Sunday, September 21, 2008

Boredom Kills~

And it really does.......


Damn this day!! Damn!! Damn it all!! Its sooooo boring.. I had nothing to do but laze around on the couch and play my Harvest Moon game in my trustworthy... useful laptop.. Like i said, i had nothing, absolutely nothing to do.. And i can feel that Daniels' feeling the same too, cause he did nothing too but messing around with his newly unearthed online game wif his Mac~.. Hehe.. Its somethng like an online monopoly game, but theres a a catch, pea brain!! Its in chinese, so in any other words other than this; if u cant read chinese, then just give up this game FOREVER~ Cause theres no way for you to play it; or u can just imitate me playing it by just simply blindly clicking anythng and everythng went "POOF!!".. =)

Well, its sumthng like ths, but Daniels' game version is waaaayyyy more childish and cuter
( cause its in animation form and not in this matured-business-like tone )

Ohhhh, how i miss playing Monopoly.. i still remembered playing it wif my li' sis back home.. huhu~ And i know i cheated in some of the games just so i can own more buildings and $$$ from my sis.. Muahahha~ ( Take note, ur the eldest, so make use of ur power "elderly" power!! haha )

Okay, so back to the main topic.. Boredom kills.. So it kills okay.. when u have nothng to do, and its fasting month, dannggg~~ It really kills!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrggghhhhhhh~~~

Oh.. i chat wif Ezry for quite some time.. it cheered me up a bit.. thnks Ezry.. hehe.. Hearts and hugs!!


Roz... <3

Friday, September 19, 2008

The pic sez it all.. >.<

Time for a break, Enjoy the Tranquility~

It's soo beautiful it makes u wanna cry go O.o


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mooncakes Mooncakes!!

Yayyyy~~ Mooncakes Festival lai liao.. Woohoohoo~~ Time to celebrate again.. =)

As all Chinese shud know, and some of u non-Chinese dun knw, * okay, im not being Racist here cause i'm not.. * The mooncake festival are celebrated on the 14th September, which marks the start of the Chinese calendar.. And yayyy!! Here comes all those beautiful and colourful Chinese lanterns!! Weee... everythng will be soo merry and colourful.. Oh, its such a blessing!!

I call these, A LOT!! A L - O - T !!

UNFORTUNATELY unfortunate; Unlike last year, this years' Mooncake Festival are sooooo dissapointing.. I mean, yea i did bought alot of mooncakes and lanterns and planned out this and planned out that; but to no result.. I mean, on the day itself, theres nobody to celebrate it with except Daniel * just because he live in the same house as me.. =) *

Boo hoo.. bye bye lanterns!!

I was sooo sad, u knw.. After all the money spent and planning, and then this thing happened.. Okay, as a last minute palnning, Daniel suggested us having it at Cyberjaya Lake and have tea and stuff.. So we invited some frenz over, and once again our plan was thwarted because it was fcuking raining!!! Arrrgghhh!! So pissed..~~

Anyway, Hapy Mooncake Festival to everybody!! May the candles will always be lit and so does our spirits deep within... =)

Till then, Lift ur lantern up high and shout, " WHOOP WHOOP!!"

Oh yeah.. a fren of mine post me this thng.. its soo sweet~~ Its Roz's mooncake~~ =)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fishies Madness!!

Talking about fishes again, here i am.. Hahahha~ Well, bite me but i do think my there's super error with my last sentence.. Hahhaha~ Or maybe it's just dat it doesn't make any sense at all.. Hahhahah~

* dear dear me, i'm sooo humble to admit my own mistakes.. * T.T

Anyway, i'm sure all of you heard about the new kind of spa nowadays in this disturbingly disturbing modern world, which is the "Dr. Fish Spa".. Hehhehe~ The wonderful Dr. Fish is only a nickname to portray the miracle worker, which is the Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomus; or also known as the nibble fish, kangal fish or doctorfishen.. =)

The thing is, these fishes are usually bred at a spa and sauna areas, where they would feed on the skins of patients.. Not just any tupe of skins, okaaayyy~~ Seriously, you can't be that dumb dumb to assume i would feed my "skin" to the fishes~~ Hehehhe~ These fishes would eat

* munch munch *

your dead skin, leaving your new healthy skin to grow and grow and grow....!!

The thing is, while these friendly-fishes feast on your dead skin, you'll experience a strange sensation that feels somewhere between tickling and short electric shocks, and as time goes on, the shocks become harder. ( Trust me, it did.. the fish became sooooo sooo violent ) By the end of this treacherous tickling, your feet will be very smooth and relaxed. It's a truly symbiotic relationship. * hahaha, i mean, the fish gets their little stomach full while you get your feet to be smooth.. heheh *

And as luck, there was a fish-spa at the place i'm working at.. Cooooeeeyyyy, i mean,,, What a coincidence.. Hhehehe~ And i've been talking about going with Daniel, my housemate for ages now.. =) * take note, AGES!! A - G - E - S ! ! !

So that day, umm.. i forgot what day it was, i went to the fish-spa with my manager, Mrs. Zarina.. Hhehehe~ At first, yeah.. we did tremble upon sight of the fish.. There was a lot!!! I mean, a lot!!! Hahhaha~ Lemme show you some snapshots.. ehhehe~

My manager, Mrs. Zarina getting excited as hundreds and hundreds of Dr. Fish attacked her!!

Me, and the fishies~

Well, it was certainly a nice experience.. Hehehe~ And i do really can't wait for the next one.. Urmm.. Visit, i mean.. Hhehehe~ I want to do a whole body spa next!! Who's with me???

Okay.. End of Part 1.. Hhehehe~ There's a part 2, okaayyy!!

Part 2~

So i went to the fish-spa again, for the second time on the same day with my other Manager, Kak Syaza.. Hehhehe~ The thing is, theres two managers on duty at Sushi King Taman Equine.. Reason for this? Kak Syaza is still a "MIT which stands for Manager In Training".. Which means, she's still not a qualified manager..? Err... Is it.. Umm.. Hhahaha~ Dang, im not sure la~~

anyway, my "second" visit to the spa was more hilarious because there were other people there too.. Hehhehe~ ANd to top it all up, Kak Syaza have a very high high comical side.. =)

As i was already used to the tickling sensation from the fish, i straight away placed my feet into the pool, while Kak Syaza hesitated.. I mean, she really hesitated!! Heheheh~ Poor girl.. She practically screamed out loud because she can't handle the tickling.. hahahha~

And the Indian guy also swore.. Hahahah!! I'm not lying Well, i made it up, but i could have swore he swore.. Hhahaha~

Hehehehehe~ Well, wat a fun day la.. Hhehehe~ But it was bad after that.. I'm still working tat day anyway, and.. Haiz.. Tired... T.T

Okay, i'll end todays blog here..

Till then, tata..


Friday, September 5, 2008

Fasting frenzy...?

Wokeiii since i have nothng to do now i guess i'll blog.. hehe~ " clever right? "

Okay.. Haiz.. * wats with the sighing!?! * Its the fasting month!! The holy Ramadhan month.. Heheh.. its time to start tying a big-ol' rope on ur tummy and starve people!! Yea, u heard it right!! STARVE!! S-T-A-R-V-E PEOPLE!! Dats the point of fasting!! * laughing loudly in a crude way *

* Bitch!! stop dat!! Slaps Roz and runs away *

Owwww ok ok back to reality.. Hehehhe.. Anyway it has been few days of the "puasa" month and i have already been counting the days till i can say, "Yeaaaayyyyy!!! Hari Raya!! Balik kampung!!!" while floating........ Which wud bring me back to the ground with a loud "thud" sound in an instant.. Why? Hehe.. I'm not going back to my hometown this Raya, which is a bit HYPERLY HYPER sad.. The main reason is because.. i'm working in Sushi King for the time being till the start of my new semester, which falls around February 2009.. =)

next is because.. i.. urm... have a lot to do here? i guess.... ?hahah..

Tho as much as i miss my PARENTS and FAMILIES, and friends, and pets... i still dun feel like goin back. haiz.... * its a long sigh okay.. *

Note to self :

- sorry mum, sis, Ben ( my cat pet.. ) for not being able to break fast wit u all during the frst day of fasting.. ( Daddys' not puasa-ing so lets just leave him out of this so to not embarrass him.. hehe ) ~ i already did.. T.T

- sorry frens.. for everythng.. haha~

- Sorry sis for ur late bday present.. it'be christmas present by then.. hahaha~

- sorry.. umm.. cousins?? lol.. well, watever dat falls in this category.. =)

Anyway, i had the day off last Tuesday so i was being a bastard and went out with my other comrades of a * insert word * <- same kind with me.. haahha~........................~

con't... went to MidValley Mall to break fast and... ummm...

Me to-do-list :
- break fast
- buy fishy~

Daniel's to do list :
- cut hair
- break fast ( ala-ala fasting kind of breaking fast.. )

Anne's and Maiz's to do list :
- cut Maiz's hair
- break fast
- wasting time..

Oh, sorry.. i forgot to add "wasting time and money" to Daniel's and mine to do list so u guys just do the math urself.. hehehe~

Anyway, we had a superb breaking fast ceremony * chewaaaahhhhh * at Madam Kwan's.. Hhehehe~ and we still did the same jokes on the particular rose and vase.. Hehehhe~

Its about us waiting for the food tat takes too long to arrive; eventually we got too hungry and ate the rose and drank the water from the vase.. Hhehehe~ I mean, wayy hell! Dats too barbaric lar.. heheheh~

My yummy at Madam Kwan~

OHHH!! Before dat i bought me some fishies already.. Hhehehe~ i bought some easy to take care kind of fishies.. I bought a Siamese Fighting Fish for RM18 and 6 guppies from different sexes and types for like.. umm.. different prices each.. hehe~ ( i forgot the price.. ) and to top it all up, i even bought some " fake plants " for my new pets and their sooo super expensive food pellets and an anti-chlorine solution for their.. urrr.. new home? ( well, its gonna be a normal glass bowl for them anyway.. hahaha )

The thing is.. i am sooooo :

- promise to take care of em'
- make sure they dun produce too many babies cause i bought males and female guppies and mix em in one bowl.. T.T
- wont put the Fighting fish inside the guppies fish bowl.. * evil grin *
- will feed em' regularly tho they have to fast with me sometimes.. hehehe~
- will clean their "new home" every now and then..
- will not flush em' down the loo when they die.. * sobs sobs sobs... *
- will not let em' feel lonely ( i'll add more females so tat the males have more varieties.. )
Woaaaaa!! Polygamy!!!! Hhehehehe~
- will add more collection to my fishies!! Muahahahah!!

Wow.. dats a lot of promise to make.. Wuuuuu~~ ( wonder if i can even fulfill em'.. ) just to prove just how much i am interested and care about these fishies, i went thru the Net and search tips and ways to take care of these fishies and i found quite a lot..

Hahahha~ well, sure im gonna practice em all.. heheh~

Till then....

( tomoro fasting again.. ooooo.. i'm sooo gonna loose weight like this.. )

Monday, September 1, 2008

No more 016!!

Okay, guys and gals of all ages... May it be friends or foes.. *wink wink*

I no longer use my Digi 016-8352574 number... Man! Such a drag!! And i've been using it for soooooo soooooo long as long as from the 31st May 2006... T.T

The reason?? The reason for this petty loss??? Hahahha~ Please bear with me, cause this might suffocate you, inside out and makes you wanna say, " Ooooo can i die????? T.T "

Hahahah.. its because i have a new number 012-3237834 and i've been lovingly using it till now.. ( as in, today, the exact time you're reading this blog.. hehe ) and seriously, i cant deny this.. i spent less on talk-time when using Maxis than using Digi.. Hahahah.. Go figures... Guess Maxis have more lower rates than Digi huh? But then, i aint complaining..

I will still use Digi, most probably when i own another new cellphone.. Hahahha.. ( Yeah, tough luck for that.. >.< ) just so you know, i will try as hard as i can to get my 016 number again!! Wuuuuu!!! Oh please please donate me a new phone!! * cross fingers *

p/s : please please donate me a new phone!!!

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