Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fishies Madness!!

Talking about fishes again, here i am.. Hahahha~ Well, bite me but i do think my there's super error with my last sentence.. Hahhaha~ Or maybe it's just dat it doesn't make any sense at all.. Hahhahah~

* dear dear me, i'm sooo humble to admit my own mistakes.. * T.T

Anyway, i'm sure all of you heard about the new kind of spa nowadays in this disturbingly disturbing modern world, which is the "Dr. Fish Spa".. Hehhehe~ The wonderful Dr. Fish is only a nickname to portray the miracle worker, which is the Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomus; or also known as the nibble fish, kangal fish or doctorfishen.. =)

The thing is, these fishes are usually bred at a spa and sauna areas, where they would feed on the skins of patients.. Not just any tupe of skins, okaaayyy~~ Seriously, you can't be that dumb dumb to assume i would feed my "skin" to the fishes~~ Hehehhe~ These fishes would eat

* munch munch *

your dead skin, leaving your new healthy skin to grow and grow and grow....!!

The thing is, while these friendly-fishes feast on your dead skin, you'll experience a strange sensation that feels somewhere between tickling and short electric shocks, and as time goes on, the shocks become harder. ( Trust me, it did.. the fish became sooooo sooo violent ) By the end of this treacherous tickling, your feet will be very smooth and relaxed. It's a truly symbiotic relationship. * hahaha, i mean, the fish gets their little stomach full while you get your feet to be smooth.. heheh *

And as luck, there was a fish-spa at the place i'm working at.. Cooooeeeyyyy, i mean,,, What a coincidence.. Hhehehe~ And i've been talking about going with Daniel, my housemate for ages now.. =) * take note, AGES!! A - G - E - S ! ! !

So that day, umm.. i forgot what day it was, i went to the fish-spa with my manager, Mrs. Zarina.. Hhehehe~ At first, yeah.. we did tremble upon sight of the fish.. There was a lot!!! I mean, a lot!!! Hahhaha~ Lemme show you some snapshots.. ehhehe~

My manager, Mrs. Zarina getting excited as hundreds and hundreds of Dr. Fish attacked her!!

Me, and the fishies~

Well, it was certainly a nice experience.. Hehehe~ And i do really can't wait for the next one.. Urmm.. Visit, i mean.. Hhehehe~ I want to do a whole body spa next!! Who's with me???

Okay.. End of Part 1.. Hhehehe~ There's a part 2, okaayyy!!

Part 2~

So i went to the fish-spa again, for the second time on the same day with my other Manager, Kak Syaza.. Hehhehe~ The thing is, theres two managers on duty at Sushi King Taman Equine.. Reason for this? Kak Syaza is still a "MIT which stands for Manager In Training".. Which means, she's still not a qualified manager..? Err... Is it.. Umm.. Hhahaha~ Dang, im not sure la~~

anyway, my "second" visit to the spa was more hilarious because there were other people there too.. Hehhehe~ ANd to top it all up, Kak Syaza have a very high high comical side.. =)

As i was already used to the tickling sensation from the fish, i straight away placed my feet into the pool, while Kak Syaza hesitated.. I mean, she really hesitated!! Heheheh~ Poor girl.. She practically screamed out loud because she can't handle the tickling.. hahahha~

And the Indian guy also swore.. Hahahah!! I'm not lying Well, i made it up, but i could have swore he swore.. Hhahaha~

Hehehehehe~ Well, wat a fun day la.. Hhehehe~ But it was bad after that.. I'm still working tat day anyway, and.. Haiz.. Tired... T.T

Okay, i'll end todays blog here..

Till then, tata..


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