Sunday, September 21, 2008

Boredom Kills~

And it really does.......


Damn this day!! Damn!! Damn it all!! Its sooooo boring.. I had nothing to do but laze around on the couch and play my Harvest Moon game in my trustworthy... useful laptop.. Like i said, i had nothing, absolutely nothing to do.. And i can feel that Daniels' feeling the same too, cause he did nothing too but messing around with his newly unearthed online game wif his Mac~.. Hehe.. Its somethng like an online monopoly game, but theres a a catch, pea brain!! Its in chinese, so in any other words other than this; if u cant read chinese, then just give up this game FOREVER~ Cause theres no way for you to play it; or u can just imitate me playing it by just simply blindly clicking anythng and everythng went "POOF!!".. =)

Well, its sumthng like ths, but Daniels' game version is waaaayyyy more childish and cuter
( cause its in animation form and not in this matured-business-like tone )

Ohhhh, how i miss playing Monopoly.. i still remembered playing it wif my li' sis back home.. huhu~ And i know i cheated in some of the games just so i can own more buildings and $$$ from my sis.. Muahahha~ ( Take note, ur the eldest, so make use of ur power "elderly" power!! haha )

Okay, so back to the main topic.. Boredom kills.. So it kills okay.. when u have nothng to do, and its fasting month, dannggg~~ It really kills!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrggghhhhhhh~~~

Oh.. i chat wif Ezry for quite some time.. it cheered me up a bit.. thnks Ezry.. hehe.. Hearts and hugs!!


Roz... <3

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