Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Huge Weight Off d' Hook!

"Revenge is a dish best served cold"

But this has nothing to do with my blog post this time.. Well, only a bit.. =] If u can note the large amount of sarcasm and irritated tone... [ i dun mind being the girl in d pic.. Revenge is indeed, sweet.. ]

Just this day, i suffered critical mental blow that is soooo bad, it actually made me feel soo much better! Now, that i finally get "the answer" from him; the answer that we have all been wondering for such a long time, i can finally settle down and move on.. Hehehe~

Here, i'd like to express my sincerest gratitude to the following people who have been with me and advised me and giving me mental and morale boost!! ( ps : i luv u guys.. )

- Farhan
- Daniel
- Chris

( List from oldest to youngest.. hehe )

Anyway, it has been one whole semester already since we've talked; and on that "restraining period", never did we talked or looked at each other.. It's like, we are denying each others existence and hope that we never have met.. Hahahha~ Well, now, after the "crazy mission" last night, and i guess we kinda settled it once and for all, i can proudly say, GOOD RIDDANCE!! SAYOOONARA!! Asta La' Vista!!

And listen here, i am no longer embarrassed or feel awkward talking about you cause, practically, ur dead.. Ur not in my life-list now after what happened.. So, here's some pictures to make me feel amused and cheery.. Hahahha!!

Those swirly things.. err.. i tried to make them look like snivelling snakes, but.. Oh well~

Heheheh!! I luv my bitchy artwork!! Lol~

Take Note : My blog is for me to bitch about other people, to express my feelings and my life, and to blog everything under d sky and above the sky.. =D Neat eh?

Last night, when i came to talk'd to you, i thought i would cry, cause i was always soo touchy-touchy and sensitive, but.. I din even shed a single tear.. U just made me more.. mad.. Hahaha! i felt like, punching your head and ripping your work.. Lol.. Im soo evil.. Muahaha.. But who can blame me??? When i talked to you; like a big-ass idiot i were, u din even look at me!! You din even replied me! Hahaha! I mean, WTF??? I can take dat kind of treatment from a girl, but not you, you heartless man-bitch whore!

ps : i'll be more gentle with a girl.. i might kneel in front of her and bla bla bla..

Anyway, after that, yeah.. I was.. feel soo light-weight you knw.. Its like, a big dumbo have been taken off my back and i feel soo free.. Hhahahah~~ Now it's time for revenge ( err.. okay, so this post is about revenge after all.. )

Look, aint he a cutie??

Time for Bitching!! Lol!! ( tho i already did bitch around just nw.. heheh~ )

It feels nice nw, tho.. Now i dun have to hold back anymore.. "Time to move on" as Farhan had advised me.. Good goin, Far.. Thnks a lot.. =D

Err.. Well, i wish i can write more.. But its getting hotter'n'hell here!! Cant stand le.. And ima goin out to da bank for some cash $$$.. Lol~~ So i end me blog post here, and leave all of u wondering.. Wat d hell was this post all bout.. Cause i knw, the way i write is super confusing and winded.. I dunno why.. I guess i din applied all the things tat i learnt in my English class.. Thesis statement, bla bla.. Hurm, Soweeeyy Miss Juida.. ( but do note, ur still d best english lecturer i ever had!! )



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