures!!!! ( i lost 2kg in 2days!! )
14.Blood type:Err, i forgot.. But its O sumthng.. Lol..
15.Shoe size:7-8...
16.Favourite genre of music: -Whatever-
17.Favourite singers:I still like Britney Spears! Lol~
18.Favourite season:I prefer Winter.. BUt at Malaysia, ders only Hot and Rainy and more hottttt!! T_______T"
19.Favourite food:Wow! I can go on for forever with this!
20.Places I want to go:Venice? Canada ( Vancouver.. *hint hint*), Thailand ( shopping ), Korea, Japan ( Shinjuku ) and Mauritius ( my sis n bro hometown.. :3 ) ...
21.My ideal lover: ... no comment...
22.My favourite worries as of now:Drawings.. Lol~
23.First love:Hurm.. Why dun u just ask first kiss?? Lol~
24.Alcohol tolerance:Yea, i can stand alcohol.. You'll need to give me lots n lots of alcohol if you wanna see me get drunk!
25.Drinking habits:Take it easy! And then, BOTTOMS UP!!! Lol~
26.Most important friends:There's no need to answer.. All my friends are soo precious!
27.Prized possesion:My familiesssss!!! <3<3<3<3<3
28.When I look the best:When i smile and open my big ol' eyes wide!
29.When I look sexiest:When i try to be sexy! Puurrrrr... Lol!
30.What's in your pocket:I don hv any pockets nw~
31.First time drinking:Last 4years Xmas...? I think?
32.Favourite colours:This is soo lame!
33.Thing you want from your significant other: Patience.. =)
34.Age when you want to get married:When the conditions fulfill'd!
35.What you do when you're home alone:Chatting, cleaning, etc etc~ Lots of stuff.. =)
37.Highest placement in school:I was the Minister of Internal Affair in La Salle for the Cabinets.. =)
38.Difference between men and women:Private part, attitude..
39.If you were born again,man or woman:A MAN!!!
40.What you think you were in your previous life:a kitten? Lol!
41.If the person you love cheated on you:Hurm.. Where's my katana? i need to slay someone!! Hiiiiiaaaaaakkkk!!!
42.Favourite show:Tea with Roz!! Lol~
43.What you want to do when it rains:huggies, and cuddling, and reading sumthng while sipping hot beverage..
44.If you were on a deserted island,what would you take: Umbrella, sunblock, satellite phone, food, water, guns, Tv, Astro, Laptop, Handphone, Ipod, Tent, pets, Clothes, shopping magazines, comics, lighter, etc etc.. =)
45.How many kids: kids?? where? ( get off ma proprty! Lol.. )
46.Who do you want to see the most:Errr.. Who ah? Any volunteer?
47.Fvaourite snacks:I'm cutting out the snacks now.. I need to loose some weight.. Lol!!
48.Allowance:Depends on mum's mood.. hehe~
49.Favourite restaurants:Err, Sushi King, etc etc..
50.To be dumped or you dump:Me doin the dumpin'!! Lol~ Nah, depends.. Hurm..
51.Why did you write the answer above to the question above: Because I have no idea?
52.what i want right now:A LIFE!
53.When do you think you've grown up:I'm already "grown" up.. Lol..
54.Country you wanna go to:Calm, bountiful, cold, where there's people using magic and Guardian Forces, where there are gardens that trains militant combat like Balamb Garden, etc etc.. =)
55.What you think bout other people:Hu are the "people"?
56.What would you do if you confess to a girl:"U sux.. I'm dumpin u fr a guy.. Lol!!!!!!!!!"
57.Place you want to go with your other:Other what?
58.Ideal vacation spot:Venice or Korea~ =)
59.Favourite tv show:"When will these questions end?"
60.I feel happy:when theres no more questions!!!
61.Most movie recent watched:Blair Witch Project!! =)
62.Movie watch with the most feeling:Koizora~ Uuuu, i tsk tsk tsk!!!
63.Could you marry someone else for the person you love: eh? then what's the point????
64.What you want to do for the person you love:-secrets-
65.I want to die when: Whenever, it is up to God...
66.You think you're a player:Yea, i play Pirate King Online, XDO Online.. therefore, i am a player..
67.If you found 100k on the road:Wahlao!!! * calls up frenz * Let's go SHOPPING NW!!
68.When you were most hurt:The end of semester 1..
69.I hate guys that are: -
70.I hate girls that are: -
71.If you were to become invisible:I'd go steal money from bank!! Lol!!!!
72.When someone makes you mad:"Ui, mau cari gaduh ka???" ( hey, u lookin fr a fight wif me!?! )
73.Favourite saying:".....i guess... "
74.If someone you met for the first time ask were to ask your phone number:Okay, so this is my number, don call at night okay???
76.First thing you do in the morning:Ughhh.. Sleepy.. *sleeps back*
77.The most important thing in the world:My family...
78.when you were happiest:lots of time.. =D
79.When you were saddest:Lots of time... =(
80.Does anyone hurt you before:Yea!!
82.Then:i stopped talking.. ignore..
83.So:Till now..
84.Define FAMILY:The gem in my life...
85.What are you planning for your future:I'm gonna stop procrastinating!! =)
86.Your afraid of:snakes! and commitments! *go away!! go away!!*
87.If your about to die now: ...
88.Would you consider plastic surgey:Im satisfied wit wat i hv nw..... i guess.. well, YEA!! Maybe i'll consider.. a bit.. heheh~
89.Who you wanna be:Roz!
90.Things you wanna do know:lots of things!!!!!!!
91.Most embarrasing moments:lol, a lot!!
92.You can:be me~
93.You can't:be purrr-fect!
94.You really hate it when:ppl says no!! Lol..
95.You'll judge a person by:.. hurm.. depends..
96.People mostly judge you:maybe? pls tell me tho..
97.3 words to describe yourself: u describe me then!
98.3 words of how people describe you:Idk~
99.Are you on a diet:Yea.. Lolx~
100.Last thing you want to say:U waste my time!! Arrrgghh!

Note : This is a very looong survey, so therefore i will not tag anybody.. Those who copy and fill this survey please tell me so i can read your answers.. Heheheh~


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