Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New pals!!

Today, whn i was doing nothing at all ( as usual... T_______T ) i received some new friends invitations from Farhans fren, Christine Awaloei, Nsa Nabila, and Yanuar Alfa Miranty, whom also attended my Halloween party!! You can just tell by the look on my face how excited and happy i was.. Hahahaha~

"No offense, but when they came to the party dat day, i only knw Christine.. And i have no idea at all who is Nsa Nabila and Yanuar.. But the thing is, they know MY NAME!!!!! I was sooooo embarrassed and hurt!! I mean, how d hell they know me and i dun knw them!! Felt so guilty!! and soo sad~ Haiz... Sorry k? Really reall am sorry fr being a thick mouthed bastard that cant even ask ur name and intro.. Sigh~ "

Anyway, take note, these gurls are soo friendly.. Hehhehe~ Take a look at my pictures in FB as proof.. =)Oh yea, ders one more gal in their gang, Saras!! SARAAAAASSSSS!!! Loe ngomong apaan sih??? Hehehehe~

And theres anothr "new friend" that i met today.. A Zedric from Canada, that added me in Facebook.. We chat for a while.. and the most shocking discovery???? * heartbeats goin faster and drum rolls!!! * He's 14!!!!!!!!! * Rooooaaaarrr*

And i tot he's older.. Haiz.. ( but seriously, i look younger right?? )

Hahaha.. It's exactly 2.22am now, and im wondering, wat the fuck am i dong here? still wide awake & all.. ( u just woke up, fcuker! u slept around 6pm today! nw get up and do sumthng worthwhile!! ) "Oh im soo hating you!! "

Well, at least im bloggng and waitng fr someone to come and chat wif me.. So, hehehe~ Im free nw.. * hint hint!! *

Till then or tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, and so on, tata~

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