Friday, September 5, 2008

Fasting frenzy...?

Wokeiii since i have nothng to do now i guess i'll blog.. hehe~ " clever right? "

Okay.. Haiz.. * wats with the sighing!?! * Its the fasting month!! The holy Ramadhan month.. Heheh.. its time to start tying a big-ol' rope on ur tummy and starve people!! Yea, u heard it right!! STARVE!! S-T-A-R-V-E PEOPLE!! Dats the point of fasting!! * laughing loudly in a crude way *

* Bitch!! stop dat!! Slaps Roz and runs away *

Owwww ok ok back to reality.. Hehehhe.. Anyway it has been few days of the "puasa" month and i have already been counting the days till i can say, "Yeaaaayyyyy!!! Hari Raya!! Balik kampung!!!" while floating........ Which wud bring me back to the ground with a loud "thud" sound in an instant.. Why? Hehe.. I'm not going back to my hometown this Raya, which is a bit HYPERLY HYPER sad.. The main reason is because.. i'm working in Sushi King for the time being till the start of my new semester, which falls around February 2009.. =)

next is because.. i.. urm... have a lot to do here? i guess.... ?hahah..

Tho as much as i miss my PARENTS and FAMILIES, and friends, and pets... i still dun feel like goin back. haiz.... * its a long sigh okay.. *

Note to self :

- sorry mum, sis, Ben ( my cat pet.. ) for not being able to break fast wit u all during the frst day of fasting.. ( Daddys' not puasa-ing so lets just leave him out of this so to not embarrass him.. hehe ) ~ i already did.. T.T

- sorry frens.. for everythng.. haha~

- Sorry sis for ur late bday present.. it'be christmas present by then.. hahaha~

- sorry.. umm.. cousins?? lol.. well, watever dat falls in this category.. =)

Anyway, i had the day off last Tuesday so i was being a bastard and went out with my other comrades of a * insert word * <- same kind with me.. haahha~........................~

con't... went to MidValley Mall to break fast and... ummm...

Me to-do-list :
- break fast
- buy fishy~

Daniel's to do list :
- cut hair
- break fast ( ala-ala fasting kind of breaking fast.. )

Anne's and Maiz's to do list :
- cut Maiz's hair
- break fast
- wasting time..

Oh, sorry.. i forgot to add "wasting time and money" to Daniel's and mine to do list so u guys just do the math urself.. hehehe~

Anyway, we had a superb breaking fast ceremony * chewaaaahhhhh * at Madam Kwan's.. Hhehehe~ and we still did the same jokes on the particular rose and vase.. Hehehhe~

Its about us waiting for the food tat takes too long to arrive; eventually we got too hungry and ate the rose and drank the water from the vase.. Hhehehe~ I mean, wayy hell! Dats too barbaric lar.. heheheh~

My yummy at Madam Kwan~

OHHH!! Before dat i bought me some fishies already.. Hhehehe~ i bought some easy to take care kind of fishies.. I bought a Siamese Fighting Fish for RM18 and 6 guppies from different sexes and types for like.. umm.. different prices each.. hehe~ ( i forgot the price.. ) and to top it all up, i even bought some " fake plants " for my new pets and their sooo super expensive food pellets and an anti-chlorine solution for their.. urrr.. new home? ( well, its gonna be a normal glass bowl for them anyway.. hahaha )

The thing is.. i am sooooo :

- promise to take care of em'
- make sure they dun produce too many babies cause i bought males and female guppies and mix em in one bowl.. T.T
- wont put the Fighting fish inside the guppies fish bowl.. * evil grin *
- will feed em' regularly tho they have to fast with me sometimes.. hehehe~
- will clean their "new home" every now and then..
- will not flush em' down the loo when they die.. * sobs sobs sobs... *
- will not let em' feel lonely ( i'll add more females so tat the males have more varieties.. )
Woaaaaa!! Polygamy!!!! Hhehehehe~
- will add more collection to my fishies!! Muahahahah!!

Wow.. dats a lot of promise to make.. Wuuuuu~~ ( wonder if i can even fulfill em'.. ) just to prove just how much i am interested and care about these fishies, i went thru the Net and search tips and ways to take care of these fishies and i found quite a lot..

Hahahha~ well, sure im gonna practice em all.. heheh~

Till then....

( tomoro fasting again.. ooooo.. i'm sooo gonna loose weight like this.. )

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