Thursday, November 20, 2008

The End, of a Great Race!!

- My Life today -

Date : November 20th, 2008

Settings : Cyberia Condo, Cyberjaya

woke up... and slept back for like, few minutes before remmbered that i am seriously LATE!! I NEED TO CHAT WIF SUMBODY!!

started chatting.. cam-whored a bit.. haha~ Wondered wat time is it bek at Vancouver? Hurm..

Finished chattng and went to cook.. fried rice and some prawn wit chilli sauce.. Yum yum!!

went out to buy sum tit-bits for tonights event!! Ooooo, cant wait!! Weeee!!Bought some chips and a bottle of 7Up and Coke!! After came back from the mart, went chattng again.. and u knw wat?? A black guy frm US called me sweetie over n over again just because of my sweet smile!! I was like, eeeeeee... He gave me, like, continuous goosebumps!! Eeeeee!!!

p/s : my smiles can attract all types of ppl~ Hhahaha~

Pizzas that me, Farhan, Saras and Ran ordered arrived!! Eeeee, it looks like Fcuker pizza bek at Desaria, just slightly better tho.. huhuh~

Stationed ourselves in front of the tv; me, Saras, Farhan and Ran!! And when the opening music started rolling in, we were all sooo excited and squeel ( well, at least me and Saras did.. hahah )

Dissapointed!! Tania and Ida din win!! Rooooaarrrrr!!! Dats not fair!! But at least, Tisha and Geoff din win either so dat made me happy a bit.. Hahahha~ Im soo bad..

- The participants of TARA 3 -

- My fav team in TARA 3 - * U go gals!! Ur still my heroes eventho u lost! *

the rest of the night
just listening to music, and bade him bye bye ( went to school ) and just blogging and lying and day-dreamin night-dreaming and etc etc..

Conclusion :
I did nothing special!! Hhahaha~

- roz luvs u -

U knw u want me...
U knw u can't fight me...
U knw u can't find me anywhere...
U knw u can't forget me...
U knw i'm kidding right?

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