Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hey! Its soo much fun!!

Hey~ Today was quite exciting~ hahahha~~ well, nothing much~ just it’s a shopping spree day; agen~ heheh~ but today, in addition, my cousin, Eileen and my sis, along wif her friend a.k.a. classmate, Najiha, come along too.. Hurm.. as always, I bought a lot~ way lot of stuff.. hehe~

I bought a new belt from B.U.M. Equipment which I dearly ask my lil’ cousin to pick for me..

Me : Edgar, which u tink iz nice?

My cuz : I dunno.. I tink dis one (point to a sand coloured belt with matching buckle)

Me : (Shit! Tat was my first choice too!) Ok.. I oso like o.. Haha~

So I bought it without much question for RM25.90.. Hehe~ Lucky to get soo cheap one.. haha~ Then I treat my cuz some waffles from Daily Fresh.. ooo I forgot to mention, my aunt and her son, Edgar joint us for first few hours of the day and left after lunch..

Then, me and my cuz, Eileen went to KK Plaza to meet her friend, Elise while my sis and her friend “stray away” on their own.. Hehe~ Had lunch wif Eileen and Elise; whom later gave me a present for furthering my studies.. Oaawwwww… Soo nice.. Hehe~ And we dun even knw each other well.. Hehe~ Thanks Elise!! (if ur reading dis, Elise, thnks agen! ) hehe~

Then, after lunch, Elise went back hum while me and Eileen walked; rather fastly to Warisan Square back to search for my “lost sister”.. Hehe~ While waiting for them to come to us instead [after I shouted-calling her] went inside Warisan Square and started browsing every store in the vicinity.. Hehe~ Was soo fun tat I even forgot about my foot-ache~ hehe~ [iz der even such words? Hehe]

When finally teamed up with my sis, after a lot of cajoling and tears, chewah!! Went to Extreme Shop.. err… Billabong shop.. saw dis really kewl bag!! OoOoOooO~~ Im aching to buy it~ Hehe!~ But gotta buy new calculator cuz my sis unintentionally lost it at her school~

Me : Liza, wheres my calc? Really need to use..

Sis : Still wif frenz ar.. She sick, don come to school.. Dono when she go back school

Me : So troublesome ur frenz.. Give me her phone number.. I ask her myself..

Sis : No need lar! She give back oso dat!!

*after few days; my aunt called me*

Auntie : Roz, why Liza wan me buy her new calc? She sed to ganti urs one..

Me : What? I dono owh~ y? mine lost ka? She sed her frenz borrow~

Auntie : she told me she lost it at school~ maybe she scared bad at!

Me : WATTTT???? And I trusted her!! Dat girl ah, mau minta slap one!! Ah.. never mind
la.. sister oso..

Auntie : Don first.. I talk to her la..

Me : Ok la..

*when sis came back frm school*

Me : Liza, iz it true ah my calc hilang?

Sis : (rather timidly) yes.. I dono who took it.. I left in my class and disappear like tat!

Me : (sighed) never mind la.. u ganti balik dat..

Sis : ok..

Hehe.. Okay.. so all went well, we din even fought and I din have to give her my sis) my ultimate slap.. haha~ okay, so she replaced my calc.. tho I still have to add in some of my money so she wudnt be spending all her money for it.. hehe~

Calc 991Fx Casio = RM52

Sis money RM50 + My money RM2 = RM52 = Brand new calc!!

Hehe~~ And I even ask her to buy me a b’dae present frm Converse (since I bought her 3 b’dae present for her b’dae last 31st May).. she bought me a pencil,case, which I tink really nice one (can use while im at Lim Kok Wing) .. hehe~ Agen have to add my own money agen.. Sigh~~

Converse Pencil Case = RM26.90

Sis money RM20 + My money RM6.90 = RM26.90 = Brand new pencil case!!

Hahhaha!! I luv dis bro-sis business… Heheheheh~~ then, my cuz bought a pair of matching (matched valentines shirt) for RM23.90 at the Extreme Shop a.k.a. Billabong becoz theres a sale on it~ 70% wor!! The shirt was supposed to be RM75 but less 70% become RM23.90 (or somethng2.. im nt sure.. )heheh~~ and the shirt soo nice one..

Then I noticed, a guy tat looked kinda familiar smiled at me.. Trying to act cool, I smiled back without even knowing hu dat person iz!! Fyi, he came in with his gf~~ in case some of u had other idea.. heheh~ hurm.. why am I sooo short-term memory one oo? I tink hes frm La Salle,or iz he? Hehehe~~ sowey mysterious guy~

After tat, me, sis, sis frenz and cousin went to Daily Fresh Cp branch to claim my RM60 they still owed me.. To my dismay, its still nt ready yet, I mean d money.. Wat a drag!! Its been weeks!!!!! Hurm.. Met Evie, my frenz whom worked at Secret Recipe.. Hehe~ Had a wacky conversation and she joked around wif sis, sis frenz and cousin; becoz she, being a talkative person, likes to do.. hahah~~ ok la.. hurm..

Then went to B.U.M. Equipment and bought a set of new undies.. Heheheh~ Wei!! Hu in da world doesn’t need undies? U must be sooo crazy walking around without wearing one~ Huhuhu~~ Erm… Then, went to Wiser.. blab bla… Mum called.. Go back she say~ Me and dad waiting in front of Times Bookstore..

After sighing numerously, me and sis, bid goodbye to cousin Eileen (ooo! At this point, Najiha, sis frenz went back ody(tink it was before we go B.U.M. Equipment)) heheh~~ Cousin stays longer coz waiting for her bf to pick her up and send her back to college.. heheh~ Those love birds… They give me goosebumps! Aching!!!! Hehhehe~~

In d meantime, me and sis rushing to Times Bookstore… Brrooommmmmm~~~~ Walk past very intriguing and cool shops without even a single glance.. heheh~ well, time of being the essence.. heheh~

Went to dinner, went back hum.. and dats all der iz to it.. huhu~~

Sigh~ im beat~~~ sleep!!!!!!

p/s : need to buy billabong bag~~~~ wuuuuuuuu~~ sponsor me!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Guess wat? I went to IEC [somethng bout study study consultancy] and~~~~~~ after much talking with Jasmine [the peeps yg jaga der], my mum and dad, agreed to send me to Lim Kok Wing!! THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!! OMG~~ It was like, soo sudden.. Haha~ Neway, im late for it neway.. Class started on d 23rd o July and nw its d 27th~ Soo totally late~ Ewww~ Not to mention, embarrising.. Imagine i just pop up in d class, feeling very alien without a clue~ Hahah~ Gosh!! Gosh!!!!!!!!! I don knw wat to say! And i dun tink i have enuf time for proper goodbye to my frenz!!!!!! Wuuuuuuuu~~

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today.. Wat boredom~

So here i am, after National Service~ Sigh~ Been doing nothing [well, waiting for college application..] wont mention wat college tho' cuz still uncertain~ Hehe~ Anyway, let me tell about all d boring stuff i did everyday~ Since im stuck at hum, with nothing to do, i've been spending the wasted time by playing online game almost everyday~ Lets just say, d computer are never getting any rest when im at hum.. Hehe~ Aside frm just playing online game [and making my ass' bigger and flatter~ huhu~] i spent d day by goin shopping wif my closest palz~ Hehe~ Well, dats really one healthy exercise for me.. Hehe~ Tho i usually spent a lot more than wat i have bargained for.. Hehe~ Besides tat, went for a leisurely swimming at Sports Complex every now and then~ Hehe~ Kez~~

New Bloggie!!

Hey~~ Its a new bloggie for me~ Hahah! D old ones are missing in action~ Huhu~
*define MIA?*

Errr.... I lost d password and i forgot wat email i'd used~ Hehe~~ Does tat explain it all?? Ehem ehem.. Lemme say somethng.. A bloggie.. Its like an online diary [for some peeps like me who dont have a real diary cuz its really turning me off~ Haha~ and becoz my handwritings iz such a major catastrophe nowadays] hehe~ errr... wat else ar? i tink dats it for nw~

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