Monday, September 1, 2008

No more 016!!

Okay, guys and gals of all ages... May it be friends or foes.. *wink wink*

I no longer use my Digi 016-8352574 number... Man! Such a drag!! And i've been using it for soooooo soooooo long as long as from the 31st May 2006... T.T

The reason?? The reason for this petty loss??? Hahahha~ Please bear with me, cause this might suffocate you, inside out and makes you wanna say, " Ooooo can i die????? T.T "

Hahahah.. its because i have a new number 012-3237834 and i've been lovingly using it till now.. ( as in, today, the exact time you're reading this blog.. hehe ) and seriously, i cant deny this.. i spent less on talk-time when using Maxis than using Digi.. Hahahah.. Go figures... Guess Maxis have more lower rates than Digi huh? But then, i aint complaining..

I will still use Digi, most probably when i own another new cellphone.. Hahahha.. ( Yeah, tough luck for that.. >.< ) just so you know, i will try as hard as i can to get my 016 number again!! Wuuuuu!!! Oh please please donate me a new phone!! * cross fingers *

p/s : please please donate me a new phone!!!

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