Thursday, November 27, 2008

U Touched Me...

I can't really do produce nice blog...

But when people do make me feel nice,
I Heart em as much as I can...
Dats just the way I am...

I fall in luv easily,
and hate easily...
And i do hope this is nt just anothr phase of mine...

I dreamt of sumone blogging about me,
nt to just mention me,
but to write about me..
And you did,
of all the people..

Can u tell,
I'm happy?
I'd cry if I have to.. =]

Hw i wish the huge distance between us,
be turn upside down..
From being far to being close,
i'd snuggle with u nw.. <3

I'm sorry i din replied ur texts..
I was busy with my life and works..
I forgot other important things lke u..
I am really sorry..

Here to tell u dat i'm doing fine..
full wit emotions after reading ur post..
like never been touched before..
I'm glad..
I'm happy.. =]

- roz/**d -

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